Monday Round Up: Cyber Monday + Wishlists

Happy Monday party people. I hope you all had a good weekend like I did and hopefully got some much needed rest. In the past I have worked the day after Thanksgiving, when I worked retail is was a dreaded day and when I worked in Corporate it was the quietest day ever. During my retail days I wanted to crawl into a hole and wait for Saturday and during my corporate days I wanted to bang my head against my desk and pass out until 4:00 PM. The last Friday after I worked was my corporate job and it was the most boring day of my life. I decided then and there to never work a Black Friday again. Now I don't take the time off to shop. I can't handle the crowds, it's too frustrating. Instead I put up my tree. We always used to put up our Christmas tree the day after when I was a kid and I would make my parents keep it up through my birthday in early January. I am proud to say, I still do that now. I love my tree so much I want it up as long as I can. A few years ago I switched to more of a themed tree with golds, blacks and bronzes. I love how warm and luxe it feels. Slowly, but surely I am getting all the decor around it switched over as well.

It's a big 9 ft tree so it takes a while to put up, it took a bit longer because this little beauty stopped by with my madre. A totally worthwhile distraction.

Saturday we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. We had a few friends over for drinks and movies so the majority of the day was spent doing that, which was not fun. But our house was a disaster and it needed it. Now my house is super clean and ready for visitors. 

Sunday was spent working. Due to a short week I was pretty packed and I needed to get some things done. So binge watching TV and working it is!

Now onto the fun stuff. If you haven't already noticed for a while now I have had a Wishlist section of my website. So today I thought I would share my top five favorite items. Plus, it's Cyber Monday so good deals right?

I love these boots in the Nori color. Last year I picked up a pair of winter boots but turns out they were pretty tight and uncomfortable. I am done messing around. I want a pair of solid winter boots, that will last and are stylish. I have read a lot that these Sorel boots are good quality. I have waited because of the price tag, but hopefully some good deals will pop up tomorrow. If you don't like this style, they have a bunch of other styles ranging from wedge boots to high fur lined boots. Check them out!

Blazers are one of my favorite things. I love the structured look and it can class up any outfit. Now add sequin to the  mix and  you have my heart. It is no surprise this is from my favorite Banana Republic. I love this for Winter and thinking ahead to New Year's Eve! Stay classy, Banana Republic

I saw this a few weeks and fell in love! Unfortunately I also fell in love with a pair of shoes and had to choose. This jacket has suede on the collar and so comfy. I love this merlot color as it's a great color to go with most of my monochrome closet. Also about 50% off right now through Monday. A steal!

These shearling vests are so cute and casual. I have struggled to find one that is a good fit for me and the fur does not look messy. This beauty from Target is the softest thing I have ever felt. The long silhouette is also flattering on my figure and elongates me. It's not that expensive in the first place but currently on sale for $24.99, 30% off online only.

Another great deal, 55% off through today. I love the Cupcakes and Cashmere collection but it is generally out of  my price range but not today. How beautiful is this top? I love the pattern and the colors and this coming from a girl who does not typically love pink. I also love a blousey top (is that word?). It is perfect for work and play.

There ya have it! A few of my favorite things. What are some of your favorite Cyber Monday deals, or what are you hoping for? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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Thanksgiving: The Aftermath + #H54F Link Ups

Happy Black Friday ladies and gents! I hope you had as great of a holiday as I did. If you follow me on snapchat  you got to see some adorable snaps of my nieces and nephews and I playing together. I love spending time with my family and Thanksgiving is such a great time of year to reflect on the blessings in your life. Oh and to take snaps of yourself as a turkey pilgrim.

Funny right? ;) Sorry no major food pictures today. I tried my best to stay away from my phone, but I know I did not do as well as I would have hoped. But I did snap this blurry picture of the cheesecake Derek made for dessert. Which was freakin' amazing with an oreo cookie crust. 

Drooling yet? I know I was.

