Distressed Denim + H54F

Happy Friday Y'all! Never thought I would be so glad for a Friday on a short week.The hard thing about a short week at my work is that I still basically have to fit in 5 days of work in 4 days. That being said, bring on the weekend! Ready to see some friends and party! Typically on Fridays I participate in the High Five for Friday link up. I have been doing this since it was hosted by The Lauren Elizabeth blog. Now it is hosted by a few fabulous ladies with a couple of rules. One is to post 5 fabulous things about your week. Normally I don't do that, I love rules but sometimes I don't haha. This week I shall follow the rules, with a little fun fashion at the end, so read all the way through!

#1. Coffee. Duh. This has been a savior for me all week. My sister-in-law, thankfully, brought up creamer to the cabin. I really hate black coffee and creamer is a necessity. On the way home I got Starbucks and I'm a happy girl.

This coffee is from the lovely Spyhouse

#2. Minnesota Clothing. I have a love/hate relationship with my state. However, being that it is summertime and the weather is gorgeous I am leaning towards the love end and want to represent my state. I got this 'Sota Clothing T-shirt in the mail about a week ago and want to live in it. I blogged about it on Wednesday so head over there to get the whole scoop. 

#4. Alabama Shakes. This Saturday my dad and I are going to see the Alabama Shakes for the second time. The recently released their new album Sound & Color and I love them so much. The lead singer Brittany has the most craziest, awesome 60s, motown sounding voice. It's so powerful and unique. I saw them once before and they blew me away. I cannot wait to see them again, it's such a powerhouse show. Stay tuned for details on the Round Up!

 #5. Cabin-ing. This Memorial Weekend we were at my in-laws cabin. We fished, we sunned, we grilled we had fun. I got a little sunburned and am still a bit red. But I don't even care! My pale, translucent skin needs color baby!! Please enjoy this picture of me staying with a bag of minnows, I think, while the loaded up the boats. My adorable nephew is standing in front of me. I 

Fashion Extra! So I have been desperate for a pair of distress/ripped jeans for summer. I'm not typically a fan of disheveled clothing as I am ultimately a clean lines kind of person. I think I have been more influenced lately by the summer and a more relaxed look. I tend to do more wavy, less structured curls in my hair and more natural and less stark make up. This summer I want to bring that relaxed attitude to my fashion starting with jeans. I have tried on a couple pair around and none have fit quite right. Honestly, I am surprised at how much I am struggling to find a pair of distressed jeans in the store. I even asked a local blogger I love where she got her distressed jeans and she told me she bought them and created her own holes. As much as I love her confidence I don't trust myself enough not to mess up a decent pair of jeans. I'd rather pay full price for a pair of jeans already torn ;) I searched the web for the styles I loved the most. I tried to find the middle ground of distressed between "assaulted by Bigfoot" and "oh do I have a hole in my jeans?" I like a little distressed but not so much that they are falling apart. At the same time I don't want it to be barely there. I think I found a few that meet this criteria and are under $100, so friendly for most budgets. 

Distress Denim

Distress Denim by mcainmoss featuring distressed skinny jeans

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

What do you think? Which pair would you buy?

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'Sota Doncha Know

I have been writing this blog for a few months now. At first, when I started I was nervous to tell people I knew about it. I was worried they would read it, maybe make jokes or poke fun. Or maybe worse not read it at all. Then I decided I had to tell people because maybe some of them would be my first readers and supporters. Thankfully, and maybe obviously, my family and friends have been receptive. I did decide to keep it quiet at work. I try to keep good boundaries as it is and I did not need fashion jokes at work. This all changed last month when I invited two co-workers to the girls night I hosted at Primrose Park. I did not initially tell them about the blog but they found out through the grape vine and news travels fast. One of my co-workers introduced me to a local clothing retailer Sota Clothing, sota as in Minnesota. She knew about my blog and thought I would be interested, she mentioned her friend is involved somehow. She was right. I looked around and really liked this paddle tee, it also seems to be popular the website is covered with signage saying "women's paddle tee back in stock!" So I figured it must be good. I got it a few days later and could not be more pleased. I am glad I read the sizing because I bought a size up from what I normally would so read the size chart before purchasing. I love this grey tee for summer. I am a big fan of v-necks, I think it is the most flattering cut for tee shirts. The material is thick and cozy, which  means it retains its shape all day. You know how some shirts get all misshapen? Yea I hate that too. I paired that with these light jeans from the Gap. Truth be told I forgot I had them and my Target boots. It was still a little chilly this day but it's Spring darnit so ankles will be shown. What do you think of my look? What item would you buy from Sota clothing? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Jeans| Gap/ similar
Shoes| Target / similar / similar
Necklace| Primp boutique

