September Stitch Fix Numero Dos + #H54F Link Ups

Happy Friday! Welp, it has been another crazy week around here and thankful for another fun weekend. We have a few things planned and some relax time, so hallelujah! I hope you all had a good week. Since I had such a busy week not a lot happened so I thought what a great time to review my most recent Stitch Fix. 

You may be saying "wait, you just had one" or you may be saying "what are you talking about?" or "I'm new here and if she keeps predicting my thoughts I'm going to stop reading." Rest assured, I won't do that anymore, but for those of you who have been here before I did recently have one but I wanted to get one more in for fall. It was a pretty good one so let' s dig in.

Target: A New Day Review

Unless you have been living under a rock you may notice some changes at your friendly, neighborhood Target. They are bringing in a bunch of new brands to spice the place up and they have never looked better. For women's, it is a brand called A New Day. This brand had me at 'hello.' I have already showcased on the blog in the above photo here or on Monday. I really love the on trend focus and color mixing. Plus, it's Target so budget friendly. 

Monday Round Up: Warm September

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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I will be honest I did not do much this weekend and it was glorious! Also, turns out I took no pictures. Whoops, sorry about that.

 We had a bit of a change of plans at the last minute. We were supposed to go out of town but a few things changed and we wound up not going.  So instead on Friday D and I stayed in and watched old Nip/Tuck. He found the discs cheap at a pawn shop. I forgot how much I really liked/hated the early seasons of that show.

Fall Rachel Zoe Box of Style + #H54F Link Ups

Happy Friday! So glad that this week is o-v-e-r. Things were crazy around here and I am ready for a break. The weather is also crazy hot here today and I am hopeful this heat will break. Well, what's a girl to do? Console herself with beauty and fashion items? Ok ;)

I recently got the Fall Rachel Zoe Box of Style and was really pleased with it. Each season I debate if it is worth it and it continues to be. This one had some great go-to items as well!

Embroidery + Bell Sleeves

There are some serious trends right now I cannot get enough of. Embroidery is the first. I can't explain my love affair for this trend except for my documented love of this here, here, here, and here.  I cannot get enough and I am so glad this is working its way into my fall wardrobe. Just a fun way to bring some detail to a look. Although I have this plentifully in my wardrobe these days a new piece is always fun to add. 

Wrapping it up + #H54F

This week has been crazy busy with a bit of boring and fun mixed in. So I thought this Friday in true H54F fashion I would do my five favorites of the week.

Ok so this is an old song but "Don't be Jealous" by Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. I saw them last summer with my dad at the Turf Club and they were fantastic. The lead singer has an amazing voice and definitely one of those people who can sing the phone book. The lead singer and her brother or brothers are in the band. Fun fact: she recently had a baby. Check them out, you won't regret it.

Fall Dressing

Happy Wednesday folks! Hope your week is going well. Around here the weather has suddenly spike pretty warm. In the 80s! I can't believe it, we are typically at least low 70s and 60s this time of year. It is pretty atypical and as much as I want to complain because I am  so ready for the cooler fall temps. I thought I would take advantage of the warm day and wear another great transition dress. If you follow me you have heard me talk about PinkBlush before. I discovered them when I was pregnant and absolutely loved their pieces. Super cute, super affordable, super comfortable. I was even happier to learn that they just have a selection of non-maternity items as well with the same comfort and style in mind. (see my other posts, here, here, and here).

Monday Round Up:Fall Fashion Week + Friends

Annnnnd another weekend in the books? How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, kind of disproportionately packed but still fun. Those great weekends where some is relaxing but still getting out and about? Yea that was this weekend.