Even thought this was a short work week I was crazy busy. At my job if I take time off the expectation for productivity is the same, so I needed to do five days worth of work in three days. It was a mad house and I barely got to stop for lunch. So a little break and dressing up was nice for a change. I bought this skirt a few weeks ago in preparation for turkey day. I had an idea for an existing top in my closet but after thinking about it I wanted to add some more patterns and colors. I have been obsessed with trying to add depth and texture to my outfits lately so they do not appear so flat. I quick ran around the mall on Wednesday night and found this gem at J.Crew on sale for $29.99! For J.Crew that's basically like giving it away. I loved it. It worked so perfectly with this skirt as it is was a bit shorter in the front and longer in the back so it laid beautiful on this higher waisted skirt. The front of the sweater is also silk so it helps to keep me cool while eating all that warm food. I topped it off with this amazing necklace from Target that I have been eyeing for weeks. I have to say, I felt pretty fancy :) This was the perfect outfit for me on Thanksgiving, not to mention the forgiving nature of the silhouette. 

Top| J.Crew
Skirt| Gap
Shoes| Target
Necklace| Target
Bracelet| Target & Stitch Fix (similar / similar)

All these items are on major sale today. Depending on the store you are looking at 30-50% off so you can get this look for a steal!! Enjoy your Black Friday. I plan to spend it at home, putting up my Christmas tree while I binge watch Real Housewives. What do you do on Black Friday? Leave me a comment below.

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Holiday Fit

Whether we are ready or not the holidays are in full swing. Target has had Christmas stuff since September, Christmas music is playing everywhere you go and Home Alone is on TV already. It's not even Thanksgiving yet! Holidays also means two things 1) Delicious food and 2) Weight gain. It is so hard to stay fit during the holidays so I hope as best as I can to just maintain. I figure if I can do that with the hat trick of Thanksigiving, Christmas and New Years Eve then I'm good.  How do I do that? Working out. Now to be clear, I'm hardly a fanatic or expert. I try to go to the gym and not hurt myself. These days it has been harder and harder to stay in shape. Gettin' older is not fun. So I have had to expand my workout routine to incorporate a few new things including yoga, extra cardio and some core routines.

What is crucial for this is workout gear! I really find that it's fun to have good workout clothes. Not only do they keep you cooler on tough days, but I definitely work harder when I think I look the part. My go to places are Gap and Target. The gear at Gap fits amazing and is super stylish. The pieces from Target are generally affordable but breathable. I tend to buy my tops and sports bras there and my pants at Gap. Recently I bought Gap's new gFast leggings and I love them! They come and look a bit small but fit like a dream. Stylish too. I basically want to live in them. Do yourself and favor and get on board. I wanted to share with you my favorite workout look of the moment. I prefer a little color but not too much. I try to find patterns that are flattering to my figure, meaning no horizontal stripes :) What do you think?

Top| Target
Leggings| Gap (similar/ similar
Jacket| Gap (similar/similar)
Sports Bra| Target (similar)
Shoes| Reebok (similar/similar)

Monday Round Up: 1 Year Anniversary/ Happy Birthday Blog

Happy Monday! This is a particularly fantastic Monday for two reasons: 1) This is a short week because of Thanksgiving and 2) today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. First, I am so pumped for Thanksgiving. I really love that it is a lay around and eat kind of holiday. It is all about good food, good family and gratefulness. The gratefulness is always a good reminder. Especially with everything in the world, a little time to be grateful is always good. For the anniversary I have to be honest, it kind of snuck up on me I had to look it up the other week. I cannot believe it has been one year already. It has been a really interesting journey so I wanted to take some time out of my regularly scheduled programming to share a few lessons I learned and some of my greatest hits.


1. Be short and sweet
I have a tendency to be wordy. Using more than less has always been an issue. One of the most common critiques I received on papers in high school and college were about helping me re-work sentences. In grad school they practically beat it out of me and I improved. When beginning to write blogs I struggled again to be succinct. Within a few months I learned that the less I wrote the more hits I got. Then I started to think that when I see long winded blogs I never read them. So I try my best now to keep them short and sweet. Less is more.

2. Good photos are key
This is another lesson I learned while being reflective on the blogs I read. I started by using pictures on my iphone. Big mistake. On your phone pictures look great, on the web not so much. They get blown up, look pixelated and the colors are not beautiful. Who wants to read a fashion blogger with unattractive photos? The goal is to get people to want the look and build your credibility as a somewhat fashion authority. As much as the average blogger is anyway. A huge piece to this, and to differentiate yourself from the millions of other blogs, is beautiful photos. After a couple of months I got a nice camera and things definitely started to change. Invest in a good camera!