Monday Round Up: Cabin-ing

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I know this is late but we got home late so here we go! I was gone all weekend at my in-laws cabin in Northern Minnesota. We were lucky because the weather was waaaay better up there than down here. Oofta! Sorry my Minnesotan accent is thicker when I leave the cities. I have to say that I have grown more accustomed to their type of cabin-ing the longer I have gone. My family never had a cabin growing up and all the people I knew with cabins were on lakes. They spent the summers sun bathing, swimming and boating while I spent it in my backyard with a sprinkler trying like hell to pretend it was "as good as being at the lake!" Spoiler alert: it was not.

My in-laws are more the huntin', fishin', roughin' it type. They are on the water sure, but it is purely to catch a walleye or 'eye' as I heard my brother-in-law refer to it this weekend. I have tried fishing and it is just not my thing. So instead I bring a book (I try to read but I lose interest quickly) and try to catch some rays. I might add I was might successful at that on Sunday and am red as a lobster today and could not be happier about it. My porcelain Midwestern skin responds poorly to the beating UV rays but I know it brings me closer to that Brazilian glow I crave. Or what it more typically winds up looking like "do you need some aloe dear?" Le sigh.

Derek and I drove up on Friday night and got the cabin late, which was fine with me cause I was so tired from work. We visited for a bit and headed to bed. On Saturday we did not get out to the lake until later than I had hoped so we spent the day hanging around the cabin. Despite it being 70 ish degrees I was really cold, hence the sweatshirt in the picture below. The plus side was I got to hang out with my nephews and sister-in-law a bit more. The nephews were adorably playing soccer and trying futily to get myself and their mother to participate. They did rope in Grandma and Derek and he does not play around. Derek plays to win. That night we went out on a closer lake to fish. Derek caught a big croppy and the nephews caught a few small fish but no real keepers. So we headed back in a had a cool fire. My mother-in-law found these cool things you put in the fire to make it change colors. Apparently my nephews were talking about it all week at home. To their credit, it was pretty neat.

Hat: Target ; Sunglasses: Target

Sunday we spent all day on the lake. We rode up to this chain of lakes that borders Canada. I don't want to give too many details as my in-laws are very protective of their fishing spots ;). It really is cool though, it is a long chain and on one side you look and see American flags and on the other side you look and see Canadian flags, it's pretty trippy. At the end their is a resort called Kettle Falls. I had been there once before and was pumped to go back. It is a 100 year old hotel right on the border of Canada. Literally, on the other side of the dam is Canada. It is area where Voyagers and loggers came through. This old hotel has a wrap around porch, bar ,restaurant and some cool grounds. The bar is probably my favorite part because the floor is slanted to a pretty significant degree. The pool table and other tables are adjusted to stay level despite the floor. You cannot get there by road, only by boat so all their items are shipped in. It's really quaint and I think it would probably be fun to stay there at least once. We walked out to the dam, took a family picture (dam family, BAZINGA!) and head back to the boats. Unfortunately we did not catch anything that day so we headed home. We stayed up a bit with the fire but the ladies went to bed leaving the men unattended. Always bad, but they woke up alive so success :) 

Thank you Lena Dunham for the lake reading

Monday we headed out a bit later because the boys were working on a project. I finished my book, thank goodness it took me months because I don't like to read, and packed up the car. On the way home we stopped at Gordy's Hi-Hat a Cloquet favorite only open in the summers. They make everything fresh and is another local favoirte it was even visited my Guy Fieri. It was my first time there and definitely worth it! Now I am finally home finishing this blog while I watch Game of Thrones. Solid weekend overall. How was your weekend? Leave me a comment below!

