NYE Rocksbox

NYE is one day away and my outfit is mainly planned. Is yours? It's the one time a year you can basically dress like a disco ball and it's totally cool with everyone. I happen to think that includes jewelry as well. On most days I follow the Coco Chanel rule of look at yourself in the mirror and take one item off, but not on NYE. I wear all the accessories :)  That's where my handy dandy Rocksbox comes in. This month I had the holidays on my mind and I got some great pieces to match. Wanna see?

Stitch Fix December Style

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This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer here.

Happy Friday! It has been a real long week around here. Busy with work and every day closer to Christmas the motivation decreases for other things, right? In that spirit, I thought today would be a great day to post one of my favorites. I love sharing my Stitch Fix finds with you all. Getting my Fix each month always feels like Christmas anyway. 

Technicolor Dream Cardigan

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I have been obsessed with Target's clothes lately. They are so on point with their style for both winter and holiday time. It's darn near impossible to walk through and not walk home with something. I think by the end of December I'll just own the whole store. Am I alone?

Gift guide: Steal vs. Splurge

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The first week of December in the books. Are you all shopped out yet? We did a fair amount of our shopping on cyber Monday, but still have some odds and ends to pick up before Christmas. With all the gift guides floating around I wanted to add something different to the pile.

Cyber Monday Sales

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Happy Cyber Monday! Today is a big shopping day for us., we do most of our shopping today so we don't have to leave the house ;) We get a lot of amazing deals and more bang for our buck. I rounded up a few of my favorite deals for you all. Happy Shopping!

Target various deals site wide (up to 50% off , 30% off decor and rugs, 30% off clothing)

Amazon is definitely what I'll be watching too. So many deals all over the place!

Loft always has great deals. I buy either stuff for me, my mom or MIL here without fail each year

Nordstrom is also up to 50% off. Also you get $25 if you spend $125, $50 if you spend $250, $100 if you spend $400

Sephora up to 50% off select products

Ulta a variety of sales. Also you can get a $20 ereward gift card with a $100 purchase and $10 off any qualifying purchase of $50 with code CYBERMON19

Abercrombie 40% off everything

Madewell has 30% off and an extra 10% with code YAYINTERNET

Lulu's 40% off and buy 4 get 1 free

Athleta 20% off with code LAYERUP

Gap 50% off with code GAPCYBER and an extra 10% off with GOBIG

Old Navy 50% off and other great steals

Goodnight Macaroon 30% off of everything

Red dress boutique 25% off site wide

Macy's various deals site-wide, but an extra 10-20% with code CYBER

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Rocksbox November Edition

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Happy Monday people! Welcome to Thanksgiving week. I am so excited we're finally. It feels really late this year and I am itching to eat my fill of turkey. We're hosting this year so we will be very busy in the next couple of days but it will be all worth it. In the meantime, I wanted to show you my newest Rocksbox just in time for the holiday!

Casual Thanksgiving Cardigan

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Happy Friday! This has been another long week. Nothing, in particular, happened, just one of those weeks. It could be that this week should be Thanksgiving and it's not. Thanksgiving is so late this year, right? I.am.ready for it! I wanted to pull together a casual look that would be great for some football watching, turkey eating good time!

Iceland Date Night

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Annnnnd it's Monday! I am trying to get back on a somewhat regular posting scheduling so this is the start of that. I have grand intentions of getting an Iceland itinerary post up and our recommendations. It will happen but first, fashion. Of the three-night looks this is one of my favorites. I bought this look at a local place for our nicer dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

Stitch Fix: Winter

Happy Friday! Woof, I am ready for this weekend. Winter really showed up at our doorstep this week. We got a little snow and temperatures dropped. Looks like the forecast is warming up a bit so hopefully we won't be in the deep freeze just yet. 

So I actually got this Fix a few weeks ago right before my Iceland trip. I brought some of these pieces with me in anticipation of my vacation. I got some really great pieces so let's do this!

Steal vs Splurge: Boots Edition

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Happy Monday! Whew! It was a busy weekend. I was a hunting widow (weekend 1 of 2) so I had my hands full. Needless to say, photos didn't happen. I was, however, at Target no fewer than two times in three days. That's a lot even for me. I saw these boots there that reminded me of the Marc Fisher ones that are going around. It had me thinking I haven't done a steal vs splurge post in a while so voila! Here we are :)

Home Tour: Master Bedroom

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Happy hump day! Hope this week has been treating you well. I thought it would be a good time to show you the last piece on my house tour. My favorite part, if I must admit, our bedroom. Our last home had the smallest bedroom ever. We had a king bed, which was probably a mistake as it was too big for the space. We bought furniture that didn't fit and eventually took out part of a bedroom for our closet. I was so excited to get a bigger space and some new pieces.

