The Last Summer Dress

I promised a bit of summer before Labor Day and here it is. These pictures are a bit old so my hair looks darker, but I still love this dress. I bought this from local favorite Apricot Lane and it is definitely a staple. One of those dresses where the silhouette is star and you really do not need anything else. I wore this walking around Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend and it was perfect. It was a really hot day so a swing, cotton dress was just what the city ordered. At night you could pair it with a jean jacket or oversized sweater for the cooler temps. Although this strikes me as a very summertime dress, you could add some booties and a leather jacket (see Monday's post) in the early parts of Fall. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Dress| Apricot Lane (similar/ similar)
Shoes| Charming Charlie's (similar / similar)
Purse| Banana Republic (similar / similar)

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Monday Round Up: Nights Out, Netflix + Leather

Welcome to another Monday. The last one of true summer time. Even though the first day of Fall is not until September sometime I always feel Labor Day more accurately reflects the end of Summer. School starting will always be the beginning of Fall for me. 

This weekend was a really busy one and a chilly, unseasonably so. It did give me an opportunity to explore with some early Fall temperatures some new styles, which will be coming to the blog soon. 

Friday D and I had originally planned to watch one of his college friend's fight in MMA but he got off of work too late we did not make it. D was pretty bummed about it and I knew he did not want to sit in all night. Eventually we decided to go sit on a patio someplace. It was low 70s high 60s and a gorgeous night to be outside. We started out at local Northeast Minneapolis haunt Psycho Suzi's, which is always a fun and campy delight. They have one of the best and biggest patios in Northeast and right on the river. We weren't super hungry so we ordered some appetizers and drinks. After some time it got buggy so we headed to Suzi's sister bar and restaurant Betty Danger's Country Club just up the road. I love Betty's because they have a ferris wheel and have the best appetizers. We hung out until we got too tired and headed home. We are old so that time was early and I won't tell you when it was. 

Saturday was a bit of a slower day. We got up and hit the gym and did a little grocery shopping. D went to help my parents move some stuff so I went down to Primp to check out their anniversary sale. This time they had sale items at all locations so I went to the St. Louis Park location, which unfortunately was a bit of a bust for me. I headed home and then D and I met my parents for dinner at Pizzeria Pezzo in White Bear Lake. They truly have amazing pizza and I definitely over ate. After we went to a bar called The Alchemist that has craft cocktails that are hit or miss. Either amazing or undrinkable. We sat at this weird table under a red light and part of the table was held up by a cast iron chain. If you are ever in the area, I recommend it.

I also got these mule booties and I wore them out on Saturday. I am obsessed. Coming to the blog soon!

Sunday we had hoped to have friends over for the Vikings preseason game but they were unable to come. We made a big lunch, one of my favorites, of Italian sausage sandwiches. By we I mean D made them, I am useless. I did make the salad. Best part of this dinner is that it serves as lunch for days :) We watched the Vikings lead to victory in their new stadium, celebrated, then ran some errands. We might need to buy carpet so we went to Home Depot to price some things out. Then we went to a home store to get some frames to finally finish off the living room. One of these days we'll get a room fully finished and I can show you all. We ended Sunday by binge watching the new Netflix only show Stranger Things, which we started on Friday. It is only eight episodes so an easy weekend binge and 100% worth it. If you are even remotely into science fiction this is your new show. You will not be disappointed. 

I just thought this was amazing.

This weekend with the cooler temps I lived in my leather jacket and leather vest. Leather jackets go hand in hand with Fall for me. Definitely in my top five favorite Fall accessories. I decided to wrangle up a few of my favorites for you all I am more partial to the moto style, but occasionally veer more toward a blazer. The bomber style is making its way in this Fall too as well as the more casual look with a hood. What's your favorite?


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Rocksbox Review + #H54F

Happy Friday! I am ready for this weekend. I am ready so hard. It has not been a tough week, kind of slow actually but ready for the weekend. Not a super exciting week but I will recap some of the highlights.

On Wednesday I went to a local coffee shop to meet a client. I really enjoy their coffee and was excited, not to mention I was really tired that day. It is one of those places where if you say you are going to have it "for here" they put it in a real dish, which I kind of forgot about. They gave  me coffee in a real mug and I was happy because I got to see the beautiful leaf design. Wednesday was a nice day so I sat outside. Big mistake. August is bee season. They are everywhere looking to stock up and a sugary latte was just the ticket. A hornet stopped by twice to drink out of my coffee before falling into it. I watched it, seemingly in slow motion, fruitlessly attempt to get out of the coffee. Slowly paddling, slowly until it stopped and died. You guys, I had maybe two sips of coffee before this happened. RUINED! I was so angry and conflicted. Something I love killing something I hate. How does one feel? I haven't decided.

Ok so not really Betty Crocker but I felt that way this week. Typically D makes dinner and I clean up. Years ago he just started doing it and I got the heck out of the way. I am really bad at cooking, it's terrible unsafe. In the summer D works long hours and I had to cook a couple of times this week. I have a bad habit of burning things. However, I am proud to say TWICE this week and it was a success! ::High five::

Riggs likes to sleep all day. Although when I come home I am greeted by both of their excited faces. When that doesn't happen, 90% of the time it is because they did something. I came home the other day and was greeted by Eva, not Riggs. I got nervous. I turned the corner and found Riggs like this:

I awoke him from his nap. I saw his little eyes open and try to focus. Adorable.

Ready for your weather update? The end of the week we are in the beautiful high 60s, low 70s. Amazing almost Fall in the air. I hope it sticks around a bit. Except for labor day, I need that to be warm.

I got another Rocksbox a few weeks ago. I wanted to give it a little time before I posted because I was unsure about the items. 

