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It has been a busy week around here. 

Do I say that every week? Probably.  But it's true! Life moves fast with two jobs, two dogs, one baby and one husband. We are always on the go. We are also heading out of town this weekend so that made what is already a busy life even busier. I need a real break. Everyone else ready for it too? All right let's get to it and a little fashion at the end

My pup, Riggsy man. Our first baby turned 8 years old this week. I cannot believe he is 8 years old. We got him right before we got married and he has been with us from the start. He traveled and lived in Chicago with us, went to cabins with us moved to our first home with us. He greeted Reese when she came home and gives her kisses. He can be a real pain sometimes but he is a great dog and we love him so much. This is a picture from probably the first few weeks we had him. He is much bigger than this now ;)

Speaking of birthdays, Reese turned four months old on Wednesday. It's crazy how big she has gotten. We had her 4 month appointment and she is 14lbs 12oz and 26 inches long. Growing like a weed and staying healthy. She is such a good baby. I was telling D the other day that old saying "God only gives you what you can handle" and he must have looked at us and said "you can't handle much, you're welcome" to give us an easy baby. I love that she is getting big but really want her to stay little like this. 

We cleaned on Wednesday because we are going out of town and my sister and brother-in-law are staying here to watch the pups. The house was a mess and it needed it anyway. After a long day of work and cleaning a glass of wine was needed. Thank goodness Reese sleeps so well so I had a few quiet moments before bed.

Still need a look for the Fourth? Check out my Wednesday post for a few great options.

Ok so Zara came into my life for real a few months ago. They put one in the Mall of America some time ago but I needed to wait for post-pregnancy to be able to fit into the clothes again. I saw this top and knew I had to have it. Problem was finding how to wear it. I couldn't figure it out and I tried so many times. I think I finally figured it out. I got this maxi skirt from an old Stitch Fix and I love it. It's super simple and flattering. It provides the best canvas to highlight this top. I tucked in the front to help highlight my waist line. It's a bit of a "business in the front, party in the back" type of look. From the front it's a crisp, white top, from the back it's all the drama. Because the shirt is a statment piece I paired it with this light necklace from BaubleBar and some simple sandals. Boom. Done. 

Top| Zara (similar / similar)
Skirt| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Necklace| Target (similar / similar)
Sandals| (similar / similar)

What do you think? What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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Fourth of July Prep

Happy Wednesday party people1 Can you believe the Fourth of July is less than one week away? I just can't believe it is almost July. Where did June go? This summer can slow down right about now, please and thank you. 

Anyway, it is time to start thinking about your Americana style for our country's birthday. There is still time to order some items online, but I also found some great options at your friendly neighborhood Target. I really love Ily Couture for holiday options. They always have fun options from major to minor holidays. If had a little more excess cash I would have purchased the USA sweatshirt from there. I love a sweatshirt, I have way too many pairs. I love the simplicity and athletic feature on the sleeves. Local favorite, Apricot Lane, has this fun stars chambray top. I love this because it works for the holiday but it isn't like you are slapping "AMERICA" right in the face it can transition to a casual day as well. From, Target I think my favorite is the American bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are still so fun but this just has the patriotic twist.


USA by mcainmoss featuring vintage tops

one / two / three
four / five / six / seven

What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Shopping My Closet

Monday Round Up: Baseball + Birthdays

Happy Monday! So I had a pretty busy weekend and we did lots o' stuff. Hope you all had a great weekend too. I also hope your weather was better than ours. It's the end of June the highest the temps got this weekend was 67. Um,..what? Mother nature needs to get a clue.

On Friday I was itching to do something. I just wanted to get out of the house and maybe go see some friends. We tried to locate a couple of people who were busy, then it just started getting late so we decided to rent a movie and stay in. That movie Get Out was finally at Redbox so we got it. I really liked it and I am not much of a horror movie fan. It is more like a thriller in the vein of Stepford Wives. Really good. I would highly recommend it.

On Saturday we decided to make a quick boat outing. We called up a friend and D and him attempted to fish. The weather was supposed to be a little chilly, but sunny. Nope. It felt like wherever we went on the lake was cloud cover. Super frustrating. My goal was to keep Reese warm. Eventually, it looked that rain was imminent so we tried to get off the lake but then suddenly like four people tried to get on. As soon as the boat got docked the rains came in. It started coming down so I sat in the car with Reese as the boys loaded up. Hoping the weather gets nicer soon.

That night we went to a St. Paul Saints game for my sister's birthday. They built a new stadium about three years ago and D and I had not been yet. This was the  perfect excuse. As you can see, the skies opened up however it was pretty chilly. I put together a fun and casual look for the evening (see below). I legit don't know if they won, I mean this is not affiliated with MLB at all, however they do fun games in between innings and the announcers were hilarious. It is more like they provide commentary than announcing. They also have an app where you can order beer and food and then they bring it right to you. Genius!! Also out in left field there is a craft beer section with 30 different brews, mostly local. So cool! Loved it and had a great time. 

