Monday Round Up: Austin City Limits

Happy Monday! Well I had super fun long weekend and I am not ready for this work week to start. I want one more day. The worst part of vacation is coming home and having to work the next day. In an ideal world, I would have one more day off to adjust. I am not the only one that thinks this, right? Too much fun needs another day to adjust to reality.

Today I wanted to take you through our trip to Austin and all the fun places we went so get ready it's going to be a picture heavy post.Also, to clarify we did not see the Austin City Limits festival I just thought it would be a fun play on words that we went to Austin and drove all around the limits ;)

November Stitch Fix + #H54F Link Ups

Happy Friday party people! This week I am coming to you from Austin, TX where I am with some friends celebrating an annual dinner we started a few years ago. I will share more about that on Monday, but it goes without saying I will keep this post short as a result. BUT be sure to follow along on my instagram for all the weekend adventures on @mymonochromaticlife

Baby with Baggallini

If you saw my post on Monday post you saw how I styled  my Baggallini for work. Guess what else? For all y'all mommas (and poppas, any men reading this?) they got your back too. I knew I wanted a backpack diaper bag for multple reasons. One, because I wanted to be more handsfree. Two, I wanted something that D would not be embarrassed to carry around. Also me because I am not into frou frou bags. I really love this bag. The side bottle pockets extend so I could easily put a watter bottle in there too. The inside is actually surprisingly big. I can stick a huge thing of formula in there, toys, extra clothes, etc with ease. The front pocket is for diapers and wipes. It does have some organizational pockets, which I love. I think what I most appreciate is that this looks like a regular backpack. I mean, if there were not bottes on the side you would never know. Anytime you can make baby accessories that don't look like baby accessories, I'm down. 

c/o Bagalini | Ready to run diaper bag
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Shopping My Closet

Monday Round Up: Holiday Concerts + Work Chic with Baggallini

Happy Monday all! Who has the Monday blues? This girl. I am not down for it today. I cannot explain it, just not about it. Maybe because I had a good weekend, maybe because it's officially the holiday season that I don't feel like working. I'm just going to say it.

Ok rant over.

I did have a good weekend and I am ready to share a bit with you and what is helping me get through my work week.

Cyber Week + #H54F

Welcome to Friday! Hallelujah!! I am particularly excited this Friday because I get to work from home today. Holla! It has been a bit of a busy week transitioning into the holidays and we are going out of town next week so I am trying to get a few things done this week before that. I also won't lie I had a whole other post planned and then I realized I forgot something ::Head slap:: so I will get it fixed up for next week, scout's honor.