Happy Monday! Another week, another round up. My weekend was relatively low key so I'll keep it short. On Friday I watched my husband perform in his symphonic community band. It is run by his high school band director and he decided to join up a few months ago after their Christmas concert. It was so fun to watch him play. He was really excited about it and clearly enjoyed himself. It was also being held at my old high school so it was a little trippy to be back there after so much time. A few of our friends came with and we went out for drinks and appetizers after. On Saturday I relaxed mostly throughout the day but we had a game night at my friends house. We played all the fun, old games including Scattergories, Pictionary, Catchphrase and my favorite Cards Against Humanity (which isn't old but definitely fun). Sunday was mostly a relaxing day and most importantly  new episodes of Walking Dead :)

Probably the most exciting thing about my weekend is my new purchase arrived. Now I must confess that I first saw this bag on the Zipped blog's instagram page. But she did not blog directly about it so I thought I would share this with you all. Last year I bought the perfect bag from Kate Spade's Saturday collection. It was a great bag for me because it was big, but structured enough for work and also included and outside cell phone pocket, place for pens. Around this time last year I was preparing for a trip to Mexico with my friends and needed a carry on bag big enough for all my stuff. I was simultaneously looking for a work bag and this one fit the bill. I have been incredibly happy with this bag. I use it every day for work and stuff it to the gills with sweaters, make up, books, my glasses etc. So far it has been the most superior bag I have ever owned. At the same time, it will only last for so long so I need something to alternate it with. Enter the new love of my life.  I was not sure if I would love it at first because I am not typically a satchel kind of gal. I prefer more structured, clean lined types of purses and bags but this one suits my needs while also looking stylish. It's huge on the inside. The day I had my wallet, a big bottle of lotion, make up bag, glasses case and water bottle with room to spare. The major upshot to this bag as opposed to my other Saturday bag is that this has a zip top. I missed being able to close it and not have all my stuff exposed. This bag also comes in a smaller version, but I chose the large version because I need my space and everything is 40% off with the code EXTRA40.  The quality if the leather is pretty good, not as good as my Alexander Wang bag but really good nonetheless. Based on my previous purchase the material will last a long time. I also love the inside details and the key chain with Kate Spade's new XXXXXXO symbol.

IMG_2846 IMG_2848 IMG_2849  IMG_2851


Purse:Kate Spade Saturday, Freeform Satchel, $225 (Use the code EXTRA40 for 40% off!)

What do you think? It also comes in a few different colors and a smaller size. would you buy it? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.