Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a strangely busy/not busy weekend. I also did not take a lot of pictures. So..... I apologize :)

This weekend I was home alone. D was out of town for an annual fishing trip. He was actually gone since Wednesday morning so life got a little busy for me. That night my friend, who's husband was also fishing with mine, came over for a few hours. I hadn't seen in her probably over a month so it was really nice to catch up. Her little boy who was born four days after Reese has gotten so big and it was fun to compare and contrast stories about them. It was an early night because, well, we have teeny babies. 

Saturday I woke up early when Reese did but then we fell back asleep. So I ended up waking up later than I wanted. I got a few things done around the house and eventually, we got out to my outdoor mall. I needed a few things and Reese needed some more clothes.I always feel like we have enough and then suddenly we don't.  H&M has some really cute stuff for affordable prices so I grabbed a couple of things.

That afternoon I went over to my parent's house. My sister had her daughter were playing in their little pool. I just ordered a swimsuit for Reese that morning so I swung in at Target to get a reusable swimming diaper. She didn't love it at first, it was kind of cold, but after a few minutes she warmed up and enjoyed herself with her cousin.

Sunday I literally did nothing, ha! I woke up and by 8:00 AM or so the sky got dark like it was night and then turned green. Then all of sudden an obscene amount of hail. It was crazy! I was nervous that there might be a tornado brewing so I moved us all downstairs. Thankfully it was not a tornado but the lights flickered and after some time it passed.  I also gave her a bath and snapped this super cute picture of her in the fox towel. Later that day D came home and all was right in the world. 

Recently I went to try a few new beauty products. I have been pretty loyal to my skin care routine for years, but I am always willing to try something new if it might work better. Nip+Fab has some cleansers and exfoliators that looked interesting.

I don't know about you but my skin is weird. Somehow it can be oily and really dry in places. Every so often I need a good exfoliant. I mean a good one. Not one that is all gentle and delicate, like a sandpaper one, ha. I was really happy with this. I could tell right away this would be great for me. It defintely had the right amount of grit to wash away dead skin without drying me out. I was really pleased with this option and will work this into my regular rotation.

When I saw this I was so excited! I have pitifully thin lips. I mean pitiful. I basically overdraw my lips every day so they look like human lips and not as Tina Fey said "thin, lizard lips." So imagine my disappointment when literally nothing happened. Maybe I didn't do it right or try it long enough but I didn't notice a difference. It is basically a glorified gloss. It supposed to give a chilling, plumping sensation but I didn't notice that either. Back to the drawing board!

My skin has been oddly oily lately so I figured it couldn't hurt to try something new. This mix boasts reducing fine lines while retexturizing and moisturizing the skin. It has the warning to make sure to wear sunscreen with this and I can tell why. It seemed to make my skin a little more sensitive than normal. This mixture was very watery, which I was not as big of a fan of. I didn't really notice it make changes in my fine lines but I did feel moisturized. I am not ready to ditch my regular cleanser for this one, but it is nice to mix into my routine every once in a while. 

Have you ever tried these products? If so, what did you think? Leave me a comment below!

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