Over the weekend I was cleaning out  my purse and I discovered some old Target gift cards from my birthday and I got really excited. I was itching to pick up some more casual and/or rocker wear and I remembered some cool tee shirts I saw at one of  my quad-weekly trips to Target.  Although, if you regularly read my blog you also know I am not one of the Real Housewives of Minneapolis, therefore I do not have unlimited funds.  So when I found those gifts cards I practically jumped for joy. Target has this new brand of tee shirt called Fifth Sun and they have a bunch of cute tees. I could not find a link to this exact shirt for some reason but they had a bunch when I was there. I also snacked this batwing style cardigan because I have been overusing my cream sweater these days and I needed some else in the rotation. It is not as rocker chick as I had intended, but what are ya gonna do? This spoke to me. It was also cheap and basically free due to the gift cards. Win-win! Happy Friday!

IMG_2838b IMG_2841bIMG_2840b

1)Tee shirt: Target, Fifth Sun Tee, $12.99 

2) Cardigan: Target, Cocoon Cardigan, $29.99

3) Jeans: Gap, Legging Jeans, $55.96

4) Shoes: Target, Ava Ankle Boots, $34.99

5) Necklaces: Minnesota Necklace, Primp, $16 / Stone Necklace, Wrenn Jewelry