I don't typically make a lot of beauty post but with the changing of the seasons my makeup routine always follows suit. I generally consult with my cousin Candice, She's Leaning In, on all things beauty as she is very knowledgable. She definitely gave me a bunch of great tips, mostly to buy things online. Although I know positively that she is correct, I do not have the patient for online shopping. I am a more immediate gratification kind of gal,  much to her dismay.  I have three major objectives this month: 1) Find a great Fall dark red lipstick 2) Find a great Fall brown lipstick 3) finally find a mascara that makes my eyelashes look like a Kardashians (which is the only justifiable to thing to want about a Kardashian). Part of the downfall of not listening to a resident beauty expert is buying some failing products. Now disclaimer: 1)  I have lots of drug store beauty products that I love and could not live without 2) Most of these are not epically bad, but not worth the purchase.  So let's check it out!

Beauty fails

Beauty fails by mcainmoss featuring Maybelline

I love, like probably too much, the L'oreal infallible collection for lipsticks. I posted about it in my first beauty favorites vlog. I steered clear of that line this month because most of their colors are of the pink and nude variety. I already have their red, which is great, but it's more of a fire engine red and not what I wanted. I hopped over to Maybelline  thinking maybe they would have different colors. They did, kind of.  I picked up continuous coral because in the store it looked like what I wanted. When I left I put it on and turns out it was more pink than deep red. Ugh! Not to mention it did not stay on as long or as vibrant. Fail!

As my aforementioned love for L'Oreal was already noted it was my next stop. I have been curious to try these shades for a while. These are the ones that are associated with Julianne Moore, Blake Lively and Frieda Pinto. They looked nice based on the package and I have had a good experience with L'Oreal products. I figured it was worth a shot. So here's the good news: the color is beautiful and it actually stays on pretty well. Here's the bad news: it feathers around your lips like crazy. I probably would need a good lipliner, but honestly on the average day I don't want to use a lip liner. Sorry, just don't want to.

This was another in my line of trying to find a decent new lip color. I went to Ulta one day to find a great brown and stumbled upon Urban Decay's 1993 shade, but the actual lipstick was sold out. I asked one of the employees and she said it was such a popular shade that it was sold out, but she had used the lip liner combined with chapstick and it works well. It didn't. Nothing made it spread, not to mention you need to use a lot of it and it gets used quickly. I did eventually buy the actual lipstick though and it's fantastic. 

I think you are seeing a trend here. This came on recommendation from my cousin and typically she is 100% right. What she was right on: 1) the color was fantastic 2) It goes on super smooth. What I did not like:1) It does not stay on long. I had another complaint, but I was complaining about to her and she corrected me. I was kind of bummed because I was really excited to try a NARS product because they have such great colors. If this was more of a long lasting lip color I would buy all of the colors and make my own Sephora. 

Let's mix it up shall we? This was  my foray into another mascara. I am having a terrible time finding a good mascara. They all pretty much do the trick (color my lashes, create relative fullness) but none do exactly what I want:look like a Kardashian. (don't get mad, I know their lashes are fake but they are beautiful). I assumed that something called "push up drama" would have crazy, out of control volume. It does not. Ugh! Could I return it? Yes. Did I? No. I might as well use it and wait and do some research. I am in the process. TBD.

Those are the unfortunate beauty fails for now. I am hoping to put a post together of beauty items I like again soon so stay tuned. This post was to follow with the motto of one of  my favorite rock n' roll podcasts. They say "we listen to Britney Spears, so you don't have to." These products are my Britney Spears. They look pretty, and they aren't terrible but there are more quality products to use.

What do you think? Anything you have tried lately I should know to avoid? Leave a comment below!

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