Spring Rachel Zoe Box of Style + #H54F

Happy Friday!  It's weird posting these Friday posts while on leave. Normally I would be all "so excited for the weekend" or " ready for a little break." Well, maternity leave is not actually a 'break' but it does make the weekends not feel a whole lot different. I do have some fun plans this weekend though so be sure to follow along on instagram!

All right off to this week's H54F. Not much happened this week so I thought I would celebrate Friday by sharing my Spring Rachel Zoe Box of Style. I have come to really love these. Even better is they start to preview a few items before they ship so you can decide whether or not you want the box ahead of time. Love that!

The Spring box is one of my favorites yet. I have consistently used almost every item in this box and I am so excited to share this with you all! 


These were the item we got to have a little choice in. We got to choose between gold and silver. I obviously chose gold. I really almost never wear silver so this was a clear choice for me. What's fun about these is the circle part and the bar part are two separate pieces. I have worn these both as pictured and with just the bar. These are fun earrings for going out with to dress up a casual outfit. They are a little fancy for day time, but fun nonetheless.


I was so excited to see this nail polish. I have had a lot of success in the past when the box has included polish. This formula is almost like a gel polish and therefore long lasting. The other benefit is you do not need a topcoat like you would with an Essie polish to get that effect. This is the perfect pastel, blush color that reminds me of Easter. I cannot say enough how much I love this color. It also helps that blush and I have been having a moment for a while. I highly recommend this.


I was probably inappropriately excited when I saw this water bottle. I had just been debating in the weeks before buying a nicer bottle. The one I had was pretty cheap and old. I am so glad I waited. This is a glass bottle covered with this blush (be still my heart) silicone. I actually dropped this bottle the other day and it did not break. I was terrified about that happening, but now I feel better. This has basically not  left my side since I got it. It's also small enough to fit in most of my bigger bags so I can easily carry it around. Super in love with this!


So I won't lie, I only used this the one time. I was eager to try it but these are the kinds of things that get put in my bathroom cabinet and I forget I have them. It is a grainy powder that once mixed with water you rub into your face to help with dry skin. This time of year my skin is very dry and in desperate need of this. I only tried it once and did not notice a difference. However, I am sure you need to use it more to get the desired effect. I cannot give this a full review but.....it's pretty!


I love Stella Artois. I am a huge fan of their beer and have always loved their glasses. Fanciest beer glasses in town. This was a bonus item this time around to support their "Buy a Lady a Drink" campaign which supports getting clean water to people. One glass gets clean water to one person for five years! Not bad at all. Plus you get this specially designed glass. A good cause and a fun glass? That's a win!


How pretty is this scarf? This picture does not even do it justice. The scarf itself is silky and the gold is metallic and shines. It is the perfect pop of color to tie around your bag. I am not much of a scarf wearer but I love having this on my purse. I have a couple of brown purses that this looks great with. Perfect to accessorize your accessory :)


Last but not least it the hero item for me. This bag was what solidified for me wanting this box. I love the pattern with the options to carry on your shoulder or use the handles. This is a great little bag for Spring. It feels very Spring/Summer to me without the cliche pastels or florals. The red scarf I got pairs perfectly with this bag and the water bottle fits inside quite nicely. It looks a little small but you can fit a lot in there. The only downside is the opening is a little narrow so getting items in and out has proven to be difficult.  The rest of this purse is so great though that it is worth it. 

There you have it, the Spring Box of Style. Probably one of  my favorites I have received. Mostly because I have used 90% of it on a regular basis. Lots of fashion in this one. What do you think? What is your favorite item?

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Spanx Leggings: A Love Affair

Top| Stitch Fix (see original post)
Leggings| Spanx
Necklace| Target
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Bag| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Sunnies| Gap

Does anyone else have their go-to skinny outfit? Those are a bit fewer and far between for me lately except when it comes to this look. I knew after baby I would need some, shall we say, forgiving pants. I figured my pregnancy  jeans might be a bit too big and my pre-pregnancy jeans might be a bit too small. Enter leggings. 

I have always been a "leggings aren't pants" kind of gal. Well....I am kind of changing my mind. It depends though. The leggings have to be a certain kind like these. First these are Spanx. So, obviously right now (and probably later) they feel great! They are kind of high waisted so very figure flattering. These also have a faux leather texture which gives them a little edge and a little sheen. I have basically been living these. They are a little expensive ($98) but I legitimately wear them an embarrassing amount. I like pairing it with this sweater from Stitch Fix. It is light weight and just long enough to make me feel comfortable wearing leggings as pants. It also stops at the right part of me to create a longer, leaner look. See? Skinny outfit. :)

What do you think? If you get these Spanx leggings let me know what you think!

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Shopping My Closet

Monday Round Up: Zara Off the Shoulder

Happy Monday! Hope you all had another great weekend. I had quite another busy weekend myself and am pretty tired as I write this so I will keep it short and sweet.

Friday was a quiet day. I got my hair done that morning and met a friend at the mall that afternoon. She has a baby four days younger than mine so it was nice to be out with someone who is experiencing the same exact thing as you. It was a really fun day except it seems it was a little much for Reese. She was pretty fussy that night and it took awhile to get her down. Lesson learned: temper her exposure to others.

Saturday was the busiest day of the weekend. That morning I had a bridal shower for my younger sister. Given what happened the day before I left Reese at home. They had a little brunch complete with mimosas and a gift opening. I love brunch so much I was so happy to eat it. It was the perfect little shower just long enough and no games. The best. Oh also, my aunt bought her the funniest gift. My sister hates bees....hates. She screams when they are anywhere near her. Everything my aunt gave her was bee related and she had been collecting items for a year. It was hilarious!

