Happy Monday everyone! I had a pretty fantastic weekend and I hope you did too. A lot happened this weekend, so get ready for another onslaught of beautiful Fall photos. I also finally got on this athleisure trend and am super excited to share it with y'all!

Ok so Friday night I had my friend and her fiance over for dinner. I hadn't seen her for  a while and she is pretty busy planning the wedding. I convinced them with a low key night in. It was nice as I had not had them both over in a while. We ordered Chinese food and sat around in our sweatpants. Perfect Friday for a bunch of 30 somethings.

Saturday D and I woke up early to hit the road. Technically our anniversary weekend is next weekend, but we have a wedding to go to so we decided to celebrate this weekend. We decided to spend one night in Duluth, which is the site of our first meeting and engagement. We have not been up there in a couple of years so we had to hit a few things quickly. Saturday we went straight to visit Split Rock Light House and Gooseberry Falls.  Split Rock is a historical site of a light house on the North Shore just north of Duluth. It's a beautiful site. I have been to these sites dozens of times in my life and I will never get sick of them. We had a few hours to see both. Fall is pretty popular on the North Shore because of the beautiful colors. Big crowds are not our thing so we did our best to take in the sites and get out before we got cranky. It was a gorgeous day so there was a lot to take in. 

After visiting the sites we headed for some lunch. We stopped in this restaurant in Two Harbors that had this bike above us while we ate. I thought it was a bit strange, but hey, it was different.

That night we checked into our hotel and we had the best view of the whole harbor. It was a stunning view, almost better in the morning. We had reservations for Belisio's which was the site of our first date. They have really fantastic Italian food and I have never been disappointed. We ate basically our weight in food and headed out for an after dinner drink (virgin for me don't worry) before headed back to our hotel. I am old now I get tired ;)

Date night look
Sunday morning we grabbed breakfast. I don't even know why I went to eat I was still stuffed from the night before. Yet somehow I found some room for hashbrowns and bacon. We then headed into Canal Park (tourist center of Duluth) to do a little walking around. Sunday was an even more beautiful day. The sun was out, was warm and inviting. We walked out to another lighthouse, there are a lot being on Lake Superior, which gave us a great view of the shore. We watched the lift bridge move up and down to let the ships into harbor. We went to a few shops and bought two things for our baby on the way. Seems like there are less shops than there used to be so we did not spend as much time down there as we thought we would. Also, the Vikings were playing at noon and D was getting restless. We headed out about noon to make our way home. 

I tried to keep it short but there you have it. One of the most fun weekends I have had in long time. 

Traveling like this and being pregnant is a challenge fashion wise (if you didn't see my announcement from Friday click on over). I am trying my best to dress fashionably and comfortably. I like being stylish, hence this blog and I do not have to give that up to do what I want to do. The athleisure trend is the perfect combination. Duluth is about a two hour car ride from my house. That's a long time in a car with tight jeans for a expectant lady like myself. My younger sister used to work for Victoria's Secret and had several pairs of their leggings. I cannot afford Lululemon so I thought I would check them out. I was very happy with their selection and color choice. I wanted the basic black and will be living in these. They are like a second skin. They also appear to have a lot of stretch in the waist so I think I can wear these for some time. The other great feature is they are very thick so no worries about revealing too much. I paired it with this super soft sweatshirt I found there too. It is a big thinner so perfect for an early  Fall day. I was worried a bit about it being too chilly so I added my go to denim jacket and it was perfect for the 50 degree temps that day. I also wore my puma sneakers and I am glad I did as some of the rocky shore was not flat. You could also add a baseball cap to make it more casual and athletic or leave it off for the more leisure side of the spectrum. 

Jean Jacket| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Sweatshirt| Victoria's Secret
Tee Shirt| Target
Shoes| Puma (similar / similar)
Purse| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Sunnies| Windsor (similar)

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