Happy Monday Folks!  Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was jam packed. I have not had a weekend where I was running around so much but definitely squeezed in  a few fun things. I was a hunting widow again this weekend so it was good to keep myself busy. There was a lot of family time mixed in between some moments with friends so lets get started.

Friday night I met up with my friend and her boyfriend for dinner. We went to local hotspot The Rookery in Robbinsdale. If you are from the Minneapolis area you are probably familiar with Travail and this restaurant is owned by he same people. They serve small plates and fancy cocktails. I had never been and we were lucky enough to get seats at the bar right away. Typically the wait is close to an hour or more. We ordered a bit of food and I perused the cocktail menu. I ended up with wine but my friend's boyfriend ordered the Ron Burgundy, which came complete with some smoke on top so I snapped a picture.

All of Saturday was spent moving my sister. I headed up to my parents house at 9:00 AM and thought we would spend a few hours moving her in and unpacking a few things. Wrong! What I did not realize is that she bought a bunch of new stuff and it all had to be assembled. Ok, so I figure at this point a little longer than I thought but nothing crazy. I left her house at 7:00 PM. Putting together some of the furniture was nutso! I learned that I do not want to buy furniture from Target or IKEA. Everything had like 45 steps and 3,000 screws that you had to use those dumb L wrenches for. Ugh! I went a little crazy in the face. At the end of the day I am happy to help but it made me feel insane. Afterwards I needed to blow off some steam so I hung out with some friends at their house. Played a few games and caught up. 

Sunday we had Thanksgiving. I realize that sounds weird. My mom's side of the family is huge so we have taken to do holidays on different days so we can still celebrate together. We gather at one of my Aunt's homes and everyone brings something to share. It's short but sweet. We have always been close as a family and as we get older it is harder and harder to catch up. A lot, if not most, of my cousins are married to fabulous people and they bring their adorable kids. My niece and my cousin's son were sort of making friends. My niece was chasing him and he was deciding if he wanted to be friends. It was pretty funny.  Sunday night was the first time this weekend I just got to relax. I am re-watching the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills preparing for the new season. Yaaas honey!

Since it was a pretty casual, and warm, weekend a relaxed look was due. I bought this sweater a few weeks ago and I could live in it. It is so comfortable and this teal color is killer! I also absolutely love the hi-low of this sweater. I never have to worry about anything hanging out AND I can wear my ponte pants without worry that I am exposing too much. I think it goes amazing with my favorite jeans and these new oxfords. I found these at Macy's for a fashion show. I knew the minute I saw these that I needed them to be mine forever. If you follow me on snapchat, you have definitely seen them in my snaps lately. I am obsessed. Although I need a good suede protector. Anyone know of any good ones? Lastly, I topped it off with this awesome bar necklace that has also been on major repeat in my life. 

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Top| Banana Republic
Jeans| Banana Republic
Shoes| Calvin Klein
Bralette| Victoria's Secret
Necklace| Elisabeth Ashlie
Watch| Marc Jacobs