Happy Monday! Ready for another week? I am not sure I am but at least it is a short one. No work on Friday for the fourth of July for this girl. At least knowing it is a short week will help me get through it. I have to say I had a pretty decent weekend although it felt fast. I tried to relax as  much as I could because I have not gotten a lot of that lately so this round up will likely be short.

On Friday I did a whole lotta nothin'. After work I ran a bunch of errands in preparation for a friend's bachelorette party. I kind of hate running errands after work because all I want to do is go home, but I had little time so errands I ran! When I got home Derek was talking to an in-home security representative. We had wanted one for sometime anyway so we got on board. The tech came to install it around 10:00 PM. Now you  might say "that's crazy late!" and you, would be right it is crazy late. But I guess that's how it works. Now we have a security system and I am a happy gal.

Saturday somehow I still had errands to run. Le sigh. So I bought this jumpsuit to wear to the party but  I needed a few extra things. It was too short to wear the heels I planned so shoe shopping? Such a drag right? PSYCH! I managed to find basically the perfect shoes at DSW at the last minute. I also grabbed a delicate necklace from Charming Charlie's. See the picture below for more details. Saturday night was my friend's bachelorette party. We met up at one of her friends homes for drinks and a few fun games before heading out to Maynards. If you have never been there it is a huge mostly patio restaurant out on Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior. Lake Minnetonka is a huge lake in a affluent suburb of Minneapolis. It is basically a fun place where people park their boats and come up to eat and drink. I had never been there before but was looking forward to it. It was PACKED! Saturday was a gorgeous warm night and everyone wanted to take advantage of it. We managed to get a couple of tables and hung out all night until my husband and his friend picked us up. 

Sunday Derek and I wanted to hit up a cute donut shop for breakfast. We had been wanting to go for a while and finally had a free Sunday to do it. We drove down to Bogarts  in Uptown and then over to Dunn Bros for coffee. I have been hearing about Bogarts for a while and that they have new, unique flavors all the time. I was probably inappropriately excited for this. The only downside of this place is there is no place to sit :( So I grabbed my nutella filled donut and brown butter glazed donut and headed to Dunn Bros. Sunday was a beautiful morning and I rarely get to sit outside, stupid work. I ate the brown butter glaze donut in the sun and it was (get ready for my least favorite word) moist and sweet. You know how some donuts are too dry, or so moist that they crumble up in your hand? Not true of these. I could only eat one though because it was pretty sweet and and sugary, so I had save my other one. Thank you breakfast Monday! ;) The rest of Sunday I did what I wanted. I relaxed , took a nap and binge watched Parks and Rec. Perfect Sunday.

Onto the jumpsuit. I want to be clear at the outset, I am not a Kardashian fan. I happen to find them obnoxious and overrated. That being said the Kendall + Kylie collection for TopShop is pretty amazing. I have been coveting this jumpsuit for weeks but was unsure if I wanted to spend the money. When I thought of the bachelorette party I thought "what better place?" The hard part is apparently everyone else thought so too. It has been sold out in most of the sizes since I first discovered it. By some miracle, last week I found one in my size. It needed a few adjustments to fit right but I have a pretty amazing mother to help with that. I was intending to wear some heels in my closet but when I got the jumpsuit I realized the pants were too short. On Saturday I managed to find these awesome Bandolino shoes, who although are a kitten heel, are adorable. I paired it with this great delicate necklace from Charming Charlie's. They have a whole section now with layering necklaces so check it out. But I love this whole outfit, I need another excuse to wear this jumpsuit. Thoughts? 

Jumpsuit| Nordstrom  Sold out. similar / similar 
Shoes| Bandolino 
Necklace| Charming Charlie's
Watch| Marc Jacobs