Rocksbox: Spring Edition

Hey all! I really debated posting this. I took these photos on our vacation in Florida and everything looks sunny and happy. Ultimately I decided we could all use a dose of sunshine right now and some levity. So let's talk fun jewelry shall we?

I thought it would be fun to highlight Rocksbox also because it's a great way to practice social distancing while also getting new gorgeous new finds. I love that they have some jewelry you can find in other stores, but so many of what comes in my box are items I can't find elsewhere, which is fun too.

Stitch Fix: Transitional Pieces

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Hey friends! So it's a bit of a changing world right now and trying to keep things a bit light. I've always been a bit of an online shopper anyway. I don't have the to just meander around a mall nor do I have the energy to try on a 100 things. It's one of the reasons I have loved Stitch Fix for so long and use them religiously. Some of my favorite pieces have been from here. With us all being forced shut ins I can think of no better time than this to share/encourage you to give it a try

One Piece Round Up

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer here.

It's T-minus 1.75 days until we go on our trip!! I am ready for some sun and relaxation. I haven't been on a spring break trip in a few years and I am so ready. It's also the first time we are taking Reese anywhere major with us. We've done some weekends at the cabin or Chicago to see family, but this is the first true family vacation. Wish us luck!

I picked up one new suit for the trip from American Eagle and I am in love. Since having Reese I have stuck high waists or one pieces, I just feel more comfortable. Thankfully they have become less matronly as well so they are fun to wear too. The problem is I am really tall and one pieces don't fit just right. Thank goodness they have a size in longs for us tall girls or girls with long torsos. 

I rounded up a few one pieces that I think were really cute and affordable. I have bought some from Target in the past with a lot of luck. My friend bought a suit from Cupshe so I got to see the quality and I was super impressed for the price. They have a fun variety of patterns and I'm pretty sure the striped one is the one my friend has. 

Which one is your favorite?

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