Friday we went over to a friend's house for a movie night. A couple of months ago we made our friend watch the Godfather. She had never seen it, which we basically considered blasphemous so it was time for her to watch. Once that was done it was time for Godfather II so that's what we did. We had dinner and visited together then put the movie on. They have a projector so it's like they are life sized. Life sized Al Pacino #dreamrealized 

Saturday was another pretty easy day. D was golfing in an annual tournament my dad puts on and was going to be gone most of the day. It was a really beautiful day out and I just wanted to get outside and enjoy, because this time of year you don't know how long that is going to last. After I did a little work and worked out I called my mom to see if she wanted to go for a walk. I headed over there to walk her 'hood and hang out. My older sister and her daughter stopped by for a bit too so that was fun to see them and have our kids start to play together, now that Reese can do some things. Reese also wore this shirt I bought and I broke my rule about pink because the message " these GIRLS are the future" was too good.

Sunday was the big day. Fashion Week MN kicked off last Thursday and we were going to hit two shows. I put a look together for myself I was pretty dang proud off ::dusts off shoulder:: so stay tuned for that. The first show we went to was Cliche. It featured clothes from their boutique and two other designers. I have actually always wanted to go there and just have never made it. We shopped around for a bit before the show and so many cute things! Nevertheless, I resisted ;). The show, however, was amazing. Really great pieces and styled beautifully. Afterwards they took the show outside. It is called "Crosswalk at cliche" and that is literally.  They pose on the crosswalk and it was just kind of a cool display.

We had a couple hours to kill after so we grabbed dinner at  Common Roots Cafe, which we had never been. Pleasantly surprised for sure the food was good and friendly service. Very hipster, organic vibe. 

That night we went to a show called Northern Vogue. It was showcasing three local designers and partial proceeds benefited dress for success. I was really excited about this event as it was a bigger one we had to buy tickets for  and I was excited to see some collections. It was a cool vibe and great idea  because it was too levels, but they were running painfully late and there was a huge gap in the show, so it was just kind of frustrating. I did get to run into a fellow blogger lady I met last fall and that was super fun. My friend I went with and I bailed out early cause it's a school night.

So my look for the day  I was so impressed with myself, I won't even lie to you all. I really wanted something cool and unique to blend in all these super cute places. Target a new line call A New Day that is so incredibly cute! I saw this top and knew it would be mine. I was really contemplating how to wear this in a fun way and so I started thinking of burgundy pants when I was putting together my friday post. I searched around but at short notice, I had little options. Enter Loft for the win! Surprisingly cute stuff there this season and very trendy. These sateen cargo pants were just what I needed. Not only the on -trend burgundy but this cool fabric and cut. I felt like this outfit was calling out to me and needed my favorite peep toe booties. I also layered a bunch of delicate jewelry to match the shimmery, translucent nature of the shirt. I feel like I could have added way more bracelts and gone all out but I only had so many that match. I completed teh look with my Kate Spade metallic bag and was ready for a day of fashion!

Top| Target
Pants| Loft
Shoes| Lucky Brand
Purse | Kate Spade (similar / similar)

What do you think? Leave me a comment below!

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Fall Trending + #H54F Link Ups

Happy Friday party people! Man, am I the only one who thinks short weeks actually feel longer? It was a crazy busy week around here but we survived the first week of school so you all should give yourself some high fives. Although it was a hectic week with work and taking care of my little lady, it would be terribly boring to read about. So instead of spending my H54F boring you to sleep, five steps at a time I thought I would share my five favorite fall trends. Sound good? Ok!

I know this has been going for some time but it is always fun to watch something get reimagined. When it started it was mostly on denim and maybe a shoe or purse here and there. Now we get to experiment with it on sweaters , skirts and dresses. I pulled a few of my favorites including this dress from Zara. They can sometimes get a little crazy with trends but this one hit it out of the park for me with a fun array of embroidery throughout. I also loved this skirt from Alice & Wonder. Embroidery and pom details? Win.

This seems to be the it color of fall. I am not upset about it. I really love burgundy. Such a rich, luxurious color when done right. A great way for a pop of color amongst some really earthy tones. I really love burgundy pant and this from Loft is tailored perfection. I also love the jacket from BB Dakota. They basically can do no wrong in my book and every season I drool over this jacket and haven't been able to commit. I will...eventually.

