Peplum Blouse Casuals

Spring has sprung. Well at least that's what the calendar has said, Mother Nature not so much. I am fighting back! Sandals and Springtime clothes I will wear despite her! I am breaking out the sandals for the first time. These were my favorites from last year and I think will continue to be a fav. So comfortable and go with everything. I bought this top at one of my many visits to Proper + Prim, I basically live there. I love a white shirt, one of the Spring trends I posted about, because I always think they look crisp and clean. I also love how they can be transitional from casual, to office to night out. This one is particularly lovely because of the peplum cut. I love the sweet silhouette of a peplum top. I imagine wearing these with jeans shorts in the summer or pairing with heels for a night out. Paired with my new favorite sunglasses and high waist jeans I am ready for Spring! Bring it!

Top| Proper + Prim (similar / similar)
Jeans| Express
Shoes| Just Fab (similar / similar )
Sunglasses| Windsor

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Monday Round Up: Easter + Weekending

Happy Monday folks! Well, for me today is the first day back to a regular work schedule. Part of me is ready to be back but the other part will miss working from home. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? #adulting

The weekend was really good for me. The weather could have been better but that's beside the point. It was really relaxing which is exactly what I wanted. On Friday I met up for dinner with one of my oldest friends. Even though she lives close by it is really hard to connect with our busy lives. Thankfully she is the kind of friend that getting together feels like little time has passed. We took up a table at a restaurant  for a couple of hours but it was good to catch up.

Saturday I did a couple of things. I started my day with Flat Tummy Tea. I have been seeing a lot about it and have been desperately try to get in better shape. I thought it couldn't hurt to try it out. We'll see,  I will keep you posted. The renovations are really coming along and its time to pick up a few other things. I called up my friendly, neighborhood decorator (AKA my mom) to run around with me. We hit up HomeGoods, Kirkland's, Michaels, Pier1 and Marshall's. Unfortunately we only had luck at HomeGoods. I got one end table and one item for the coffee table. I still need another end table, a tray for the coffee table and decor items and a rug. Lots to do still. That night we drove up to our friends house to brew some beer and hang out. It was a super chill night and I spent most of the evening eating animal cookies and being crushed by their giant dog, who I love. We haven't been up to their house in a while so it was good to go up there and just relax. Overall a good night.

Sunday was Easter. I know some people try to do both families but that's doing too much for us so we trade off. This year we were with D's family. Lots of kiddos over there now so it was fun to watch them all play and go crazy for Easter candy and it's nice to catch up with the in-laws of course. We hung out and for some reason was watching the original Batman movie. I will guess it is because my nephews love Batman, which I fully support. Overall it was a good Easter.

Easter is one of those holidays I always dress up for. We always did as kids when we went to Church and had our fancy dresses and hats like good southern girls. Although, we are not southern we were formal like we were. I do not need to get dressed up anymore, but if you know me you know that I love to dress up. Any excuse really. A couple of weeks ago I went to one of my favorite local boutiques, Proper + Prim, looking for something else but found these pants instead. I will be honest i had to size up a bit so they are a bit loose but I kind of like it that way. I bought them not knowing how I would pair them but just that I loved them so. After much careful thought I remembered this old crop top. I realized the pants were a bit high waisted so I could definitely pull this off. I love this top. Every time I have needed it, it has come through perfectly. I don't know what I would do without it. I topped it off with my trusty nude heels from Vince Camuto and this crystal necklace from Target that I wear all the time. I love the ladylike colors and delicate fabrics contrasted with a structured silhouette. Perfection. I am pretty proud of  myself. What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Make up look by MAC

Top| LC Contrad for Kohls (similar / similar)
Necklace| Target (similar / similar)
Shoes| Vince Camuto (similar / similar)

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Stitch Fix Review #6 + #H54F Link Ups

Can I get a "woot woot" for Friday?  Say "yes, yes you can get a 'woot woot' if it were 1999, Meg" I'll take it! :)

Sorry it's been a long week. This week I worked mostly from home, which sounds fun but gets a bit boring. I didn't mind it right away but about part way through day two I got a little lonely. So I filled my time with my favorite friends, Bravo TV's Real Housewives. I am all caught up and then some. With that being said I had a pretty boring week. To fill this #H54F I decided to share my newest Stitch Fix. After my last successful fix I requested the same stylist and I am so glad I did. She gets me so I am requesting her again for sure. Her style is very on point for me. Loving it! Here we go!


This I loved immediately. I mean, come on am I right? First I am in love in chambray. I already have a plain chambray top and a sleeveless one for summer. What I really loved about this one was the mixing of the dark and light. Then I saw the dark tails in the back and was all "done. Mine." You had me at chambray.