Sunday was supposed to be a more productive day than it turned out to be. I got up later than I wanted because I was so tired. Little lady lets us sleep in later if we bring her in the bed after her morning feeding. The local theater The Guthrie is doing a production of Sunday In The Park With George and I felt like Reese and I were doing our own version.

I did a little work that morning. My sister in law stopped over for a bit and before I knew it the day was over. Not before D got the best picture of Miss Reese thought.

There you have it my weekend. Earlier in the week, I swung in at the Apricot Lane in St. Louis Park as that location was closing. The other locations are still open but this was closing down. I figured I would swing in and see what was left. It was pretty picked over but I did locate this top and one other thing I will post about later. I have wanted a knot front top for a while and I love this one. I bought it a little big for the length in the front. It is the perfect length for a high waist jean. I also love that it is longer in the back so you aren't pulling it down all the time. For the game, I wore my favorite high waisted jeans and these Lucky Brand boots that are super comfortable. I thought about flats but I can't wear high waisted jeans with flats, just feels unbalanced. It was a chilly night so I threw on this bomber jacket  I got in a Stich Fix awhile back. I love this jacket and any opportunity to wear it I do it. It was the perfect thickness to stay warm with just enough interest to be fashion forward, even at a baseball game. 

Jacket| Supply + Demand (similar / similar )
Shirt| Apricot Lane (similar / similar
Jeans| Express
Shoes| Lucky Brand
Necklace| Stitch Fix (similar / similar

What do you think? Leave me a comment below!

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Summer Box of Style + #H54F

Happy Friday er'body! I am so excited for this weekend. I had kind of a frustrating week for various reasons I won't bore you with. I am looking forward to a little baseball and maybe some more boating. Be sure to follow along on @mymonochromaticlife to stay up to date with me!

Since it was another kind of uninteresting week. I decided to share with you all my Summer Rachel Zoe Box of Style. I have done the Fall, Winter and Spring but never a Summer. Some of her boxes are awesome, some have been more beauty heavy or full of kind of strange things (e.g. cards..umm....ok) but this one was excellent. I am so excited!

This was probably the "hero" item although there were several high ticket items. Kimonos are making a comeback this season. They were big a couple of years ago, faded away but are back with vengeance. They seem to be more feminine and less boho and this one is so on point. I love that it is sheer and the florals are perfect for summer. I wore it out with my favorite Madewell shorts and black tank top. I went shopping on a hot day and a group of women said "you a fashionable mom!" I felt pretty good I won't lie. This is a great way to layer a look without baking in the summer heat.

Buy here $150 value

I won't lie, I have not tried this yet. It is small and compact so it fits perfectly in my purse. It is a stick-like deodorant so you don't have to worry about an aerosol or any hand prints because you didn't rub it in well. I also read on the website that it is kid friendly, however, I am not sure how small it is safe for. I am excited to just throw this in my purse to have for running around to keep my skin safe. 

Buy here, $18 value

Wouldn' t be a Rachel Zoe box without some oversized sunglasses, right? These are pretty picture perfect. Typically I don't see a huge difference between expensive vs affordable sunglasses. These are definitely a higher quality. You can feel it in the weightyness (is that a word?) of them. This was the 'choice' item where I got to pick between black and tortoise. I opted for the latter. I don't know what it is about black rimmed ones, just not my thing. I am going between these and my Gap sunnies right now, just depends on the outfit du jour.

Buy here, $150 value

I was unsure about this at first. I haven't tried a cream blush before and I was not sure I wanted to. I always worry they won't blend right and look all streaky. This dissuaded all my worries. I really loved this. It goes on pretty stark but blends easy. It also comes in a pretty tube, what can I say? I judge a book by it's cover ;) Definitely worth a try.

Buy here, $37 value

I.love.hats. This is no different. What is especially fun about this are the little poms, which are very on trend right now. Super delicate and fun. I also love a panama hat. Just do, can't explain it. I think it just makes everything look effortless and chic. I can't help myself. This will join me at every outdoor outing this summer. And it's affordable. Can't beat that. 

Buy here, $27 value

A little bling never hurt anyone right? This is the second box in a row that is a "do good" item. This is made by fair trade artisans in Cambodia.  10% of the profits are donated to fight human trafficking. I love the delicate compass design and it is a short necklace so it is a perfect layering item. So a good looking item that also benefits a worthy cause? win-win

Buy here, $115 value

There you have it. I think this might be my favorite box to date. Definitely more fashion than beauty, which is what I want from Rachel Zoe. I like feeling that she personally styled me! What do you think? I would love to hear from you.

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