Monday Round Up: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Monday! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so having it during the week is a bit of a bummer, however we still throw a party every year. Getting ready for it basically took up our whole weekend so I am pretty exhausted today. 

Friday was a busy day. I worked a full day, hit the gym quick and then came home. I made dinner and then we had to run some really quick errands to Home Depot, At Home and Target. We must have looked crazy almost literally running through the store. When we got home the goal was to clean the house. The house was a mess and I did not want to clean up while they were still trudging through the house with construction stuff. D had to get the garage wired up for party the next day so I cleaned the inside myself. I wasn't as thorough as normal but the job got done. Nothing is better than a clean house.


Saturday we got up early, I squeezed in a quick workout then came home to set up. We made our favorite oreo balls, but made them look like ghosts an ghouls. We set up the garage with a bunch of decorations we have collected over the years. Honestly I am proud of us. We made the garage look good. Unfortunately I did not get any great pictures of the garage. 

We dressed our pups as a cheerleader and rufferee. They were so cute and so happy to have people over. Part way through the night Eva laid down. Just laid down in the middle of the garage because she was so tired. Poor thing.

D and I dressed up as Khal Drago and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones season 1. Since I announced my pregnancy I have been answering the "do you have a gender preference" question with "uhhh I don't know but I am really hoping for a dragon." Mostly because I think that question is ridiculous and deserves a ridiculous answer. When it came to picking costumes I thought who better than the Mother of Dragons to be this year. D worked perfectly as Drago with his beard and coloring and an idea was born. 

Sunday morning was a bit rough. We cleaned a little bit after the party so we were both pretty tired. I really wanted to do nothing all day and that's pretty much what I did. We ordered out for breakfast and I accidentally fell back asleep. I meant to help D with the rest of the takedown but he basically did it all while I was napping. We wrapped up the night cuddling with the pups on the couch. 

Today is officially Halloween. I can't wear my costume to work but I can still show my holiday spirit. For those of us late minute shoppers I pulled together a collection of shirts to show your spirit at work today. You can go to your friendly neighborhood Target, Hollister, Bloomingdale's or Old Navy to pick up one of these. Happy Haunting! 

halloween tees

halloween tees by mcainmoss featuring Wildfox

one / two / three
four / five / six

What do you think? How you like to pair your vest?

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Busy Weeks + #H54F Link Ups

TGIF am I right?! Seriously this week was so crazy busy so this post will be short and sweet. I planned to share my latest Stitch Fix but honestly just ran out of time. I will get it up next week though. I have a busy weekend ahead so be sure to follow along on my instagram (@mymonochromaticlife). I will be posting picture s and on my instastory.

Work this week has finally picked up. I am getting some referrals, which is great! It also makes life a little crazy during the day. Between work picking up and the truth that is pregnancy brain, it's some stress but I will adjust to it. I do truly prefer to be busy, the days go by faster and I feel more productive. In spite of the stress it is a win-win


The bathroom reno goes on. This week D finished the ceiling. He put up the remaining boards and put on another coat of paint. Then he caulked a few spots. We decide he should caulk around the entire ceiling, just made a cleaner look. It looks so good, I am so happy with it. Then we had some people put the tile in. We have been very lucky all throughout this renovation process to have people help us out and get us deals. This was one of those times. In five hours they were in and out. Seriously, it is is even better than I imagined. We only have one last thing which is to put in the linen closet! Almost done.

Did you see my post on Wednesday? I partnered with Berkshire Tights and shared  a few pairs I tried out. Fall= tights season so time to stock up ladies! Definitely found a couple winners so check it out!

This weekend we are having a Halloween party. We used to host it all the time but the last couple of years we didn't. This year we are back at it. A couple of years ago we bought a ton of decorations we barely have space to store them. We have a lot of set up to do tonight and tomorrow but I am excited to have one of my favorite holidays back at my house. We also have very fun costumes so stay tuned!


I have exciting news! I am pairing up with Sol-Inspirations to style two looks for their Innovations Fashion Show on November 13th. I will be styling looks from local thrift consignment boutique My Sister's Closet  and my sisters are going to be my models. The show is in Minneapolis and should be a great time. If you are around snag some tickets, it won't disappoint!

How was your week? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Berkshire Tights

With Fall in full swing and Winter right around the corner (Winter is coming for GOT fans) that means it is also tights season. It seems like every year I am buying at least 3-4 new pairs each season as they rip and run. I love wearing tights but I do not love fighting with them. Over the years I have opted for a thicker tight versus a thin nylon, they tend to be more durable and warm quite frankly. When I go to my friendly, neighborhood Target there aren't a lot of options. 

