Happy Friday! I am ready for this week to be over! It was a strange week. Monday was no school, I left early Tuesday for a work meeting, Wednesday was an all day training, Thursday I left early for a meeting. Friday is my only regular work day. I am ready to just relax tonight. We have some fun plans this weekend, so stay tuned on Monday for the details.

Let's get to it!

The week started off really good. We were supposed to have a warmer day on Monday, in the 70s, so I was ready for that. We got lucky to have an equally warm day on Tuesday. Downside I was not prepared for Tuesdays warmer temps and did not dress appropriately. I wore a dress with fur vest, nylons and boots. I was pretty warm and although my outfit was fabulous, it was totally out of place. I mean, I will take the warm weather even if I do look ridiculous. The rest of the week was chilly so the warm start to the week was welcomed.

On Wednesday I went to a company sponsored training about tobacco addiction treatment. I typically am a bit skeptical about the helpfulness of trainings at it is a lot of background and facts and little clinical treatment information. This training did a great job of balancing the two. It was conducted by this psychiatrist from Rutgers who was really fun and funny. She was passionate about working with this population and it showed in how she framed it. It was also hosted at this community center in a Hispanic neighborhood called Neighborhood House. They had these spectacular pieces of artwork so I had to snap a picture to show you. 

When I came home from the training on Wednesday our dogs made a mess. During the day we lock them in the basement by way of an old baby gate we bought at a garage sale. In the last few days they have discovered how to knock it over and run upstairs. We don't like them upstairs with all our new furniture. I don't want them drooling all over my nice furniture. They always like to knock the garbage over. Wednesday is no different. I came home to garbage everywhere. It was so frustrating and stunk! Ugh dogs.

With a baby coming, D and I trying to eat healthier. We found a few new recipes to try this week. Unfortunately we forgot a couple of ingredients so we did not get to try it yet. We did make this fan favorite chili, and although sounds heavy and is relatively healthy. It also has chocolate in int! What?! Crazy I know.

Thursday we did not do so good on eating well. We went to see a movie and ran out of time so we went to Culver's, whoops! ;)

Last weekend we went to Duluth to celebrate our anniversary, which is actually this coming Monday. We debated waiting to do the gift exchange until our actual anniversary but decided not to. I must say, creating the wishlist for  my blog is the greatest invention ever. All D has to do is pick from the list. Needless to say he did a great job. I got this great Madewell tote. It comes in black and brown, but I prefer the brown. You can also get it personalized for a price, which I think I want to do but don't know if I can do it after the fact. I just want my initials on something is that so  much to ask for! ;)

I really love this bag. It is perfect for my day to day work bag. I love that it is an open tote. I am always zipping an unzipping and it's a nuisance when I am grabbing items constantly from my bag. It also has a deep front perfect, which is perfect for my phone, keys, or any small item that gets lost in the bottomless pit of your purse. The inside has a small zipper pocket for anything that needs privacy. It has a nice long strap or a short one so you can change the position as necessary. The leather quality is fantastic. I can tell it can take some wear and tear without diminishing the appearance or weakening the fabric. Overall I am very pleased with this, good job D!

Tote| Madewell

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