I love an asymmetrical cut. This is a fact. I also love monochrome colors. This is also a fact. So I love this, yes? Yes, yes I do. The problem here is I already have about six white and/or cream sleeveless tops. Although I really liked the cut of this I could not justify adding something so similar to my already packed closet. This would be great to dress down or up. You can easily add a sweater or jacket if it's chilly or leave it alone when it gets warmer. Definitely a great add, just not this time around.


Remember the other week when I said the cold shoulder/off the shoulder was in?  Well here you go. I was not sure at first I was going to like this. It is hard to tell in the photo but the fabric is a bit of a stretchy, ribbed sweater material. The kind that looks like it would stretch out a lot as you wear it However, when I tried it on I just love how it fit. I liked that my shoulders are out but it is still conservative enough to wear to work. It did stretch out when I wore it, but it did not become misshapen. Love! It's mine. 


I was really hesitant with these when I first got them. However, I got another pair of Liverpool leggings from Stitch Fix last time and loved them. I really debated and my cousin from She's Leaning In  said that floral pants were all the rage in the UK last year. I thought a lot about it but eventually decided against them. Not sure I am ready for a floral pant. I generally try to draw attention away from the shape of my thighs and I thought this would draw too much attention. Maybe in a different color and in a cropped pant I could get on board.  Back these go!


Last and certainly least were these shoes.  I have to be honest, these were the one outlier. Stitch Fix is really working shoes into their rotation so I get they were excited. However, I am not down with these. Cobalt blue is really hard to pull off in the first place let alone with a laser cut, buckle and heel. It is too much. Plus, these heels broke the cardinal rule: they were below three inches. For shame! It's either flat or 3 inches, I do not do in between. These went back.

There ya have it. Another overall successful fix. The problem I mostly have is I cannot afford to buy all the items so I have to be picky. Even with that I purchased 2 out of 5 and that ain't bad. What do you think? Would you have chosen any of the items? Leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

If you do not have Stitch Fix and looking to sign up, click here!

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Bonus Post: Adore Me + Lingerie

Welcome to a surprise Thursday bonus post! I recently discovered that Adore Me  Lingerie is having a Flat Lay Giveaway. Basically you put together your own flat lay and win the change to win 2 free sets! Not too bad, eh? I decided to put together a little flat lay to go along with my post from yesterday. 

My Spring break week has been more of a staycation. By staycation I mean, work from home. Not to bad, but what that means is comfortable clothes. You cannot go wrong with a basic white tee and distressed jeans.  That doesn't mean I cannot spice it up with a cute necklace and flats. Honestly, most of this look is from Target because easy,  casual style is one of my favorite things there. The shirt is a basic men's tee in one of those three packs so it's super easy and cheap. I really love the look of  a distressed jean. They looked lived in and easy, which is all I want when hanging at home all day. Easy doesn't mean plain though, which is why I added this sparkly necklace and perfect for Spring flats. Little light weight lingerie  and you got yourself  a look!

Jeans (Gap) / T-Shirt (Target) / Necklace (Target, similar) / Flats (Target) / Bracelet (Primp) / Watch (Marc Jacobs)

A short and sweet little bonus post but be sure to enter for yourself. Super easy and you could win 2 sets. Such a great value! Link back to me @mymonochromaticlife and @adoreme as I would love to see your flat lays!

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Spring Break: Swimsuits + Link Up

It's that time of year again. Spring break time. That time when some go to distant, tropical destinations like Mexico and Miami while others sit at home and blog about it ;). I may be a little late to the party but this week is my Spring break and per usual I am at home. However I cannot help but drool over the new swimsuits out every where and wish I was headed on vacation. I collected a few of my favorites for you. 

I almost exclusively buy my swimsuits at Target and Victoria's Secret. They are quality suits and always have a great selection. With the exception of the Holdensmaa suits which I have had my eye on forever. They have adorable prints, unique cuts and whatever the fabric is looks gorgeous! Also it is no shock I like black and white. My own collection is black, navy and one old white and pink suit. So this collection is pretty reflective of my own. 

