Wednesday Round Up: Memorial Day + Swing Dresses

Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the delay in the post but with Monday being a holiday it was too hard to get a post up and running.  I am trying to get my bearings again being back to work full time and working my part time job. I also want to make sure I am getting quality face time with my daughter and I have not quite figured out all this balance yet. I am working on it and appreciate all of your patience.

Friday after work we headed up to my in-laws cabin. It was Reese's first time up there and would be her first time in a boat. We were a packed truck with the two pups and baby in the back but she did pretty good. It took a while to get up there so it was night by the time we were there. Saturday we woke up and the weather was beautiful. Pretty warm and sunny. On the boat, it was a little chilly with the wind but when the sun came out it was gorgeous. To my surprise, Reese did amazing on the boat. She basically slept the whole time. She also had her life preserver on and it made her lay all stiff. It was kind of funny/adorable. 

On Sunday we initially intended to stay through Monday. However, overnight Reese was demonstrating cold symptoms and so was D. The weather took a turn for the crummy so we headed home. That night we just rented a movie and chilled. We rented Split which was fantastic! Sunday was also Reese's three month birthday so picture time!

Monday for the holiday I had to do some of my part time work, but we had planned to see a movie with friends. We finally got out to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and it did not disappoint.  Not as good as the first, but still pretty good. Not much else happened that day and we just enjoyed the day off.

The weather is finally looking like it is going to turn around and at least stay warm. I bought this dress over Mother's Day weekend at a local boutique that I have passed a million times and never gone inside. It is a dress style I have been looking for forever. I am obsessed with the cross front trend and had not pulled the trigger until this dress. I am still not totally confident with my post-baby body so this swing silhouette is perfect right now. It also has pockets. Isn't everything better with pockets? For work, I paired it with this jean jacket that is a summertime staple for me. Add a little block heel and I am good to go. If I wore this on a weekend I might pair it with a sandal instead and more delicate jewelry. For work, I like a more statement piece.  Easy, breezy!

Dress| Local Motion (similar / similar)
Denim Jacket| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Shoes| Charming Charlie's (similar / similar)
Earrings| AdornMonde
Purse| Tribe Alive

What do you think of this look? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Shopping My Closet

Life Update + #H54F

Hello, everyone, I'm back! I am sorry for such a delay in posts but things have been pretty busy around here in the last two weeks. Thank you for being so patient and for those who still followed along on my Instagram. So what better of a day to come back but H54F to explain it all! Here goes:

So last weekend my sister got married. Eek! My baby sister is officially an old married lady. All week I prepped by cleaning the house as two of my cousins were coming in to stay with us. It took forever to clean in between taking care of Reese, but I did it. Whew. I did get a bit of a break on Tuesday to go get my nails done. It was so relaxing and waaaay overdue. Next step is to get a massage. I am hopig that happens soon.

Saturday was the actual big day. Unfortunately, it rained all day and they had planned an outdoor wedding. Fortunately, we knew it was coming so they re-tooled the whole thing to be indoors. It was really a beautiful day and super surreal to see her get married. D was in the wedding too so we snapped a little family photo. 

They are super nerdy so each table was named after a nerdy/comic book city. My parent's table as the Dr. Who Tardis and my dad contributed his Tardis piggy bank.

Me and the bride

Woot cousin!!!

First dance

I am officially back at work as of this Monday. I was sad to leave Reese, but honestly I am so happy to be back. My work is hard but I love it. My co-workers were happy to see me and that felt great too. It was such a busy week catching up with kids and three months of paperwork. I will eventually get caught up

Ok so this was hard this week. Last weekend I didn't do any of this work and this weekend we are going out of town so I had to get 15 hours in in four days. It was rough. I like doing this but 15 hours is super hard, especially this week. Being back at my regular job and doing this mean I had very little time with Reese and D had to do most of the caretaking. I am looking forward to this weekend at the cabin to get some more time with her. 

Ok so I got these shoes finally. Got them on a great deal about $40 cheaper. I will get more details up later on the blog.

I forgot that forever ago I had a credit towards Vici. The items there tend to fit small so I wanted to wait until I kind of got my body back before I bought anything. I had been eyeing this jumpsuit for some time and finally pulled the trigger. I love a jumpsuit and will never stop loving a jumpsuit. This is navy, which is one of my favorite colors. It has the wide leg, midi cut that I totally live for and it is super flattering. I love the little cut out in the back and this is basically the only strapless that looks good on me. There is nothing I don't love about this. I knew this would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner for the wedding. It was a little chilly so I through on this cardigan which was just enough. I blinged it up with this necklace from Apricot Lane, which is on major repeat. I also wore my go-to block heel that literally goes with everything. I loved this look so much I wore it to my first day back at work, but I paired with a denim jacket instead. I feel fantastic in this it will probably be my summer uniform. 