Memorial Day Factory

This will serve as my second confession for this week, but I feel this is a safe space so I think I can say it. I love J. Crew Factory with every fiber of my sole. If I could I would crawl into a J.Crew Factory store and live there. I know I have said this about other places but I for reals mean it this time. I actually like it better than J.Crew. There is something a bit more casual about the Factory line that is more wearable for my lifestyle. I felt inspired by all their adorable pieces and decided to do three full looks all from J. Crew Factory. The other nice thing about them is that they have everything you need from head to toe. Also they have 50% off everything right now until May 25th so get over there! I wanted to provide a bit of variety from patriotic colors to Spring pastels. I really can picture one of these looks at various Memorial Day BBQs, house parties or a day at the lake. What do you think? What pieces would you wear? Leave a comment below. I think my favorite look is the middle, those red shorts are killer!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day by mcainmoss featuring short shorts

               Left                                                 Center                                         Right
Dress / Earrings / Necklace                  Hat / Earrings / Necklace            Shirt / Necklace / Skirt   
        Shoes                                              Shirt / Shorts / Shoes                        Shoes

Psst....so I am going out town for the holiday and will not be back for a post on Monday. There will be a special Tuesday Round Up post so stay tuned! Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!!  Also, follow me on instagram  and twitter to get sneak peeks into  my weekend before the round up and extra outfit posts!

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Video Killed the Radio Star...or rather Hipsters Make Radio Stars

I have a confession to make. Hello, my name is Meg and sometimes I take photos and forget about them. "Hello Meg..." Whew, glad I got this off my chest. So here's the deal. A few weeks ago I went to a Wits taping. I have been to a couple before and always struggle with what to wear. I am of the belief that it is better to be over dressed than under dressed. When I go to a theater I get dressed up, that's my jam. However, Wits is kind of hipster radio and it is against hipster rules to ever dress up. It's not cool, man or as the kids say "that's doin' too much." This time I put on my hipster best but added a few touches to keep the style in my lane. I picked up this chambray shirt at Target on a impulse purchase. I always take a swing around Target when I am there because A) I have to make sure I did not forget anything and B) I want to see if there is anything good :) I scored this time, gotta love Target style. #bullseye. I paired it with my favorite black jeans from gap and  Target sneaks. The jewelry are old pieces from Charming Charlie's and this is the element that makes this look my own. 

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Shirt| Target
Jeans| Gap
Shoes:| Target, sold out / similar / similar 
Necklace| Charming Charlie's / similar / similar 
Rings| Charming Charlie's / Midi / Gold Ring

Monday Round Up: Cabin Chic

Happy Monday! I cannot believe it is already Monday. I know I say that a lot but this weekend seemed like it flew by. Last week was a pretty stressful week so I was looking forward to a bit a fun and relaxation this weekend. Friday night I went straight to the gym after work to workout some of the stress of the day. People say exercise is like therapy, and although as a therapist I can vouch it is not therapy it definitely helps with coping. Something about exercise and needing to be present with yourself is definitely soothing. After the gym I wanted to pick up a pair of distressed denim. I had a coupon for Express so I went there first. They had some, but I am looking for a certain level of distressed and they did not have it. Not to mention they want more for their jeans than I am willing to pay. I checked into a few other stores including American Eagle. I am pretty sure  I am a senior citizen in there but figure they would be my best option. They did have some good looking pairs but their size options were limited. By limited I mean should have been in a children's section small. Le sigh. I did find a shirt there I liked oddly enough so I picked up that item for pretty cheap. I did not go home totally empty handed but not what I have come for. A mission has been born and its name is distressed denim. To be continued....

Saturday we went to my sister-in-law's cabin in Wisconsin to celebrate her husband's 40th birthday. He wanted to do a poker run at some of the nearby bars. I had never heard of this before but apparently you bar hop on four wheelers. Traditionally at each bar you would receive one card from a deck and at the end whoever has the best hand wins. apparently they used to do stamps instead of cars to vouch for your stop but the leader said it is too messy. So basically we bar hopped and got cards at the end of the day. Unfortunately no one in our group won, which was a bit of a bummer but we had a fantastic time. We rode around all day, drank beer, ate food and had some laughs. I am not used to riding so fast on a wheeler, typically we are going through woods so you are riding slowly, but we got up to about 40 mph and it was awesome! I also had to wear a helmet and goggles which I typically do not due to the speed and the dust. I am glad I did because we were covered in it at the end of the day. I managed to snag a few photos while we were out and about.

