Leopard Can Change Her Mind

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. The weather here has officially turned for winter and it appears as if there is no going back. Most people I have seen have their Christmas trees up already. I am not about that life yet. In my mind, Christmas decor is saved for after Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and I won't rush it away, ha!

This weekend we got our first real snowfall and a few blogger gals and I attempted to go to this Christmas market. It was packed! It took forever to get in and then it was just too crowded. So we traveled to a nearby park where we took some photos before we completely froze our tails off. The things we do for picture...

I am late to the party on the leopard trend. I didn't really love it at all at first. Then I thought I would be open to a shoe or a bag. Now, I want to wear it from head to toe. Well not exactly head to toe, but pretty close. When I saw this sweater from Target I knew it was the perfect leopard print to start. A simple silhouette but with the warm leopard print. It is part of the A New Day line so it can easily be worn with a black pant for work and transitioned to some edgy jeans for weekends. For a more casual weekend look I paired it with these furry mules from Target also. I got these last year but they are in stores again. They are so comfortable and a great Gucci dupe. I wore them constantly last year, it's like a slipper you can wear in public. I will say for the sweater I sized up to a medium. The model wears it a little loose and that's how I wanted it too, also for the length in the sleeves and waist. Just a heads up. 

Sweater| Target
Jeans| Madewell (similar/ similar)
Shoes| Target

How do you feel about leopard? How do you wear this trend?

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Affordable Work Wear

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Workwear is always something that is evolving for me. I like, in general, to keep my work wear and leisure wear separate. Dressing the part helps me focus at work and get in the right mindset. That said, I don't have a never-ending budget. Budget-friendly styles are important and can be mixed and matched with old favorites.

Midi Sweater Dress

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and adjusted to the time change. I have to admit, Daylight Savings really threw Reese and I for a loop. She has a fairly rigid schedule, that she has established mind you, and when it gets off it's never good. She woke up a little late so I tried to accommodate the schedule by slightly moving things around. No dice. It was a rough day. Anyone else struggle with the time change?

My First Facial Ever

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Maybe this is crazy but I literally have never had a facial in my life before. I know this seems strange, but I rarely go to the spa or get my nails done. It's only ever been a 'treat' for me. With winter around the corner and my skin becoming drier with each morning frost, I decided it was time for a change.

Lat Minute Costume Ideas

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Rosie: Top / Jeans / Handkercheif / Boots
Black Cat: Ears / Top / Stoll / Leggings / Boots
Audrey Hepburn: Pearls / Tiara / Dress / Shoes 

Happy Halloween! This is one of my absolute favorite holidays! We have been having parties with friends since my freshmen year of college. They aren't as rowdy as they once were, but we still have a great time.