3. Plan Plan Plan!
When I first started I would prep the blog the night before, take the picture in the morning before work and then upload it and post. Well that was way too difficult to keep up with so I started writing blogs a couple of days ahead. Recently, I started making plans weeks in advance so I can schedule photos ahead of time too. It has made my life way easier.

4. Blogging is hard
Blogging is hard. It is way more work than I expected and keeping up on trends and interesting pieces is a lot of work. There have been a few times that I thought maybe I should stop, especially while I was studying for  my license or stressful times. But what kept me going was I love doing this. It is such a fun outlet for me and it's fun to see who is reading. I am surprised at how many family and friends read it and will talk with me about it. I am far from the most popular blog in the 'sphere, but for those of you who have read it, texted me, commented and supported me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


As part of celebrating my 1 year I thought it would be fun to take a bit of a retrospective on some of my favorite posts from this year. Enjoy!

This is a favorite because it's where I started. I thought about posting the second blog which shares more about me, but I could not have that without the first. This post is me trying to set the tone for what I hoped was to come. Plus a pretty fantastic picture that I think gave the reader a bit of my personality. 

This was one of my first posts with the new camera and I love these pictures. This is also when I realized that my porch room was a great backdrop for shots. I had to manipulate the bag a bit to get a pretty shot and I learned that it often takes more than just point and shoot.

What I love about this is this was the first post to me that felt like a true fashion blog. I believed this was a unique look and was proud of myself for mixing patterns in a way that was interesting an unique. Also, when I wore this look to dinner a very hipster girl gave me a genuine compliment and I was pleased.

I tried one time to film a video and it was kind of awkward and I said "um" a lot. I was a bit camera shy, no pun intended, to try it again. I had been venturing out into more make up and had been given lots of compliments and wanted to share. Overall I am happy with how this turned out and was excited to share it with everyone. Maybe I will do one again....maybe.

I love this one because it provides my profile picture. I frequently say this on the blog that writing this has pushed me to try things I normally wouldn't. This look was a sequined crop top and skirt. Felt like it was appropriate for New Years Eve and I took the plunge. I think it paid off.

Last but not least this jumpsuit. I love a jumpsuit and mentioned it repeatedly on the blog. I took the chance with this one because, c'mon. Look at it! I loved it and it was so fun to wear to my friend's bachelorette party. I am still waiting for another occasion to wear it.

So that's it! Again. Thank you so, so much for all of you who read. I always joke when my friends or family tell me they read my blog that "thanks, you are one of the five people that read it!" But truly if only five people read and enjoy it I will be happy. Although, I would love it more people read it so....tell your friends ;)

Cheers to another year!

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October Birchbox Review +#H54F Link Ups

TGIF party people! I could not be happier this week is coming to a close. It was a busy week and looking straight on to a busy weekend. But next week is Thanksgiving and am very thankful for some time off.  This week was jam packed with meetings and assessments, which means a ton of paperwork. To boot, my work laptop fans stopped working. Ugh I am over this week. So what better way to close it out than with a Birchbox review? I am trying to get caught up as I was a bit behind. Stay tuned to a November review up soon!

Stila huge Extreme Lash Mascara, $23.00
If you read my blog regularly you are familiar that I have had a struggle with mascara. #thestruggleisreal. When I saw this I was skeptical because I had been burned in the past. Although it is Stila so I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. I tried it and I do like the fullness it creates. That is often what has been hard to find for me in the past so I was definitely happy with that. The downside is the brush isn't separated enough. It is easy for my eyelashes to clump up. Overall, I liked it and would recommend you at least giving it a try. 
Buy here.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $42.00
I was pretty excited to try this. I had tried the Amika Texture Spray a while ago and really liked, but always willing to try other products. It is really important to me that when I have a product that there is not alot of residue. I really want my hair to remain soft and touchable. I tried this out for a few days and it was ok. Not bad, not good just ok. I could definitely feel the product and I didn't feel that it added much texture, not nearly as much as Amika did. Plus for $42 I expect it to be pretty fantastic and it just wasn't. Buy here.

