Happy Friday folks! I got through my first week back at work full time. Well, I worked full time all summer but it was flexible. It was like the first week of school for me, partly because I work at a school. The fact that I managed this week is impressive enough, I tried not to overload  myself with other activities, which means I did nothing after work. 

That being said my H54F post will consist solely of my latest Stitch Fix. This fix was done by a new stylist.  My  last fix was not as good as usual, so I think they naturally gave  me a new stylist. I really did like my old stylist so I was a bit nervous. This experience has led me to decide I am going to do a post next week I think about my Stitch Fix tips, to get the best out of your fix. I have had more luck than not and think I have it figured out. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here is my fix:


First and foremost I love Gorjana. They made the prettiest jewelry and good quality without crazy prices. I intially really loved these. I don't own a pair of good hoops anymore . Then I put them on and realized that I am just not a hoop girl. You need to be a certain kind of person and I am just not that person. Back it goes.
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I was not sure initially I would love this. On the surface it is a plain, grey tee with a pocket. When I put it on I fell in love. The modal, ribbed fabric is super flattering. It lays super flat and the fabric is super soft. If you are a regular reader you know I love soft clothes more than anything. A tee would seem like a simple thing, but one that lays just so its hard to find. I have kind of a long torso so getting one to lay flat and not stop at the hip is difficult. The saggy little pocket is adorbs. Mine.
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I love the olive color for Fall. This deep olive is the perfect compliment to the reds and oranges on the trees. I really liked this top and I love a structured blouse. I eventually decided against it as it is not a unique silhouette and I could get the same shirt somewhere else for cheaper.
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I was a little hesitant for this at first. Bodycon dresses are not always my best friend, just does not flatter my shape. However, this has a bunch of ruching down the sides which creates a more flattering shape. The fabric also appears to be double lined so it helps hide any lumps and bumps. It's nice a long too. I decided to keep it and I wore it out with my leather vest and cute booties. Amaze.
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Last but not least was this kimono. In the box I was not so sure but when I took it out I liked it a lot better. The fabric and fringe have a weightiness to them that gives a more lux feel. I love a burnout pattern too, so cool and fun. The downside? I am not a kimono girl. I had one a while ago I liked but I barely wore it. So back it goes.
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There ya have it! My newest fix. I really love Stitch Fix, stay tuned next week for my tips to get the most out of your fix!

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