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All right, people it's serious go time! We are four days out from Christmas Eve and the last few days of shopping are available. Are you ready?

We are past the point of shipping now, so anything you grab has to be in the store. I wanted to put a list of in-store items that you can grab last minute. I also wanted to make sure it wasn't just clothes. I mean, that's all I ever want but not everybody does. I included a variety of clothes, beauty, and home items that would be good for so many people on your Christmas list. I think I am most excited about some of the home pieces. Look at this cute Yeti coffee mug? I love a good coffee cup but I drink slow and my coffee always gets cold. This would be a great solution. I'm also super obsessed with these boots. If I didn't just get some black ones these would be in my closet. I love the western vibe. The Huda palette is so beautiful too, I don't own any Huda products but I have heard nothing but good things. 

What do you think? What will you pick up? 

Happy Holidays!

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