When I found out about Berkshire tights I was excited a true variety of options. Of the selection I decided to try three different pairs Luxe Tight, Shimmers Tight , and Sheer Tonal Backseam

Luxe Tight

Sheer Tonal Backseam

The first I tried wax the Luxe Tight. Of the three these are my favorite. I tight that feels, well, tight. I generally prefer a control top that provides a sense of security around my waistline. These had some additional lines of support around the underside of the rear area for a little extra support and shape. They were little more difficult to get on because of this feature but completely worth it once you did. I felt more shapely and confident all day in these. 

The second pair I tired was the Sheer Tonal Backseam. These were my least favorite of the three. Although they do have a control, which in my book is a must, they were the most particular of the three designs. I always liked the old fashioned tights with the line up the back. However, I could never figure out how to keep the line straight so I probably looked a little crazy all day. Also the only functional purpose for tights like this would be a more formal business attire or nicer occasion. Those are rarities in my life. The other downside is they are a thinner nylon so they already ripped. Hence why I prefer a thicker tight like the Luxe Tight.

Last but not least was the Shimmers Tight (not pictured). These were my second favorite. This style was the most true to a real tight. They are thicker and very opaque. I was not sure at first I would like them as they almost felt like a thin legging. I wore them with dress to work and became obsessed. They were super comfortable all day and warm. The mornings have been extra chilly so sometimes wearing a dress can be a bit of a testament to  my Minnesotan cold tolerance. I can easily pair these with a more casual dress or long tunic to help transition some of my summer wardrobe to Fall and Winter.

Be sure to check out Berkshire's website for lots of other options. Finding the right pair of tights is difficult so if you are looking for a good pari to help this Fall and Winter I would recommend checking out their wide variety of styles!

*Disclaimer: these products were received complimentary but all opinions are my own *

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Shopping My Closet

Monday Round Up: Faux Fur Vests + Busy Weekends

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. I had a busy weekend with some highs and lows. I am writing this late on a Sunday because of the busyness so I will keep this short and sweet.

Friday had some highs and lows. I will start with the highs as I prefer not to start in a low place. Friday night I met up with one of my best friends for dinner. I really cherish my time with friends these days. All our lives are so busy and we don't get to see each other as often as we once did. Also knowing that in the next few months life is going to change dramatically I want to soak in as much time as possible. Anyway, (side note I just watched The Walking Dead premiere so I am feeling all the feels) we went to dinner at local haunt The Tiny Diner in Minneapolis. I heard lots of good things so figured it would be worth a try. It definitely is tiny, but a hipster deconstructed dining experiencing. I had the Hilary burger (there were political themes) and was pleased with my choice. They do have a spacious patio so I may need to go back there in the summer to enjoy it.  Afterwards we went back to my house and catch up a bit. 

The low of Friday is we put down my family dog of 14 years, Jordi. We got him when I was in high school not too long after we put down our other family dog. Before Riggs and Eva there was Jordi. He was a dog with a lot of personality and spunk. Running through the house with little care for others and things. He got excited about Cheezits, walks and being pet. If you weren't petting him, that didn't last long as he forced it on you. Until his last day he had a the sweet face of a puppy. With the addition of my niece they formed a bond. She took care of him by giving him lots of treats, hugs and tucking him in with a blanket and dolls. In the last couple of years he was having problems with arthritis and his hearing. In the last few months he began experiencing more and more symptoms. After much thought and consultation we decided it was time. I got to say goodbye to him and it was really hard. Our family is grieving still and deciding where to go from here. We will miss our sweet weirdo, there none like you.

Did I make you sad yet? Let's switch gears. Saturday was a busy day too. I hit the gym in the morning then decided to tackle putting the nursery dresser together. D has done a lot of work around the house lately so figured it was the least I could do. It took about 3 hours to do, which was my entire afternoon. These stupid things come in a billion pieces! But I got it done and I am dang proud of myself. Afterwards I went over to my parents for dinner and to spend some family time.

Sunday we went bridesmaids dress shopping for my younger sister. She had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted so that definitely helped. After much debate and prancing around in various dresses we settled on one that I am pretty excited about. Mission accomplished. That night we watched The Walking Dead premiere and if you are a fan of the show you know it was a rough night. If not, I won't say anything but you should definitely be watching this show. It's so good!

