Rainbow Bright

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It's that time of year, earlier than I thought. The time where you need a sweater in the morning but by the afternoon it's too hot. This usually happens in early fall and late spring. Layers are a necessity or lightweight long sleeves. It's hard t find something that is both warm enough for this time of year but isn't super dark and fall-like. 

Enter this sweatshirt. On one of my many many weekly Target trips, this caught my eye. I mean, it is quite colorful. More so than I typically go for, but the washed our rainbow had a very 70s vibe that I am very into right now. Then I saw this little felt heart detail and thought it was too cute. I was hesitant at first to buy another sweatshirt, but it's super lightweight. Like one of those sweatshirts, you would find in a beach town. I wore it this Sunday when it was chilly and it was perfect. Warm enough for a windy day, but not too thick for when the sun comes out. I will also say I sized up to a medium because it's junior sizing.  I do like a rainbow vibe for summertime. I could also see this with some cutoffs and a ball cap for a boat day too. For running errands, I paired it with some high waisted jeans and kept the summer vibe going with these sandals. I picked the rose gold to be as colorful as the sweatshirt. Kept minimal accessories as well for a casual feel. 

What do you think?

Top| Target
Jeans| Nordstrom (similar / similar)
Shoes| Macys (similar / similar)
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Fall Shoes with Target

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Happy Monday! I know it's been quiet around here, but it's only because my life has been crazy busy.  Lots going on this week that has been taking up my time. I am going to try and get back into it, starting with this post. As much as I hate to say it,  I am excited for Fall. I don't want to wish away summertime but I do love Fall. Let's not talk about what happens after Fall, just enjoy the moment shall we? Fall is all in the stores at this point. On my multiple weekly visits at Target I have noticed that their shoe game is strong this season. One of my friends got some cute mule slides and I thought I would do a little round up!

Mondays Work Wear

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Happy Monday! Back to the grind today as one of the last Mondays of the summer :( I can't believe it's almost over. It's been a really busy summer around here and such a different summer from the last one. New house and a new job have kept me pretty busy. I've been on the go a lot more so I need my work clothes to match. I've been piecing together some items and these are some of my favorites.

In my job and I am driving about half the time and in buildings half the time. Some buildings are cold, some are warm and sticky and I got to be prepared for both. The same principle I apply to Fall dressing in layers. These pants from Express I have had forever. It's my favorite work pant cut, super flattering and works with all kinds of shoes and tops. I really should buy these in other colors because it's just the most flattering pant for work. Fitted, but not uncomfortably fitted for meetings. I like to pair it with this sweater tank I bought from Loft early in the summer (several sizes on sale 40% off through tomorrow).  You'd think it'd be too hot in this sweater material but it breaths really well and tucks in easily. These DSW slides have been my go-to all summer as well. Black and white is kind of my forte so these essentially go with everything in my closet. Casual enough for summer, but dressed up enough for work. For layering, this denim jacket has served me well. Summer is a bit more casual around here so a classic cut fits the bill. I can wear it if I am cold, or sometimes I just drape it over my shoulders if it's not that bad but I don't want to expose my shoulders. You can definitely trade out this sweater for another tank, or slide sandals, but this look can be recreated multiple times for these last precious summer weeks.

Top| Loft (similar / similar)
Pants| Express
Shoes| DSW
Jacket| Just USA (similar / similar)
Necklace| Tess + Tricia 

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Rocksbox Wedding Style

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One of my favorite things about Rocksbox is when I have an event coming up, I can bundle and get some great new pieces. Sometimes the items I get from them aren't always what I need so I typically exercise the swap option. It's probably my favorite thing about Rocksbox so you can ensure you get exactly what you want. This month I am attending a wedding and I wanted a little refresh for it. I think I got some really great pieces.

Lace + Tortoise

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Hey all! I am back. Just needed a little break to get a few things in order. I am ready to share a few fun things I have gotten recently. I previewed this on Friday during a little haul but I put a full look together to meet some friends for dinner. 

I have to admit, a social media ad got me on this one. I saw this come up on my feed a couple of times and I clicked on it. Historically Shein has been hit or miss for me but this is a serious hit. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality for the price. I think the black color hides it well, but also the lace is really beautiful. I had a similar top but I could never quite make it work. Lace can be a little rigid but this lays very delicately and pretty. The scalloped neckline is also a nice detail I think. Adds a little something extra around your collar line. For sizing purposes I did size up. I am typically a small but got a medium, in my experience Shein has more of a junior sizing. I might have been able to get away with a small here in the length, but the shoulders might have been snug. In all, I am glad I went with the medium. It's actually fairly long too so you could leave it out over some faux leather or moto leggings or even front knot it. 

I paired this with some BP jeans I got from Nordstrom about a year ago (linked up some similar ones under $100). I pulled out these old mules as well. I am starting to get a little antsy for Fall, am I the only one? This Tess + Tricia necklace I got from Rocksbox (code mymonochromaticlifexoxo for 1st month free!). But I want to highlight these earrings I got from Target. I saw them and feel in love. I really am a huge fan of a tortoise pattern so that was the first thing, but then mixed with the gold was so different. I liked that it's a bit of a statement earring but it's not so big that I can't wear it to work. It complimented the elegance of the shirt so well I had to wear them. Plus who doesn't love an affordable earring?

Pants| Nordstrom (similar / similar)
Shoes| Nordstrom (similar / similar)
Necklace| Tess + Tricia
Earrings| Target

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