Another manic Monday. I have a busy week coming up so it was nice to have a relaxing weekend to re-energize and re-boot for a packed week. I was also a hunting widow this weekend so I try to take one night to myself and one night to go out. Did not all work out the way I planned, but good none the less.

Friday night I decided to spend the night in by myself. As I get older, hanging out on Fridays gets harder and harder. I'm up early for work so I get tired early as well. I like to just relax and catch up on some programs that I don't normally watch if Derek was home. Plus, I love cuddling with my pups. When Derek is gone they are particularly needy and need extra time. I'll be honest, I passed out pretty early on Friday. I was catching up on a few news shows, then I got a call from my cousin. We face timed for a bit a goofed around. After we hung up I almost immediately fell asleep. I'm sure my pups were happy because when I woke up they were laying all over me. I then went upstairs and went to bed.

Saturday I had planned to celebrate my Nonna's birthday and then meet up with some friends for a birthday as well. I headed over to my aunt's home to do a little celebration. I love my Nonna and was happy I could be there. She is 100% Italian so we do what Italian's do best: eat, drink and party. I am embarrassed to say I don't have any recent pictures with my Nonna so I cropped this one from my wedding day. Truly, all my Nonna wants on these days is for everyone to be together so it was good to be with her. After the party, I was supposed to meet up with some other friends. Unfortunately it was getting a bit late and they had been out for a bit so they went home. Because it was kind of late my parents and I decided to go out for a drink. We settled on The Sample Room which is a small and quiet bar/restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis. I like to go there when with 1-2 other people because you can have a conversation. It has a quiet and warm atmosphere that always makes me feel like I could settle in there all day and it would not bother the employees. It is nice sometimes to have my parents to myself, as much as I love all of our time together I think most kids enjoy the one-on-one time. We had a couple of drinks and then went home.

La mia nonna e Io (my nonna and me)

The Sample Room

Sunday was a self-care day. I debated if I wanted to go to the gym before settling on not going, :) To be fair I went on Friday and Saturday. I had scheduled a massage for Sunday afternoon because my backed has been all screwed up lately. That was the only actual plan I had. I actually had to run back to my aunt's because I forgot to grab something the day before. So quick headed over there and then to  my massage at Simonson's Salon & Spa. I have been there several times before and I highly recommend them. They are clean, professional and give quality service. I have never been disappointed. At first I was thinking I would go home after, because it makes me so sleepy. But then I remembered I wanted to look for some new white sneakers. A white sneaker seems to be all the rage and I was ready to jump on board. I was near a DSW so I headed over there. Within a few minutes I located a great pair of Nike's (stay tuned to be featured on the blog) AND I got them for $18! They were having an extra 25% off of clearance and I had a $10 coupon on file so win/win for me. Seeing as it was already a successful day I figured it was time to head home and cuddle up with the pups again.

On weekends like this I like to keep it casual. A couple of weeks ago I was out with one of  my best girlfriends and we rolled into Madewell at Southdale Mall. For me Madewell can be hit or miss because sometimes they want a lot for a little. This shirt caught my eye because I am feeling the burnt orange color this fall. When I tried it on I could not believe how soft it was.  I walked out of the dressing room and we were both like "this is coming home with me. I might wear it out." What's great about it too is that I knew I already had a few items in my closet to pair it will. I wore my favorite skinny jeans and these great marsala boots. Top it off with some dainty jewelry and you are good to go!

Shirt| Madewell
Shoes| Just Fab
Necklace| Target
Watch| Marc Jacobs
Ring| Wrenn Jewelry
Bracelets| Primp

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