Happy Monday! This past weekend flew by! Derek and I were basically busy from after work on Friday to Sunday afternoon. Some was errands and the rest was fun :) On Friday we had our friends over to brew some beer and watch the Glee finale. Well, my friend and I watched the Glee finale while the boys brewed. I have not watched Glee in a while but it was nice to see it wrap up so nicely. Saturday I got to the gym, we watched our nieces and nephew for a bit and then we went out with some friends. A month or so ago there was a groupon for Crooked Pint, a bar and restaurant in Minneapolis with some amazing juicy lucy's. We had been there as a group a few times before so when we saw the groupon it was a no brainer. A couple weeks ago I re-introduced Derek to an awesome bar in Northeast Minneapolis, Donny Dirk's Zombie Den. Derek thought it would be fun to get a drink or two there then head down for dinner, so we did. We got to Donny Dirk's early, around 6:15 PM, and it was pretty dead inside (pun intended.) That was fine though because it was more room for us and quicker service. Our waiter was awesome and even engaged in a bit of peer pressure to get my husband to try a new drink. The best part of Donny Dirk's is the juxtaposition between campy fun aesthetics and amazing craft cocktails. Seriously, some of the best drinks in town. Downside is they close at 11;00 PM but before they do their is a laser light show. Our friends enjoyed it so much that they wanted to go back after dinner at the Crooked Pint so we did :) Although I must say dinner was great. I had the new pepperoni lucy and was very satisfied. Here are a few pictures of the evening.

[caption width="300" id="attachment_768" align="aligncenter"]FullSizeRender Flaming drink at Donny Dirk's[/caption]

[caption width="400" id="attachment_769" align="aligncenter"]IMG_1769 Crooked Pint[/caption]

[caption width="400" id="attachment_770" align="aligncenter"]IMG_1770 Pepperoni Lucy[/caption]

[caption width="400" id="attachment_771" align="aligncenter"]IMG_1774 Donny Dirk's, one of the best places in Minneapolis[/caption]

On to the fun stuff: the outfit. On Thursday, one of my favorite boutiques Primrose Park was having a spring preview and sale. Naturally I had to be there. I gathered my best gal and we headed down. They have so  many great pieces it was hard to choose, but I settled on a pretty pink shirt and this skirt. It is not sequence but the material makes it look shiny and threaded with glittery material. I wanted to dress it down for where we were going so I paired it with my new favorite tee from Target, statement necklace and what has become my go-to boot for this past winter. What do you think of the look? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

IMG_2928b  IMG_2918bIMG_2938b

1) Tee Shirt: Target (similar, this shirt is in stores)

2) Skirt: Primrose Park boutique in Minneapolis (similar, similar)

3) Shoes: Target, Susan Heeled bootie, $37.99 (similar, similar)

4) Necklace: Primp boutique (similar, similar)