This outfit brought to you by Spring time! Also co-sponsored by my obsession with these sunglasses. A couple of weeks ago I headed out to Woodbury to get my hair did. I had been desperately wanting to check out Sisu Boutique which just so happened to be located in Woodbury, since I discovered them at a pop up shop and bought my sweet leather jacket. . So I moseyed on over there to check out the shop. They just so happened to be moving to a new spot in a few days so this was my last chance to check out the original shop. They also so happened to be voted best boutique in Woodbury not a week or so before. I walked in a was greeted by an adorable Labrador sun bathing in the doorway. Totally comatose, the pup laid there and allowed me to walk right over 'em. I love the dog friendly trend, as a dog owner myself I would love to take my pups to work with me.  The owner, Heidi, was on her way out with a freshly coiffed pink hairdo. I was wearing my Sisu jacket and she says "nice jacket!" Not sure if she recognized me from the pop up shop, but recognized the jacket for sure. 

I was helped by a smiley, friendly blonde shop girl. She cordially asked if I needed help and offered suggestions as I shopped. I have to be honest a few things were a little on the pricier side for me, but I'm sure for the average Woodbury shopper it's not a problem. I perused first, took a second round to grab a few things of interest. After I grabbed a few things she got me a fitting room and told me to come out so she could see what I picked. I appreciated that because sometimes shopping alone is tough without a second opinion. I settled on a couple things, including a 70s style top she talked me into. I really loved this top for the cut and style. Should be no surprise I was drawn to the black and white image. The material of this top is super soft and thick in a way that makes me feel confident it won't stretch out of it's style. I paired it with some of my new favorite pieces including the clutch and my aviators. The aviators make me feel cool, what can I say? I topped it off with these pattern sneakers from Target. I had to hop around to find them as they were sold out in most stores and picked them up on sale for $8! I really love the pattern and have been surprised how versatile they have been in my wardrobe. What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

Necklace| H&M / similar
Sunglasses| Target