Happy Friday! Welp, it has been another crazy week around here and thankful for another fun weekend. We have a few things planned and some relax time, so hallelujah! I hope you all had a good week. Since I had such a busy week not a lot happened so I thought what a great time to review my most recent Stitch Fix. 

You may be saying "wait, you just had one" or you may be saying "what are you talking about?" or "I'm new here and if she keeps predicting my thoughts I'm going to stop reading." Rest assured, I won't do that anymore, but for those of you who have been here before I did recently have one but I wanted to get one more in for fall. It was a pretty good one so let' s dig in.

I really needed a new bag for work. I had this one really big tote, but it only had the small handles. This just made it difficult to carry a lot of stuff or when I pick Reese up from daycare. I had another bag but it was too small. This feels a bit like the answer to the Goldilocks story that this one was just right. Definitely big enough to hold everything I need to carry and has a long strap so I can wear it as a crossbody. This one comes with a small bag inside too, so when I go to the store after work I don't have to carry the whole thing with me. It's perfect.

I was most excited about this item. I am trying to add to my collection of cardigans. Last winter I only had one beige one and although great, does not go with everything.  This is the second cardigan from Stitch Fix that fits like a dream. This is a little thicker and the leather detail on the cuffs is fantastic. I love the edge it adds to this. Plus and olive green? Yes please. Perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Another thing I am working to add to my closet are more professional pants. I really liked the ankle cut of these so I can wear them in all seasons. The zipper pocket is also a more edgy look while keepin' it professional. This size is a little big, but I worried that the next size down would be too small so I kept it. The fabric is also incredibly soft so it is great for any tasks I have that day.

This is a fun little number. It's thinner in terms of fabric, but I think that makes it actually look a little more professional than I would have originally thought. The front is a thin sweater material and the floral is a light polyester. Perfect for this time of year when the mornings are cold and the afternoons are warm. I also just love the color choice on this, very cool colors so just up my alley.


Last but certainly not least, is this sweater. I am a real sucker for anything that has a thumbhole. I love when the cuffs of my sweater come over my hands, always have. Just so cozy! I also have freakishly long arms (ask anyone in my family) so it may be me overcompensating for that. Who knows? This is a thicker sweater material, almost a bit of the waffle type but softer. An easy sweater for jeans or pants to get me though fall and winter.

There you have it! What was your favorite?

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