As I get older I am a bit more self conscious about the cuts I choose. I no longer can sport a string bikini (things don't sit like they used to) or a cheeky bottom cut, as per my previous comment. I need bit more full coverage everywhere.  I like the wider strap bikini bottoms in the top row for this reason. I also am really into the wider strap under the bikini top that accentuates the empire waist area as this is the smallest part on my body. Anything that draws attention towards that is good for me. Another surprise for me is the rise in one pieces. I have not worn one since elementary gym during the swimming unit but they are coming back with a bang. Super cute cuts and styles that really are flattering on anyone. This mesh panel number from Target is giving me life!  The last trend I am obsessed with is the strappy cutout pattern, as evidenced by the bottom row. In lieu of a string bottom you can do a wider strap but have the small cutouts to add a little edge. I really love the extra straps on the bottom middle one are a unique flair to and otherwise typical silhouette. I added the hot pink one for a bit of color for those of you who do and the straps on the top that completely make this suit for me. 

There you have it, some of my favs. What do you think? Which one would you buy?Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Spring Break

Spring Break by mcainmoss featuring bikini swimwear

Top row / Victoria's Secret / Victoria's Secret / Target / Target
Bottom row: Holdensmaa (top, bottom) / Target / Target

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Monday Round Up+ Cargo Vest + Adulting

Happy Monday lovelies! This weekend was super busy for me, not so much with fun things with boring adulting things so I will keep it short. I write this late on Sunday and am exhausted, so short and sweet it is.

Friday, I won't lie, was a recovery day. Thursday as St. Patrick's Day and we stayed out all day. I am learning as I get older that I cannot do that with the same ease I did it even a couple of years ago. Although I am better at pacing myself I was basically useless on Friday. I came home, picked up the pups from parents, took a shower and laid on the couch all day. D did a little bit of work at his job and came home and lounged too. We ordered out, because we were still living in a construction site, and hit the hay by 11:00 PM. Thriling right?

Saturday was basically a work day. I slept in a bit, I needed sleep from the aformentioned holiday, and then tried to figure out how I could be helpful. D said that I could sand and paint the baseboards to which I said "how else can I be helpful?" But I gave in as there was really nothing else to do. We popped over to our friend's house to get a tool we needed and ended up talking to them for a while. What can we say, we are chatty? We went home and went to work. I have decided sanding is the worst thing to do, ever. I just got really cranky about and complained like a spoiled teenager. As a result I managed to convince D to go to our favorite Minneapolis bar, Donny Dirk's. At least we ended the night with something more fun.

Dirk's laser show

Sunday was another work day. Told you this weekend was boring. Good news is the floor is in!!! Thank jeebus. We still have to put the baseboards back on and the quarter round, but the boards are in people! All said and done this took 10 days. In that time we lost access to our stove so we could not cook. It was a long 10 days  and I am glad to be back to some semblance of normalcy. I finished sanding the baseboards and put two coats of paint on them. Then I put together our new entertainment center, which also took forever. This whole project has become a huge nuisance but as I sit here looking at a finished floor I am so much happier.

That's it. The whole weekend. I thought this weekend deserved a casual look. Although I spent most of the weekend in sweats and tennis shoes I think this fit the casual bill. I saw this vest from Target at their Who What Wear line. I really, really love this line. What is also great about it is it is the first line where they also included plus sizes. Not different clothes, the same clothes just for plus size. So great and fashionable! I scrambled to get this vest and I bought it a little big bit I love it still. When I walk I feel like Neo, haha and I love it. This is the statement piece of the look so all you really need is a tee and some boots to call it a day. This is a men's tee shirt in one of those three packs from Target. Keepin' it simple has been my thing lately. It's probably because it is Spring and I love more simplicity this time of year. Special attention to these sunglasses from Windsor. Still loving these and getting constant compliments.  

Top| Target
Vest| Target
Shoes| Target
Sunglasses| Windsor

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My First Rocksbox + #H54F

This was a pretty busy week. I worked three days because I always take off for St. Patrick's Day so that means five days worth of work in three days. This is not easy. Also, if you follow me on social media you know we have been putting in a new floor. It has been very difficult. I also got my first Rocksbox set so lot's to talk about today.

As I already talked about we spent the weekend working on the floor. Unfortunately, like most DIY projects it is taking longer than expected. My poor husband has been working his tail off. He had help for a couple of days with a friend, but he couldn't come over every day. At this stage the living room and hallway are complete and I love it! Hoping by the end of the weekend we are finally done with this and we get our upstairs back. Wish us luck!

I had a short week (Monday-Wednesday) this week. Which means five days  of work in four days. So it was pretty busy. My head was spinning trying to arrange things. I really love my job, but any change in schedule becomes a real pain. Expectations are the same despite the shortened week. It was a little nutty, but knowing I have a four day weekend was well worth it.