Manna Kadar Lip Locked, $24.00
I will be straight forward with you about this one. I don't get it. It said it was a lip gloss and primer, but it felt mostly like gloss so I did not want to risk ruining any of my lipsticks I actually like so I did not want to test it.  The lipgloss itself is a bit of a pinkish/nude. Have you ever had a french manicure but instead of a strict nude you took one with a bit more natural, pink hue? That's what this is like. If you like a lipgloss then you will probably like this. I do not love a gloss because of the stick factor, but if you do this is for you. Buy here.

BioRepublic Skincare Cucumber Breeze Fiber Masket, $14.50
This was fun. Similar to when I tried the Dr. Jart face mask and I looked like the Man in the Iron Mask. Well this looked a little bit like I was Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. It looked like I was wearing translucent skin on my face. It was creepy and I won't like I intentionally spooked my husband. It is hard to tell if this one worked when I tried it. The packaging says to use 2-3 times per week for 15-20 minutes at a time. I did it for 15, because I have things to do. So, did my skin feel softer after? Yes. Didi t feel tighter? I can't tell yet. Do I smell cucumbery fresh? Yes. Buy here.

Avene Thermal Spring Water, $12.50
Last and certainly least was this water spray. If you go and read the reviews on Birchbox it is pretty hilarious. People are outraged and they have every right to be. This is literally a water misting spray. It's a joke. I am paying $12 for water to be sprayed on my face? Do better Birchbox. That is all. 
Buy here. (but ask yourself 'why' first, ok?)

That's it for this week. What do you think of the products? Have you tried any? Would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment below.

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Trend Alert: Faux Fur Vests

In writing this post I was trying to think of funny titles. Some nixed ideas were:

  1. Oh faux you didn't!
  2. Faux Fur she wrote
  3. Fur Baby, Furrrr!!!

Glad I put the kibosh on those? Me too.... a little. I am partial to the first one, but whateveritsdonei'moverit. Anyway, last year I desperately wanted a faux fur vest. However I struggled significantly to find one I liked. I basically spent all winter trying to find jsut the right vest and then boom! Spring time. I don't want that to happen this year. Due to all my research last year I think I compiled great collection of potentials for this season. Last year I learned a few things about me. I prefer a longer cut. I have a long torso so you would think I could work a shorter cut, but no. I tried a slightly cropped at the waist last year and it was a no-go. It needs to be longer. I also do not like the vests with longer, or not soft hair. If I am going to be wearing fur I prefer cleaner lines. Some of the longer furs look a little disheveled. Also, who wants to have a fur that's not soft? I am not the only one who thinks this, right? Lastly, I prefer more of the grey to black colors. During last winters most of the vests were more in the brown variety, which honestly I am not a huge fan of. I preferably want a grey one. When I went to the fashion show at Macy's, Chelsea of was wearing a killer grey vest, but it was about $300 so...nope. The ones below are more affordable and some on on great sale! Enjoy!

Faux Fur Vests

Faux Fur Vests by mcainmoss featuring Bar III

Asos / Macy's / Nordstrom / Macy's
Macy's / Nordstrom / Macy's

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Monday Round Up: Turtlenecks + Family Time

Happy Monday Folks!  Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was jam packed. I have not had a weekend where I was running around so much but definitely squeezed in  a few fun things. I was a hunting widow again this weekend so it was good to keep myself busy. There was a lot of family time mixed in between some moments with friends so lets get started.

Friday night I met up with my friend and her boyfriend for dinner. We went to local hotspot The Rookery in Robbinsdale. If you are from the Minneapolis area you are probably familiar with Travail and this restaurant is owned by he same people. They serve small plates and fancy cocktails. I had never been and we were lucky enough to get seats at the bar right away. Typically the wait is close to an hour or more. We ordered a bit of food and I perused the cocktail menu. I ended up with wine but my friend's boyfriend ordered the Ron Burgundy, which came complete with some smoke on top so I snapped a picture.

