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On Monday I was not feeling well. I will save you the details but I think I ate something weird on Sunday. I had to take the day off which I did not love, but tried to use it to get a little work on the blog done. Hope it pays off!

One of the things I started to get accomplished this week selling some clothes. Over spring break I finally sorted through my closet. I sifted through my closet, dresser, jewelry, shoes and bags. I really cleaned house. Some clothes I intend to donate but some are in good enough condition I figured I could sell them. After much debate I put them up on ebay. There is more coming but go check it out! They are items I still love but haven't worn in a while and they need a good home :) Shop here.

This week has been basically nothing but clouds and rain. Oh and cold, cold! It is almost May and the temps here are 40s and rain. We really needed some rain around here as everything was pretty dry, but I am over it now. Ready for some sun! Hoping this weekend will bring some for us. It is basically Ireland around here these days.

Ok so if you follow me on instagram and snapchat (mcaimoss) you know I love the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits. I own four currently and love them. I wear them every day. The colors are gorgeous, I love the matte finish and they are long lasting. What's not to love? A couple of weeks ago she unveiled her metallic mattes and I am dying over them. So I ordered two and they should have arrived on Monday. Monday USPS said they were out for delivery but nothing came. Tuesday, same thing so I called USPS. They said they would check on it and call me on Wednesday. Wednesday AM I got a call that there was not enough postage so I owed $.95  and they would try to deliver today but if  I was not around they would leave a notice and I could come and get it. Well, obviously I work so I was not home. On Wednesday I grabbed the notice and drove up to the Post Office to find out that the carrier was not back yet so I could not get it until Thursday, which I can't do because I had to work late. So now hopefully today I can go get it. As you can imagine I am fuming. So many people screwed up, Kylie did not put enough postage and USPS did not bother to tell me about the postage due until I called. I am pretty frustrated so these metallics better be fit for the Gods.

I am really excited about the Who What Wear line at Target. I bought the trench vest a while ago and love it. They recently came out with some new items I am pumped about but this is from the first go around. A lot of times these collaboration are good for one season so the fact that it keeps going makes me happy. I bought this tank kind of impulsively because it is a basically a big target ( excuse the pun) for everything I love: stripes, loose fabric, structured silhouette, long. If I am being honest I did not even try it on. Figured if I got home and it was terrible I could return it no big deal. It sat there while I waited for the weather around here to decide to be Spring. When I finally plucked it from my closet to put on it' s like it was made for me. It fits perfectly. The long cut helps elongate my body and the high cut narrows so your silhouette does not just look like a big box. Stripes don't hurt either ;) It works perfectly with this House of Harlow necklace, which is freakin' amaze, and these fun wedges I got from Target last year. This is perfect for Spring and I can imagine pairing this top with skirts, shorts and fun pants. So versatile. What do you think?

Top| Target
Jeans| Banana Republic
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Necklace| House of Harlow (similar / similar)

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Saddle Bags

It's mid-week ladies and gents! (Are there any gents reading? Please leave a comment if you are!) You know what helps me get through the week? Online shopping. I know, it's a shock right? In my scouring this week I came across this amazing saddle bag from Banana Republic. I have been looking around for a killer saddle bag and I wants it, I wants it bad you guys.

Italian Vachetetta Mini Saddle Bag / Banana Republic

So gorgeous right? Unfortunately all I can think about this:


Am I the only one who thinks of that every time they see a saddle bag? I can't stop myself. Despite this, I still really want one. While I save up to buy the perfect one from BR I found a couple more realistic options. Overall I love the shape of a saddlebag, I don't know what it is about it but I just do. I love the fold over and lock because I am terrible about closing my purse and hate monkeying with the zipper. A quick little flap is so much easier for me. There is a big variety I tried to capture from having a front lock, to fringe to nothing at all. Of course the most stylish ones are mucho expensivo but I think I found a few budget friendly options. 