Loft / Nordstrom / Shopbop
Madewell / Shopbop /Shopbop

This trend is warming up to me. Typically, ruffles are a little too girly for me. However, on some of these shirts it is met with some interesting lines on the sleeves and tailoring that adds a really chicness. You know who is killin' it? Target! Between their Who What Wear line and the A New Day line they have really hit the nail on the head here. I also love the top from Nordstrom as this seems to be the most classic way to wear it.

Target / Anthropologie / Target
Target / Nordstrom

This is another trend that has been around for a minute, however it is finally trickling down to the masses. From bell, to ruffles to ties you have a wide variety to choose from. Bell sleeves were kind of the start and this one from 525 America is pretty classic, and a burgundy color so a true win-win. I also really love the two Madewell tops, especially the blouse. That is a way to experiment with this trend without going full hippie.
Big sleeves
Madewell / Madewell / Primp
Lanston / Line & Dot / 525 America

Handbags have a couple things going on with interesting clutches and handles as well as the return of vintage styles and logos. I am partial to this handbag from Alice & Wonder. I love the gold handle and it has a strap so it is really versatile. My next favorite is probably the Rebecca Minkoff clutch. The texture on this is also very on trend. I love when a piece is a double whammy.

Cynthia Rowley / Alice & Wonder Rebecca Minkoff
Deux Lux / DKNY

What do you think? What is your favorite fall trend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Wednesday Round Up: First Day of School + End of Summer

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I am back from my mini-hiatus and in full swing now, a little to my dismay. I am not totally ready to be back in the saddle but here we are. 

Over the weekend we headed up to the cabin for a last taste of summer. I was hoping for some warmer weather, but it was just a hair on the chilly side the whole time. Either way though we had fun. We got up there late on Friday and stayed up for a bit before going to sleep. Reese did not sleep well the whole weekend, waking up every couple of hours to cry before we put the pacifier in her mouth. I am not entirely sure what got into her but it was pretty frustrating. 

Last Chance Summer + #H54F

Happy Friday! Who is pumped for the holiday weekend? This gal! We are heading up to the cabin for summer's last hurrah and I am ready to get a way for a bit. I shouldn't complain too much this week was not that bad, but it's always nice to get away, ya know? That being said I won't have a post for Monday, but I will be back for a supersized Wednesday post so stay tuned!

So Monday we went to the Minnesota State Fair. I love the fair. I feel like there is nothing not to love. Tons o' food, funny little shops, live music, animals and seeing your favorite local TV and Radio personalities do their show live. I really had to convince D to go with me, he does not love it. For basically all the reasons I do, but I wanted to bring Reese and wanted him there so he came. I got to hit up my favorite foods: mini donuts and fries. Saw a little music, saw some cute baby animals, watched some radio shows and got home before dark. I took a lot of photos and these are the highlights.

The most honest family photo ever

New ride

This is the last week of summer and school starts up next week. Teachers and all school staff were back this week so it was bustling. Things are going to get crazier next week so I am trying to soak it all in this week. 

The solids continued this week. It was kid of hit and miss. So far rice cereal is apparently garbage. Bananas and pears are big hits. She does make some pretty great faces, like this one:


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Labor Day is always summer' last gasp and even though the rest of the week I was pretty fall,  I need to make one last effort for a summer look. I really love this top. The color is this gorgeous. This off white, peach kind of color is so fresh for summer. Having a little tan helps, although I think this top makes me look tanner which I won't fight. The cross back is also a fun detail and the lower cut hits at the right spot to be flattering. It has this great ease for a day out or dressy enough to grab drinks on a patio. I love a transitional piece like this that can work in many areas. For summer I loved this with my fringe jeans, that I think gives it a beach edge. I initially wanted to wear my block heels but then I remembered these sandals and I thought topped off with the hat is the perfect labor day look for lunch beachside or a simple BBQ. 

Jeans| Lila Ryan (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target
Hat| Sole Society (similar ) 
Bag| Primrose Park (similar / similar

What do you think?What are your Labor Day plans? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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