The place we ate at was called Props, so they burned one into the burger bun

Sunday morning we drove home. Through some very strange weather patterns, alternating between monsoon rains and beautiful skies. When we finally got home I basically sat on the couch and did not move for the remainder of the day. Derek and I rented a redbox and cuddled on the couch with our pups. We had some other serious TV to watch like the series finale of Mad Men and the new Game of Thrones. Overall it was a chill day.

My weekend at the cabin got me thinking about good cabin attire. We will be spending more time at  my husband's family cabin and dressing the part proves to be a challenge for me. You always have to pack for several occasions such as four wheeling, fishing, sitting by a fire, or walking through the woods. You also have to prepare for basically any of the elements to occur at any time. You can see my predicament right? I try to apply the logic my mother-in-law has imparted on me is that when at the cabin always dress in layers. That way you can be ready for a hot summer day or for unexpected rain. I decided to put together my dream cabin outfit for any of you venturing out to cabins over the summer and preparing what to pack. I started with this awesome Madewell rain jacket. It is both stylish and functional. The nice thing about a rain jacket is that it is lightweight, so it will keep you warm and dry but not overheat in the process. Next is a sweatshirt, this will often suffice if it's dry out but a little chilly or alternating between climates such as in the woods or out on the lake. This one from Target is really comfortable and I love the white strings as a contrast with the black. J. Crew has these amazing tee shirts that are soft and comfortable without losing their shape. They are also light weight and perfect for riding around on the boat all day. I paired these with my favorite Gap jeans and a couple cute accessories. Just because I am in the woods does not mean I need to dress like a swamp person. What do you think? Do you have any go-to cabin items? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Cabin Chic

Cabin Chic by mcainmoss featuring a charm pendant

Jacket| Madewell
Sweatshirt| Target
Jeans:| Gap
Sunglasses| Target
Tee shirt| J.Crew
Necklace:|J.Crew Factory
Shoes| Sperry

Beauty favorites

Welcome to my second video. I have debating doing this for a while after my initial hair tutorial. Although the finished product got the job done, it was rough. So I have been hesitant to post again. I think I have finally gotten over my own anxiety around this and am hoping this one is a bit better. I am talking about my six favorite beauty products of the moment. I  won't say much more because I want you to watch the video, but shout out to my cousin and fellow blogger Candice (She's Leaning In) on the tip on #2!

Beauty favorites

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Printed Pants: A Fashion Moment

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this post. ::dusts shoulders off:: pretty proud of myself for this look if I do say so myself. Without sounding full of myself I think I am generally pretty fashion forward for the average citizen. Although I try to keep it with reason given I live in Minneapolis and not Milan. I want to stand out in the crowd in a good way and not a "why is she wearing a disco ball on her head?" kind of way. This,, however, I think is the perfect blend of that. Definitely a bit more daring and fashionable than the average look, but not so far forward I am Lady Gaga. I originally trekked out to Gap to buy this pattern pant in a short. I saw it on the website and thought it would work perfectly with the Banana Republic top I bought a few weeks ago. When I got to the store I also saw it came in a jogger pant. Now, I have been on the fence about joggers because it seems like one of those trends that only works on models and petite girls. I have fallen in this mistake before and all it does is remind me that I have a rounded derriere and thighs that touch when I stand up straight. Not a great look for an amorphous pant silhouette.  But when I tried these on I was shocked at how much I liked them, and to boot they are comfortable as heck. So win-win. I did enlist the final advice of my sister and my cousin Candice ( a la She's Leaning In) and they agreed the pants were better than the shorts. I paired it with my new favorite shirt from Banana Republic, but could also see these pants with a tank for summer or a more casual tee. Lastly, topped it with these amaze wedges from Target. Are you dying over them yet? You should be :) Enjoy!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

Shirt| Banana Republic
Pants| Gap
Shoes| Target
Rings & Necklace| Primp
Watch| Marc Jacobs
Earrings| Target