Iceland Jumpsuit

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Happy Monday! I am not ready for this daylight savings Monday, are you? I still feel like I am recovering. I thought I would cushion this Monday by showing one of my favorite looks from my Iceland trip. I still want to put together a trip itinerary post so I'll keep that part brief today, but this jumpsuit though...

Rocksbox October Style

Happy Monday! What's a better way to have a Monday than with some new jewelry? Or at least numb the idea of a Monday ;) I am comin' at ya with my newest set and it's pretty good. This time around I had my Iceland trip on the brain. I wanted a few fun pieces to wear when we went out to dinner. I had some outfits already picked out so I swapped a couple of pieces to match.

Roaming in Reykjavik

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I'm back! We spent several days in Iceland for a whirlwind anniversary trip and it was beautiful and wonderful. One of the best places I have ever been. If you haven't already gone, plan a trip. If you have already gone, go again. I have plans to do a full itinerary post and recommendations, but that is going to take a while to put together. In the meantime I wanted to start to show you some of my looks I planned. Truthfully I spent most of the time in leggings and sweatshirts but I did get dressed up for night. I'll be showing all of it to you all so sit tight as I start with this one.

Home Tour: Kitchen

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Welcome to my home! I've already shown you my cozy living room  space that we put together. Today I wanted to show you probably the most popular room in any house: the kitchen. No matter where the party is supposed to be you always end up in the kitchen, so it had to be good.

Stitch Fix Fall: Iceland Prep

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Happy Fix Day! I love getting Stitch Fix. I started getting one a month because I no longer pay a monthly fee per box. I don't always buy a bunch of the pieces but I always find something I love. For this Fix I told my stylist that I was going to Iceland this month (T minus 8 days!)  so she sent a bunch of great options!

Home Tour: Living Room

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Photo Cred: Katzie and Ben

Welcome to my home! Back at the end of June we said goodbye to our first home and hello to our forever home. Our first home was good to us, but it was time for one that fit our new life better. We looked for a long time until settling on this one. So many factors to consider this time around that we didn't have to last time. This time we built, which was both fun and also stressful. On the positive side it turned out great and we are so happy.

Rock n' Roll Tee

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So is anyone sick of a band tee yet? Cause I'm not. I am glad to say the graphic band tee trend is here to stay! There are so many options now it's so hard to choose. There are a million ways to style it so I wanted to show something a little different.

Rocksbox for Thunderstorms

It's always a good day for a Rocksbox! I really can't rave enough about this box. I love that I get new pieces to freshen up the collection each month and I can try out a few things to decide if I need them (spoiler alert: I usually do) This time around I was feeling an edgier vibe. I exercised my option to trade out a few pieces for some funkier ones.

Loft Flash Sale

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Who doesn't love a good sale to start off your week. I was perusing my favorite places last night and came across a Loft flash sale. Bless them, I needed a good sale to cope with knowing Monday was around the corner. The sale is only good until 11:59 AM today so shop it quick! 50% off on sale items and fall favorites. I picked through some of my favorites.

Stitch Fix September

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Whoo hoo it's Friday! I am ready for the weekend. The weather has been pretty gloomy lately and made for one long week. Unfortunately, the weekend doesn't look much better, but maybe it calls for some cozy movie nights. 

I also thought it might be time for another ol' reliable Stitch Fix post. I got this a few weeks ago thinking ahead to fall and got some great pieces! Let's dive in.

A denim jacket is a closet staple. Everyone needs one hands down. My favorite one I got in a Fix years ago. This one was definitely comfortable and soft. Think cardigan but denim. A really great option if you are looking for one. Unfortunately I am still on the hunt for a good boyfriend fit jacket so this one went back. I debated ordering a bigger size but it's more fitted for a woman's figure, which just isn't what I need.

I must admit this one I was on the fence about. My stylist knows me well and told me to give it a chance. The positive is it fit really great. For me the downside is it just isn't my style. I don't love a hi-lo cut and the pattern is little more boho than my personal style. That said, if boho is your thing this would be great for you!

This I loved the instant I saw it. Blue is  my favorite color, has been forever. Oddly enough though, I don't have any blue like this in my closet. It's always nice to add something different. French Connection is such a great brand. I love their classic vibe with an edge and this is no different. This textured material is like a thicker waffle knit. It's a little cropped too so great for a high waisted jean. It's not meant to be off the shoulder but it wants to sit like that for some reason. A big win!