That night was my dad's big 60th birthday celebration. That we did want to bring Reese to and courtesy of my sister she had the perfect little outfit. We had a big party over at my parent's house with a really great turnout. I was so glad to see so many people come to celebrate my dad. I really could not have asked for a better father in life as a supportive parent and role model. To see that many people come out is just a testament to the person he is. 

My niece, Arianna, and Reese.

Sunday we went up to D's parents house. The whole fam was there including all my nieces and nephews. There are officially seven grandchildren on that side so it gets a little rowdy :) But it is fun to see them all play together. A few really wanted to hold Reese and that was kind of adorable. The kids roped Grandma into making cookies, which of course we all benefitted from so I was not complaining. 

Look how cute they are!

Overall it was a successful weekend. I also got to finally wear my Zara sale score. Zara is having a big sale and I snagged this off the shoulder top for $10!! I have been wanting to sport an off the shoulder for a while but kept wondering where I would wear it. Well for $10 I figured I would find a place. I took my dad's birthday party as an opportunity to wear it. This top is perfect for this time of year. It's a sweater but very thin material so it will transition well into the warmer months. I did buy a larger size, seems like Zara sizes everything pretty small. I paired it with these light wash jeans I got from Target. I was not sure how committed I would be to this color so figured for $28 I could commit to just about anything. Top it off with these new Gap sunnies and Justfab snakeskin loafers it was the perfect party look.

Sweater| Zara ($10!!)
Jeans| Target (Similar)
Shoes| JustFab (similar)
Earrings| Target,
Purse| Target, old (similar / similar)
Sunglasses| Gap

How was your weekend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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February Stitch Fix + #H54F

Happy Friday y'all! I am definitely ready for the weekend. It feels a little weird to say that while on maternity leave but  I am. I have some fun plans this weekend and am ready to round out my busy week with a busy weekend. First, let's review the week then finally sharing my Stitch Fix from last month


This week was a significantly better week with her. On Monday we had a doctor appointment for Reese to check her weight again. Good news finally! She was up in weight again so we do not have to come back again until the two month appointment. Hooray! She also was pretty chill all week. A few fussy moments here and there but nothing crazy. A successful week!

Super happy after the appointment
Ok so I am not at work, BUT given that Reese was in such good spirits all week it allowed me to get a lot of things done. I got a bunch of blog pics taken, cleaned up a bit, did a couple of workouts and ran some errands. It felt good to get my head on straight a bit and get some things in order. 


This week we were lucky enough to go out twice.  If you read my Monday post you saw that we scored free tickets to the Gaelic Storm show on Tuesday......from the band themselves. One of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. We were just talking to them and they offered us 4 tickets! Who were we to turn them down? I am so glad that we went. We went with my parents and D. An absolutely fantastic show because not only are they talented musicians but they are hilarious. One of the best shows I have been to.

On Wednesday my sister-in-law also offered to babysit for a few hours. We took this opportunity to do dinner and a movie. Dinner was nothing fancy, just Chinese, but we went to see Logan (the new Wolverine movie) as we were dying to see it and unsure we were going to make it there. It was a fantastic movie. If you are a Marvel fan this will not disappoint, a real departure but a great film. 


I had to run a few errands this week with Reese by my side. The most daring was brining her down to Mall of America. It is a bit of a hike from home and everything with her takes twice as long.  I had to go down there to exchange something from Zara and that is the only one in the state. Good news is she behaved the whole time. Bad news is she got hungry on the ride home and there was nowhere to pull over.  Le sigh. 


So this is a  major delay and I apologize. I wanted some time with the clothes post-pregnancy before reviewing. My stylist has kind of been knocking out of the park lately and this box was no exception. Let's review. 


These have quickly become my go-to earrings. The hint of pastel in the opal work perfectly with the nudes and blush tones for Spring. The climbers are small and subtle so they are perfect for every day wear. They were a little on the expensive side so I debated, but after trying them for a few days I knew I needed them.


I loved these the second I saw them. I am sucker for anything moto. Just a weakness of mine. I told my stylist I would need some good loungewear as I would be going on maternity leave, but wanted to stay fashionable. She delivered. These joggers are ridiculous comfortable. Super soft inside and the moto pattern makes me feel chic even when at home getting spit up on. I wore these a few times even when I was pregnant and have quickly become a staple.


This was another major win from this basket. I have really loved the bomber jacket trend and the embroidery trend. This is the perfect combo of each. Just throw this over a tee shirt with some jeans and it's all you need. This jacket takes care of it for you. I look forward to working this into  my rotation more often as the weather warms up. Feels a little silly to wear it under a winter coat right now. However, I love the embroidery on this one. The color allows for a real variety of pairings which is key to me when buying new pieces.


This tee was nothing really special. I mean it works for just lounging at home, which is what I asked for. However, I typically by my tees at Target because you really don't need to spend more than $5 on a basic tee. However, given that the rest of the box was so fantastic it was cheaper to buy the whole box then to send back this one item.


The last piece was another big win. It seems like a simple black sweater but the back is sheer with some lining. A little risque and I won' t be able to wear it to work without a tank top but I really love it. I exchanged it for a bigger size because I was not sure how I would look post pregnancy. In retrospect I could have kept the smaller size, but the bigger size is a little longer and I prefer that. This sweater is also nice and light so those chilly Spring nights this will be well used.

similar / similar

All said and done I kept the whole box. Another Stitch Fix success! Have you got your first box yet? Click here to get started!

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