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day and it is literally one of my favorite days of the year. My whole life my dad marched in the parade with his buddies downtown St. Paul. Kilt and all. When I was old enough I went for the first time with my cousin Candice (She's Leaning In) and we had a blast. I have gone every year since. Even when it was cold and gross we were out there. Over the years I have gotten some friends and cousins to come with. I love marching in the parade and feeling like I am carrying on a tradition. Oh also, we don't sign up to march. We just jump in. It's the Irish way ;)

These days I feel like I cannot keep up with all the TV out there and I am a fanatic. I keep bopping around between my favorite Bravo shows, House of Cards and this week I added The People Vs. O.J. Simpson. I cannot. keep. up. It is probably a good and bad thing. Good that so much quality TV is on and bad because I spend all my time doing it. Watching anything good lately? I need to add to my list.


So this week I got my first Rocksbox set. I have heard about this for a while but was not sure what to do or what to make of it. Then I saw a free offer code from another blogger, A.Liz Adventures, and thought "what the heck?" I'll give it a try. The first step is to fill out a fashion profile. So very similar to Stitch Fix. You answer a few questions about your style and what types of pieces you typically wear. They don't want to send you pieces you'll never wear. Then there is also a wishlist. You can add lots of items to this so they get a better sense of your style. Sometimes you'll get items from your wishlist and sometimes they will just use it as inspiration. Then you get the box and you can keep the items for as long as you want, rental style. You can buy what you like for a discounted price, or just return all the items to get a new box. The rental piece is what made me nervous, but also seems fun to get new items every so often. Here is what I got:

These I love. These were on my wishlist and the stylist worked everything else around it. I really love ear crawlers. I love the unique look of them. All the fun of a big statement earring without all the hassle. I think you can also easily dress it up or down. I love when my pieces are versatile that way so I can mix and match and keep my look fresh. I really like how sleek these are and the changing jewels for a little more depth. Very happy with this.

This I was less thrilled with. It's a little plain for me. I like a dainty necklace as much as the next girl, but nothing about this stood out to me. The little discs have already gotten tangled a few times. I hate, hate when necklaces tangle. Inevitably it will get so tangled we'll never be able to wear it again. I also am not crazy about this kind of silhouette.  It reminds me of a rosary so I am not about it.


This cuff is so beautiful. I just bought two items from House of Harlow a few weeks ago and I love them. This is the kind of simple I like. Very simple silhouette, small jewels and negative space. Love. Love it. I really like the black jewels. It is a fun alternate to the typical clear sparklies that are everywhere. Not that I don't love those, but it is nice to have a change. My only hesitation in keeping this is that it is a bit fancier so I might get limited use out of it. I have not decided if I will buy it yet or not, but I will enjoy wearing it for a while :)

So what do you think? Do you agree with my opinions? Do you disagree? What would you do? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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Fitness Wednesday

Fitness is pretty important to me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate working out. I wish I loved it, I really do but I don't. I do,however, want to stay in shape. If I am being honest it is equal parts vanity and overall health. Isn't that true for everyone? Or is it just me? I hate skipping a workout I feel sluggish and now that I am 30 (cringe) it is not as easy to keep the weight off. In a lot of ways I am healthier than I have ever been in my life. I eat so much healthier and work out so much more than I ever have in my life. It is still hard to work out though. What helps  me is cute outfits. Cute outfits are often the key to helping me get through annoying tasks. I posted once before about my favorite look, but I got a few new pieces and wanted to share. 

If you follow me on snapchat (user:mcainmoss) I started doing yoga a few months ago. In the winter months the studio was freezing! I needed a long sleeve shirt. I really like Target's tops. They are cute and affordable. I don't need to spend $40 on a top I will be sweating in. I decided on black, cause I love black ;) Then I bought these leggings at Gap a few months ago too. Gap has my favorite favorite leggings. They fit like a dream and breathe perfectly. I never thought I would want to work out in pants and now I would never go back. Also, I like that they are high waisted so they do not fall as much when working out. These shoes are also brand new. My shoes were really old so it was time for new ones. I did a survey online that asked about how I run, where I experience pain etc and these shoes were my match. They are different than what I am used to. Less cushion, but I do notice a difference when I run. I recently tried this new sports bra from Target as well. It's kind of snazzy. I got it at a discounted price thanks to Candice (She's Leaning In). I really love the print and the wider straps.  I think wider straps provide more support. The fun colors definitely help with making me want to work out more. For me this bra works. It provides enough support for all kinds of workouts. For those of you with more than what I was blessed with, this may not be the bra for you. The material feels a little too loose for those of you more endowed myself. You are going to want something with more tighter, spandex feel. 

Happy exercising!

What do you think? Leave me a message below!
Top| Target
Leggings| Gap (similar / similar)
Sports Bra| Target
Shoes| Puma

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