Jumpsuit| Vici
Necklace| Apricot Lane
Cardigan| Target
Bracelet| Target
Shoes| Charming Charlie's (similar / similar)

What do you think? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Monday Round Up: Mother's Day Shorting

Happy Monday party people! Welcome to my last week of maternity leave. So weird that this is the end. It is going to be a really busy week around here as my sister is getting married this coming Saturday. Lots to do so I might be a little absent blog-wise this week, but be sure to follow along on instagram for updates!

This weekend was pretty busy, but I will keep it short and sweet. Friday my mom and I went up to Duluth to visit my cousin and her new baby. It was so fun to see her as a mom and her baby boy was so adorable. Of course, I brought Reese with me and we snapped a few pictures for our babies' first meeting. It was great to see her and reminded me that D and I need to get up there together to show Reese around. Duluth is where we met so it is pretty important to us.

On Saturday I had a few things to take care of. We have out of town guests coming for my sister's wedding so I did a bit of cleaning, some laundry and worked out. That night I went over to dinner at my parent's house. My sisters were both there and my niece. It is always fun to be there, my parent's house always feels like home.

Sunday was the big Mother's Day, my first anyway. D was out of town for fishing opener so I went to brunch with my mom and sisters in Uptown, Minneapolis. The weather was gorgeous! Super warm and sunny. I had my hair down but eventually had to put it up because it was too hot. We really had a great day shopping and drinking mimosas. What more could a mother want?

We got free champagne at The Libertine!

On Sunday I had to dress cool because of the weather. I forgot that I bought these scalloped shorts on major sale a while ago. I absolutely love them. They are so comfortable and the perfect length. Plus they are lightweight so it is great for a hot day. I paired it with this white top I got forever ago from Gap. It is such an easy throw on piece and goes with everything. For brunch I had on this basic cardi but it came off pretty quick while we were walking around. Also as a mom, a crossbody is a must! I need my hands free at all times and this is the only way to guarantee that my bag doesn't fall on the ground. Such a simple look but still chic at the same time!

Top| Gap 
Caridgan| Target (similar / similar)
Shorts| Madewell ($19.99 final sale!)
Necklace| Uncommon James
Sandals| Target (similar / similar)
Bag| Tribe Alive (similar)

What do you think? How was your weekend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Not Today + #H54F

Happy Friday party people! Hope you all had a great week like I did. The weather was basically gorgeous with the exception of a few afternoons and I am loving it! I need the sunshine in my life desperately! Lots of things are coming up so let's get to it!

This is my last Friday of maternity leave. It feels very strange. I have been away from work since February 23rd. In some ways I am so ready to go back to work. I truly love what I do, even when it is super stressful. The other part of me thinks it will be weird to be away from Reese all day and I am a little nervous about how she will do at daycare. I know these people are trained to do this so I am not worried about that. I wish I could write all her nuances down and just give it to them so they know to make the transition easier for her. She is very particular, although I am sure most parents feel that way and I am just being crazy. Although next Friday is not her first daycare day, I will be working from home that day, so I have a few more days to mentally adjust.

If you saw my last post you know I got a second part time job. This week was my first week doing it for the full amount of time. I feel I am getting the hang of it this week. Still a few bumps in the road, but I am really liking it. Not sure how I will get it all done when I go back to my full time job too, but I like to stay busy so I am sure I can make it work.

I realize now I hardly took pictures this week. This is basically the only picture I took this week. On Tuesday it was plenty warm enough to wear shorts. SHORTS! For the first time. I forgot I bought these Madewell shorts on major sale and am obsessed with them now. I might wear them for Mother's Day brunch so stay tuned on Monday for details!

Ok so next week is cray cray busy (do people still say that?). My sister is getting married on May 20th (yay!) I start work again on Friday and one of my favorite people on planet Earth is coming to stay for the wedding. There is lots to do so I might not get too many posts up next week. But follow along on IG (@mymonochromaticlife) for all the fun!

Ok so I do some very part time work with local boutique Apricot Lane, and it's basically part work part shopping. I saw this tee shirt in one of their posts and I knew I had to have it. "Not Today Satan" has the perfect level of snark for me. Based on the brand's other tees it might not be intended to be snarky, but it is for me because that's how I read it.  You ever wear something and everywhere you go people ask where you got it? That's this shirt. The tee I think might be sold out but now it comes in a sleeveless tank. The distressed details at the top are everything. Although when Reese pulls on it, (cause ya know, why not?) I look a little more like I got attacked by a wolf. #momlife. I kept it simple with my favorite black distressed jeans, black cardi and the best peep toe booties of all time. A few delicate jewels (feel free to layer up these babies) and I am ready long day of errands or happy hour with friends!

Top| Apricot Lane
Sweater| Gap (similar / similar)
Jeans| Express (similar / similar)
Shoes| DSW
Necklace| Target (similar / similar)

What do you think? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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