Happy Friday! The first full week of October has come to a close. It has been an absolutely beautiful week around here. Warmer temps and sunny days! Each day it seems like the colors are changing more and more. I just love Fall. I also love Fridays so let's get to it!

I have to start off this way because Monday started with a bang. I have been trying to keep it a secret for a while but I can only stay quiet for so long. I am pregnant and on Monday we found out that we are having a girl! That officially means D is outnumbered, muahah! We have one of each for our pups so this tips the scales in my direction. We are pretty excited and our families are too. D was really excited to find out, so much so he bought a onesie before the appointment so he could announce it in a fun way afterwards. He's funny sometimes. 

That being said I don't want this to become a mommy blog. No offense to those blogs but my passion is fashion and I want to keep it that way. Will this affect the blog? Absolutely, part of the blog is what is going on in my life. However if you are going to look for tips about motherhood and best baby accoutrement, there are plenty of other blogs who will do a far better job. I am going to keep doing what do: fashion!

The other positive of Monday was our Minnesota Vikings beat the Giants!! That means we are officially 4-0. For a Minnesota sports fan it is nice to see a winning team for a change. Our baseball team just had the most losing record in franchise history, le sigh.  So for now it's SKOL VIKES!

In the last week or so we have really been trying to get a day care locked down. I have some friends who really struggled to find an opening and I did not want to get stuck like that. Last week we toured a place that was pretty lackluster so I was kind of scared. On Wednesday I toured a place that was awesome. Really close to home, positive atmosphere and affordable pricing! Fingers crossed we can reserve a spot!

Ok so I promised to not only do kid talk so sorry about that last one. This weekend D and I are going to head up to Duluth for a night for our anniversary. Technically our anniversary is not for another week or so but next weekend we have a wedding to go to. I love Duluth, if you haven't been it is a city built on Lake Superior and basically earned all of it's  money in the logging business, and now is supported by the colleges. BUT it is a huge tourist trap in the Fall due to Canal Park and the beautiful colors. Basically everything to do there is outdoors  so the Fall colors are stunning. I am hoping to drive up a bit past Duluth to hit a few sites. Stay tuned on Monday for a recap.

Dressing myself while pregnant has become increasingly difficult. I am not showing so much that I have to go straight to maternity clothes, but some things are better at hiding it than others. A lightweight sweater is perfect for this time of year. It's just warm enough for cool mornings and nights but breathable enough for warm afternoons. The mock turtleneck is helpful before it gets too cold that you need a scarf. I love this marigold color to compliment the yellows and oranges of the season. Best part? It's simple. You don't need a lot of jewelry, the mock neck takes care of that. Pair it with a couple cute flats for day or some booties for a night out.   

Sweater| H &M
Jeans| Banana Republic (similar)
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Sunnies| Target

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