This is another one of those posts where I am all "who cares what the actual temperature is, I'm dressing for summer!" We had a couple of warmer days last week, but not even the good kind. It was warm and humid as it was leading up to a rainstorm. But I'll take the heat after 8 dreary months of sweaters, scarves and boots oh my! 

I will say that instagram is both a blessing and a curse. Case in point: this top. I follow many local boutiques that are avid instagram users. They do a fantastic job of using it to sell their wares because I am an impulse shopper and I see it, I want it. Primp Boutique is one of the best at it.  I saw this top and as quick as a flash I was out to pick it up! It's really light and great for summer and has an epic split in the back. For this look I paired it with my fav jeans but I could totally see it with a maxi skirt as well ( I was at Target this weekend and they have a big selection of them). I am trying to envision all my summer purchases as items I can wear to our trip to Fiji in September!! Yes, I am going to Fiji and no, I will not stop talking about it. I think this will be great both for summer and Fiji because it is light, breathable and flexible to mix and match with shorts, skirts and pants. 

Jeans| Gap
Shoes | Target
Sunglasses| Target
Necklace| H & M similar / similar