All of Saturday was spent moving my sister. I headed up to my parents house at 9:00 AM and thought we would spend a few hours moving her in and unpacking a few things. Wrong! What I did not realize is that she bought a bunch of new stuff and it all had to be assembled. Ok, so I figure at this point a little longer than I thought but nothing crazy. I left her house at 7:00 PM. Putting together some of the furniture was nutso! I learned that I do not want to buy furniture from Target or IKEA. Everything had like 45 steps and 3,000 screws that you had to use those dumb L wrenches for. Ugh! I went a little crazy in the face. At the end of the day I am happy to help but it made me feel insane. Afterwards I needed to blow off some steam so I hung out with some friends at their house. Played a few games and caught up. 

Sunday we had Thanksgiving. I realize that sounds weird. My mom's side of the family is huge so we have taken to do holidays on different days so we can still celebrate together. We gather at one of my Aunt's homes and everyone brings something to share. It's short but sweet. We have always been close as a family and as we get older it is harder and harder to catch up. A lot, if not most, of my cousins are married to fabulous people and they bring their adorable kids. My niece and my cousin's son were sort of making friends. My niece was chasing him and he was deciding if he wanted to be friends. It was pretty funny.  Sunday night was the first time this weekend I just got to relax. I am re-watching the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills preparing for the new season. Yaaas honey!

Since it was a pretty casual, and warm, weekend a relaxed look was due. I bought this sweater a few weeks ago and I could live in it. It is so comfortable and this teal color is killer! I also absolutely love the hi-low of this sweater. I never have to worry about anything hanging out AND I can wear my ponte pants without worry that I am exposing too much. I think it goes amazing with my favorite jeans and these new oxfords. I found these at Macy's for a fashion show. I knew the minute I saw these that I needed them to be mine forever. If you follow me on snapchat, you have definitely seen them in my snaps lately. I am obsessed. Although I need a good suede protector. Anyone know of any good ones? Lastly, I topped it off with this awesome bar necklace that has also been on major repeat in my life. 

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Top| Banana Republic
Jeans| Banana Republic
Shoes| Calvin Klein
Bralette| Victoria's Secret
Necklace| Elisabeth Ashlie
Watch| Marc Jacobs

Favorite Fall Dresses + #H54F Link Ups



Whoo, that was fun. I am so pumped it's Friday. For whatever reason this felt like a long week. I am halfway through hunting season so I am starting my second weekend home alone, which I hate. So I am going to try and fill my weekend. Aside from work that has been my focus this week. During the week I worked, came home, cuddle with pups and repeat. I did do two fun things: 1) I tried a yoga class for the first time and 2) I met up with my cousin who was in town. So yoga. Ummm... I hate it. I know it is good for you and everyone who does it looks fantastic. I am in need of a new workout because things are not going well. My friend was facebooking about her yoga class so I met her up on Tuesday. I have to say, I didn't hate it. It actually was not as bad as I thought it would be. The instructor moved at a decent pace and none of the moves were impossible. I would definitely go again. On Wednesday one of my cousins was in town on a business so myself, Derek and my parents went to go have dinner. The weather was kind of junky, super rainy, but we drove down anyway. I am glad we did as this cousin and his family has done a lot for me over the years so we went. We had fun and caught up. It is always a great time with family. 

Now it's Friday and this girl is ready for the weekend. The weather has definitely shifted around here and I am hear tell about snow on Monday :( We are also entering to holiday season which means dresses. I also love a good dress to wear to work. I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she had a fantastic dress from Forever 21 and thus a rabbit hole was born. My time loss, is your gain ladies! I found some of my favorite dresses for Fall. I picked a mix of work appropriate, casual and night out. 

Fall Dresses

Fall Dresses by mcainmoss featuring a belted dress

Zara / Forever 21 / Express / Forever 21
Zara / Forever 21 / Express / Nordstrom

So what do you think? I tried to hit on all of my favorite trends. We have a little suede, little floral little sternum. I was surprised how many amazingly cute things they had. When I was in high school Forever 21 is where you went for cheaply made but trendy clothes. I would never think to actual look there now but I have changed my mind. I am obsessed with the sternum baring number from Forever 21. I saw this one a while and then I saw Courtney Kerr wearing it on her blog. I also prefer a longer dress these days not only because it's colder but for me it is more flattering. Although if you have killer legs bring on the minis! I have a couple both in a trapeze cut and straight line. I love the the muted floral print on this ASTR dress. Who says you can't wear florals outside of Spring? I love all these pieces. What are your favorites? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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