Another Monday, another round up. I know I say this every week but I really had a fantastic weekend. This weekend I had  great balance of time with people and time with myself. Not to mention the fact that even though we had some spotty weather we managed to just narrowly escape from being rained on several times. High five for good timing! A lot happened this weekend so let's get to it shall we?

Friday night I was supposed to meet up with a friend for her birthday. Unfortunately she was not feeling well so that plan got squashed. Good news? Derek and I got to have an impromptu date night. We don't have get to spend quality time together. We are pretty busy with work, family and time with friends. What's that you say? Sounds like you are together all the time? Why yes, yes we are but it is not quality time. Every couple needs a little bit of time together outside of the house, away from others to be a couple. I saw a window for this on Friday and I took it. We headed out to our favorite neighborhood these days, northeast Minneapolis, in search of a good patio. We settled on Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge as it is reported they have one of the best patios in Minneapolis. I have been to Suzi's countless times but never on the patio. This lovingly tacky nordeast gem is a favorite amongst the locals. Despite being near a decade old it maintains a healthy amount of business. We had to wait at least 25-30 minutes for a seat. It did not disappoint. We got a fantastic seat on the river with a big stone wall and tiki man on top. We partook in their "word famous pizza" (says so on the menu so it has to be, right?) and adult beverages. When at Suzi's you really have to do at least one cocktail. They knock you on your butt and are delicious to boot. It was a gorgeous evening and we tried to soak it all in. After dinner we headed to our favorite spot, Donny Dirk's Zombie Den (also owned by the Suzi's people) for a night cap. We had our amazing drinks and headed home. Oh! My favorite bartendar talked me in to trying a moscow mule and it was delicious! 

On Saturday Derek was gone for the afternoon so I did a little "me" time. I hit the gym, ran some errands and cleaned the house in preparation for some guests that evening. I do not get a lot of alone time (and in all fairness I do not want a ton of it) but when I get it, it is rejuvenating for me. That night we went out for a friend's big 30th birthday. He wanted to do one of those pedal pubs around Northeast Minneapolis. I have done this twice before and had a blast. I have learned to pace the drinking as it is a bit of a work out. I was a little nervous that we would get rained on but we lucked out with no rain until we headed to dinner afterward. We had a full load (16 people) and it was tough work but we got it going pretty fast. We topped out at 10 mph, we clocked in one of those signs on the road. Even though it did not rain on us, the humidity was thick in the air. I decided to wear as light weight of clothes as I could , outfit details at the end of this post. After peddling we hit up Broadway Pizza for some dinner. I was starving by this point and ready to eat my own hand. Food was necessary. The pizza was delicious of course. The last stop of the night as our fav, Donny Dirk's Zombie Den. We turned our friends onto this place a couple of months ago. The best bartendar there makes the best vodka sours in Minneapolis. None of that bottled sour stuff, the real deal. Our buddy wanted at least one before we called it a night. We also got some birthday shots on the house :) We had a great time as it was both nice to celebrate a good friend and to get everyone together. It does not happen as often as I would like.

Tony Jaro's

Donny Dirk's

On Sunday it was Grand Old Days in St. Paul. If you are not from around here, Grand Old Days in St Paul's street festival on Grand Ave. There is food, shops and music. It is really fun and I try to make it every year if I can. I was born in St. Paul so I always feel sentimental for anything St. Paul. My older sister and I went with her little baby girl. We planned to watch a few bands and enjoy a beautiful day. Unfortunately, where each band plays is a beer garden so no kids of any age are allowed. So that was a bummer. We stood outside the gates and got to hear a few bands play which was at least something. It was crazy crowded, I figured because it was a gorgeous day, so we walked around and got some food. It was great to spend some time with my sister and adorable niece. My niece was a trooper as it was pretty hot outside and noisy. She was happy most of the day. She has the cutest smile and laugh ever and I got her to smile a bunch of times. It was an all around great way to spend a Sunday.

As you can see, my weekend was fantastic and I was all over the Twin Cities. It was a pretty warm weekend and I needed to dress accordingly. I bought these shorts from J. Crew Factory when they were on sale a couple of weeks ago. They were light weight, flattering and a great color for summer. So naturally I wore them all weekend. Even though it is a bright color it is pretty versatile with my existing wardrobe. On Saturday I paired it with this rock n'roll roses tank I got from Target. Side note: Target has been kicking butt with fashion this season. If you don't basically live there like I do, you need to. They also have a new line of layering jewelry that is just what the doctor ordered, I am wearing one of the necklaces here. Lastly I wore my Sperry boat shoes  because they are good for peddling and super comfortable. This was the best outfit I could have worn. I will likely buy these shorts in another color as well because I love them so much.  What do you think? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Top| Target
Shorts| J.Crew Factory 
Shoes| Sperry, old, similar 
Necklace| Target
Watch| Marc Jacobs