(same / same)

This one I relly debated on for a bit. I wasn't initially sure I would like it. I tried it on and kind of liked it. I debated for a while before inevtiabley deciding it wasn't for me. The pattern isn't 100% my style, although I didn't mind the silhouette. I linked up a few similar options I did like.

This was the other win piece for me. I loved this the second I saw it. It has everything I love, grey? Stripes? Yes, please. I love the balloon sleeve too, but a more fitted silhouette. I have a couple of balloon sleeve tops but they were loose. I like the contrast of the dramatic sleeve on this one. A keeper

Which is your favorite?

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Casual in my Converse

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Hey all! So guess who finally jumped on the Converse train? This girl! I know, I know not exactly ground breaking stuff but I had to share it. I have wanted a pair for a while and honestly wasn't sure if I could pull it off. There is a casual-coolness about them that I wasn't sure I possessed. I didn't want to look like a poser. I realized though that I like to play around a lot with fashion and try on many looks, so who cares? Here I am!

Wedding Style Jumpsuit

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Happy September! It's been a crazy busy weekend. My aunt got married this weekend, we had family come in from out of town and some stayed with us. It's always good to be with family and we got to do a lot with them. Introduced them to the Minnesota State Fair , showed them our new house and bonded over Parks and Rec. A good way to spend the last weekend of summer.

We have been waiting for this wedding to come for a long time. So I have had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to wear. I was looking everywhere and I came across this jumpsuit. First, I thought I was being pretty original wearing a jumpsuit. Turns out both my sisters and a cousin wore one too so there goes that, ;) Second, this just felt like an homage to what she wore at my wedding. She wore a red dress with a rosette, gorgeous dress. This tangerine with a ruffle reminded me of her dress immediately. I knew I had to have it. Plus a jumpsuit at a summer wedding felt a lot more comfortable than a restricting dress.  Good for dancing too, albeit I am not a the greatest dancer I have a good time. Plus,my daughter was a flower girl so I knew I would be chasing her around. It was a good idea as she didn't do one thing I said all day, le sigh. I am not someone who typically wears such a bright color, so when I do I try to keep it fairly neutral elsewhere. My jewelry was all Rocksbox. I picked a few items I knew would be perfect for this. I opted for all rose gold, because obviously. I decided on an earring versus a necklace because of the neckline and put my hair up. I kept the shoe neutral because the jumpsuit is the star. I linked up the exact jumpsuit and some similar options for shoes.

Jumpsuit| Selfie Leslie
Heels| Chinese Laundry (similar / similar)
Earrings + Necklace| Rocksbox (use code mymonochromaticlifexoxo for first month free)
Lip| Sephora
Eyes| Too faced 

Rainbow Bright

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It's that time of year, earlier than I thought. The time where you need a sweater in the morning but by the afternoon it's too hot. This usually happens in early fall and late spring. Layers are a necessity or lightweight long sleeves. It's hard t find something that is both warm enough for this time of year but isn't super dark and fall-like. 

Enter this sweatshirt. On one of my many many weekly Target trips, this caught my eye. I mean, it is quite colorful. More so than I typically go for, but the washed our rainbow had a very 70s vibe that I am very into right now. Then I saw this little felt heart detail and thought it was too cute. I was hesitant at first to buy another sweatshirt, but it's super lightweight. Like one of those sweatshirts, you would find in a beach town. I wore it this Sunday when it was chilly and it was perfect. Warm enough for a windy day, but not too thick for when the sun comes out. I will also say I sized up to a medium because it's junior sizing.  I do like a rainbow vibe for summertime. I could also see this with some cutoffs and a ball cap for a boat day too. For running errands, I paired it with some high waisted jeans and kept the summer vibe going with these sandals. I picked the rose gold to be as colorful as the sweatshirt. Kept minimal accessories as well for a casual feel. 

What do you think?

Top| Target
Jeans| Nordstrom (similar / similar)
Shoes| Macys (similar / similar)
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Fall Shoes with Target

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Happy Monday! I know it's been quiet around here, but it's only because my life has been crazy busy.  Lots going on this week that has been taking up my time. I am going to try and get back into it, starting with this post. As much as I hate to say it,  I am excited for Fall. I don't want to wish away summertime but I do love Fall. Let's not talk about what happens after Fall, just enjoy the moment shall we? Fall is all in the stores at this point. On my multiple weekly visits at Target I have noticed that their shoe game is strong this season. One of my friends got some cute mule slides and I thought I would do a little round up!