 Kendra Scott Kathleen Bracelet

I was not sure I would like this at first. I am not super in love with the druzy, I use it sparingly really especially in a light color. I found myself reaching for it a lot as alayering piece. The unique way to tighten it was fun too. You slip it on then pull the ends to tighten. It is definitley fun, but due to the color I will not be wearing for Fall so back it goes.
Buy here

Kendra Scott Alex Earrings
In all honesty, I wore these once. I am not big into giant earrings. I mean, I dabble from time to time but not often. Just not my style. When I wore them I was surprised how much I liked them. Then again, I never reached for them again. I know people are obsessd with these earrings, but I think they just are not interesing enough or edgy enough for me. Back they go.
Buy here

Nashelle Infinity Ring

I asked for more rings and they delivered. This one is cool becaue it bends. I have large knuckles, wierd but true, so if a ring fits say on my ring finger it will not also fit on my middle finger. You don't have that problem with this ring. The downside? It gets a little wonky when you do this. Overall, this ring is ok but did not peak my interest.
Buy here

So we are at another Rocksbox that was lackluster. I am thinking more seriously about canceling. I might do it this time. Thoughts?

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Rhapsody in Blue....Lipstick

This post has been a long time coming. Candice ( a la She's Leaning In) has been on my case for some time to get a blue lipstick. She really loves this trend and wants me to get on board. Also she did me a big favor a while ago and me getting blue lipstick was payment.

When it comes to beauty I am not a huge risk taker. I recognize this does not make a bunch of sense as make is not permanent, I mean just take it off if it looks bad right? I just don't like to buy things I likely won't use. She sent me several blue lipsticks over the past couple of months but they were all in the $20 range and I just could not commit to that. When Maybelline released a couple of blue lipsticks, it was time to make good on my promise. 

I bought the color Sapphire Siren as I thought it would be the best blue shade for me. As far as drugstore lipsticks go it's pretty good. The downside of a drugstore lipstick is staying power. As far as pigment goes it does the trick. For a dark shade I like to put at least two coats. You have to be careful with application of dark lipstick as can easily go outside the lines for lack of a better term.

Overall I really liked the color and if you are like me and not ready to make the full leap, the $5.59 price tag is right up your alley. I am also currently it the midst of going from redhead to blonde and I think it will look so much better with blonde hair. 

Lipstick| Maybelline Color Sensational , Sapphire Siren

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Monday Round Up: Weddings/Bridal Shops + Jumpsuits

Happy Monday everyone! Another whirlwind weekend around here, not to mention an abrupt change in weather. It was a wedding filled weekend, it is quite literally all I did.  Lots of driving but a truly fantastic weekend.

On Friday I really did nothing I worked a bit that day and then sat around. I knew the next two days were going to be super busy so I wanted at least one day with no commitments. D and I watched a movie, of which I fell asleep to, and then went to bed.

Saturday was a big day. I had a friend's wedding in Wisconsin, which was going to take us a little over an hour to drive to. Not to mention we picked up a friend along the way. My plan was to get up, hit the gym and run to the tailor to pick up my jumpsuit (see below). I had dropped off my jumpsuit to be tailored and planned to pick it up on Friday and forgot. Ugh. Not to mention I had to wash it too. I was feeling really tired so getting to the gym seemed too difficult. I did a little at home workout and then looked for my purse to run to the tailor. Turns out my wallet was missing. Last I figured, I had it at Target the day before. I called and thank goodness it was there. I am the luckiest person ever. So I had to run up there, then to the tailor, then home to get ready. By some stroke of genius it all worked out and we were on time, early even. The wedding was in a church followed by a reception in the couple's barn. The weather was cold and rainy so we were a bit nervous. Parking on their lawn was a bit worrisome, we got stuck a bit, and it was cold. I was glad I was wearing a jumpsuit and brought a sweater. We got lucky that the rain quit when it needed to. They did a beautiful job decorating and it was so fun to be there for her big day. We left a little early but we had a long way to drive home so I am glad we left when we did.

Sunday was my little sister's wedding dress shopping day. Eeeee! She has had a long engagement culminating in her wedding next May. We met up at French Meadow Bakery for a little pre-shopping brunch. The food was really good, everything was organic and most was gluten free. It was a great way to start celebrating. Afterwards we hit up the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul, one of the best bridal shops in the cities in my opinion.  I bought my dress there and had the best experience. It is in an old house in a unique neighborhood. They have done some renovations so the rooms are big enough to fit a few people. She told the consultant some ideas of what she wanted. We helped her narrow it down to two and then eventually she picked one. It is so pretty on her and I cannot wait!

There it is. My whole weekend. A few weeks ago I got the pleasure to work with Isabel Kruse, local photographer, and we shot the jumpsuit I wore to this wedding out by Minnehaha Falls. I styled it a bit differently on Saturday, but not much so this is a fairly accurate representation of how I wore it on Saturday. It was a pleasure working with her and I had never been to the Falls before even though I lived here my entire life. 

I was so glad to have this jumpsuit on Saturday. I was initially worried I would be hot but the temperature was in the high 60s all day, so it kept me pretty warm. It is also crazy comfortable, which I think is my number one comment about clothes, but I loved it. I love the little ties in the front as a fun detail. You really do not need much to accessorize this jumpsuit. I love my block heel, but you could dress it up with a nude stiletto or an updo. I kept it relatively casual, cause the wedding was in a barn. I bought this jumpsuit at local fav Proper & Prim, they know how to pick 'em. 

Jumpsuit| Proper & Prim (similar / similar
Shoes| Charming Charlie's (similar / similar
Necklace| Oneecklace
Clutch| Primrose Park (similar / similar

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