Ok fashion time: It is getting chilly around here. Time to break out the jackets and vests. Last year I snagged this BB Dakota Jack grey vest for a steal! It goes with so many items in my wardrobe but this is my favorite way to wear it.  I love this trapeze dress from Express. It is so comfortable and figure flattering. Form fitting in the chest and upper torso but then flares out around your waist. The cotton is soft and I really am obsessed with this color. I don't wear a lot of purple so it really has to catch my eye. I like to elongate my silhouette with a pendant and my favorite Target booties. Enter: Fall staples :)

Dress| Express (similar / similar)
Vest| BB Dakota JACK (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)

What do you think? How you like to pair your vest?

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Casual Friday Stripes + #H54F Link Ups

Happy Friday! It has been a pretty good week around here, can't complain about much.  I have a moderately busy weekend planned, which is just how I like it. Enough to do to stay busy but time to relax too. We got a few things done around the house this week and a few things for baby, so it was a productive week for us. 

Let's get started with these H54 updates! 

This week I think the colors peaked down here. Every day has been basically picturesque. My normally benign street looked ready to be captured by a camera. Here's the thing though, I didn't. I will try to take some pictures this weekend. I love Fall so much I just get taken in and I don't feel like my photography skills can properly capture it. Or I'm lazy, take your pick.

The renovations around here continue. This week D started putting up some painted boards on the ceiling. This was his idea and I think so far so good. It is going to fancy up our bathroom a lot I think. Probably phrasing it that way automatically negates the fanciness, but what are ya gonna do? It is going to look great and I promise when it is all done I will share with you guys. So many of our projects are contingent on other parts and I want to make sure it is fully complete before I share it. 

Did you see my post on Wednesday about the Tartelette 2 Palette? I bought this palette last weekend and I am obsessed with it I have been able to use it every day. The light colors are perfect for your day to day and the darks are good to punch it up for night time. Be sure to check out  my review!

This week is the MEA break for school. This means I am still working on Thursday and Friday but it is more relaxed. It made Monday-Wednesday a little busier than normal but to have two really laid back days to get some additional work done is glorious. Plus I get to do a little work from home which is the best!

Being that Thursday and Friday were relaxed days I thought I would express my inner casual Friday. I bought this top some time ago from Banana Republic. I bought it a little big because I knew I was pregnant  at the time and I am glad I did. I won't be able to wear it for much longer so I gotta get some use out of it. First, I love a stripe what can I say? I see stripes and I make a bee line. The material is perfect for Fall because it is thick, but not super sweater thick. I paired it with my favorite skinnies, which soon will have to wait out the rest of this pregnancy, and these killer boots I picked up from Target. Seriously Target, you are my everything. They have the cutest boots every Fall. I love the brown/reddish color to these. Slip-ons are also my jam right now. I just bought these so be sure to get out and get them. Top it off with my new Madewell tote and I have my Fall wardrobe.  

Shirt| Banana Republic (similar / similar
Jeans| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target
Bag| Madewell
Necklace| Onecklace 

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Tarte Tartelette 2 Palette In Bloom Review

This weekend I went searching in vain hopes that I would find the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I really wanted this palette for the wedding last weekend, but honestly I am tired of waiting for it. Although now that I have said this it will probably get re-stocked this week, le sigh

I spent a lot of time at Ulta and consulting with my make up guru (She's Leaning In).  I eventually settled on the Tarte Tartelette 2 Palette In Bloom. I was really attracted to the color selection. My earrings I was wearing had hints of purples ad pinks so I wanted to incorporate that in my make up. I am not a super pink kind of gal, so when I do pink it is always more magenta and burgundy that bubblegum pink. I was told that Tarte shadows can be really hit or miss so I took a big risk.  

Turns out my risk was worth the reward. I really love these shadow colors. I am bit over all the browns for Fall. Like I get it, Fall= brown. I prefer to start whipping out some of the cool burgundys of Fall. I think being a redhead for so long has encouraged me to experiment more with color. I am working my color to a brighter blonde so I am hopeful these colors will still translate. Anyway, that was an aside. The colors are pigmented really well. You know how some shadows you have to sweep, sweep, sweep and keep sweeping to get the color to match what you see in the palette. I love that there is a mix of light shadows for day time and a couple of options to punch it up for night time. The darks are very potent, you need very little on the brush to go a long way. I like to layer the metallic colors or their matte counterparts to add a little sparkle to day time. 

For my wedding look I had funny girl on the brow, smarty pants on the lid, fire cracker on the crease and a blend of rebel and leader in the outer crease. 

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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