Happy Monday! Here we are again at the beginning of the week, as much as I don't like Mondays the round up is probably my favorite post of the week. I love sharing my weekend with you. I had been looking forward to this weekend for a while. I'll get to that but first, Friday.

This last month has traveled by in a blur. Typically at least 1 time per week we see some friends. It gets harder as we get older to find the time but we all try. This last month has been crazy busy with work, family commitments and plans. I had not seen some of  my friends in over a month. On Friday we had a night with no plans so we called some friends and made plans for dinner. They asked if we wanted to meet them at Red Cow. They have several locations throughout Minneapolis and are known for their burgers. Derek and I went there about a month ago for brunch and really enjoyed it .I was happy to go back and see if the burgers were as good as they say. Much to my excitement they were. I had the patty melt burger which consisted of caramelized onions and swiss cheese on rye bread. Everyone of us had a different type of burger and were all pleased. Another good point to note is they have a varied and quality beer selection. To boot the service was excellent and helpful. 

Afterwards my friend was in the mood for dancing and thought maybe dive bar would be a fun alternative. We headed out to Legends , which fit the bill. Definitely a dive bar, definitely a dance floor. The first hour or so we were there the music was legit awesome! Late 90s early 2000s R&B and pop. It was our jam. They literally played "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul. My friend could not contain herself and went out on the dancefloor alone. To her credit she can dance and I would have joined her but by then I was really tired and kind of not feeling well. But nevertheless we had a great time.

Told you, Paula.

Saturday was probably my favorite day. The weather was gorgeous, 60s and sunny. Unfortunately I spent most of the morning in the house cleaning, but it really needed doing. I hate the act of cleaning but nothing feels better than a tidy house, I am my mother's daughter. That night is what I have been waiting for. My dad and I saw the Alabama Shakes perform at the Cabooze about 2 years ago with their first album. They were fantastic! Seriously one of the best live shows ever. Their lead singer, Brittany Howard, has a powerhouse voice and can sing anything. So when they released a new album and were coming back to Minneapolis it was a no brainer we would go. They were performing at Hall's Island in Northeast Minneapolis. This is a new location, and by new I mean a grass spot on the river they can use for concert venues. I was a little nervous as a new venue there would be some kinks but surprisingly no. Father John Misty opened the show and he exceeded my expectations. His voice is really good and smooth and the music is great. He is a much more of a performer than I expected. He moves around the stage like Mick Jagger/Steven Tyler. His lyrics are not my cup of tea but at least he was interesting to watch.

Next up the main event: Alabama Shakes. We noticed a few things about them different this time around: 1) Brittany is a far superior guitar player than she was last time 2) One of the guitar players looks like he should be in a trucker movie 3) That they would kill a cover of Proud Mary (idea credit: my father). They were just as fantastic as I remembered. I love seeing a band when they sound just like they do on the album and they do. I appreciated that they played a good mix of their old hits and pieces from the new record. Although I enjoy the new record some of it is a little slow and probably not great in a live show. If you have an opportunity to see them live you absolutely should. She is an electric performer and singer. Afterwards we went out to my favorite bar Donny Dirk's Zombie Den and wrapped the night up at Betty Danger's Country Club. Northeast Minneapolis is probably my favorite place to hang out these days. 

Sunday was a more relaxed day. We went over to my sister-in-laws house to celebrate her daughter and son's birthdays. It is always fun being with the family and seeing the kids. They change so much in short period of time and it is fun to watch them grow and see their personalities show. Afterwards Derek and I came home and sat around for some much needed relaxation.

Now onto the interesting fashion part. I thought a lot about what to wear on Saturday. I definitely wanted to blend in with the crowd at the same time I knew the weather would be chilly. I kind of had Coachella in my mind and didn't wind up exactly how I wanted but I think it worked well enough. I picked up this shirt from American Eagle of all places when I was looking for jeans a few weeks ago. It is a bit cropped but not so much so that you would see my mid section and the back is open down the middle so if the wind was going it would open up. The nice thing is I could wear a strapless bra with it and not be shown through. I paired it with my absolute fav pair of blue jeans and sandals because we would be standing on grass all night. I through in a couple delicate necklaces from local shops Primp and Primrose Park. I prefer a dainty necklace in the summer as statements sometimes feel too heavy for the season. What do you think? How was your weekend?

Jeans| Gap
Shoes| Target
Necklace| St Paul, Primp/ Circles, Primrose Park
Bracelets| Primp