Saddle Bags

Saddle Bags by mcainmoss featuring a leather satchel

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

What do you think? Which one would you pick? Anyone want to gift me the BR one? No? Ok. ;)

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Monday Round Up: Bonfires + Tie Dye

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a pretty relaxed weekend overall, not a ton to talk about but I did finally get to wear one of my favorite new shirts so let's get to it.

Friday after work I had planned to go to the gym. I won't like, my hair was super dope on Friday and I did not want to waste it at the gym. Seems silly, but I consulted with my resident beauty expert, Candice, and she agreed. So home I went. Friday was a pretty nice day, sunny and in the 60s and I had been dying to break out the grill. Earlier in the week we bought stuff to make kabobs and Friday was the night! D grilled 'em up and we ate out on our patio. Perfect evening. 

Saturday was almost a more beautiful day. Sunny and 70s. I had a hair appointment, which is literally in my top 5 favorite things to do. Not as much as getting Starbucks but more than buying new clothes. I love buying new clothes, but there is something so refreshing about getting my hair done. Plus, my aunt is my hairdresser (Hairitage Hous) so it is a great excuse to see her every 5-6 weeks. Afterwards I ran a few errands because we had to get the house ready for some guests. On the way I saw a little red corvette, seemed fitting this weekend given all the memoriums for Prince. I kind of chuckled to myself and had to take a picture.

That night we had some of our friends over for the first official bonfire of the season. It was a gorgeous night. Warm enough that a sweatshirt was enough, but chilly enough that a fire felt nice. The best part? No bugs. It was glorious. Bonfires always signify summer to me and I love having my friends over. It was a great night.

Sunday was a couch day. It rained basically all day so going out seemed useless. D and I went up to our favorite breakfast place, Fat Nat's, and ate our weight in food. Nothing is bad on that menu. Nothing.  We came home and I basically sat on the couch for the rest of the day waiting for the GOT premiere. I have not had a couch day like this in a while and it felt great.  

On Saturday it was finally warm enough to sport this shirt I bought a few weeks ago from a local boutique. Honestly I liked it a lot when I bought it and I liked it even more when I wore it this weekend. It has that perfect high low cut that I love and a peek-a-boo back. The tie dye pattern has been creeping back into stores in the last year or so. When it is subtle like this I actually kind of love it. The halter cut is really flattering to my shoulders and this marble pendant necklace is an equally subtle addition. I was originally going to just wear my favorite skinnies but then I remembered my distressed jeans and I think it all goes together so well to create a really casual look. Top it off with my favorite sandals and you have what I'll be living in all summer.

Jeans| Gap (similar / similar)
Shoes| Just Fab (similar / similar
Necklace| Sisu (similar / similar

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Rifle PaperCo BirchBox + #H54F Link Ups

It's Friyay folks! I am ready for the freakin' weekend. I had kind of a strange week, but also want to talk about my newest Birchbox so I will do a quick week in review and then we'll get to it.

On Tuesday I took a half day from work. The school I work at had some standardized testing all day so I couldn't meet with kids anyway. It just so happens the Minnesota Twins had a noon game that day. I begged and pleaded for D to take the half day with me. I finally convinced him and we had a good time. Unfortunately it was not that warm or sunny, nor did we win. Somehow we had an amazing time anyway. We had pretty good seats and honestly who wouldn't want to watch a baseball game in the middle of week? Go Twins!

Target field is the most gorgeous stadium!

Great afternoon

Mr. Mauer (and birthday boy) if you please

Afterwards we decided to grab an early dinner, cause we are 100 years old and we eat dinner at 4:00. What is my life?! Downtown Minneapolis is a goofy place sometimes. Either it is really nice, or college bars. Very few in between places. We started walking towards one place and stumbled upon a new place called City Works. We thought we would give it a shot, cause why not? The inside is very modern, lots of copper and wood. Tons of beers on tap, all along the bar back. Basically a bar and grill but the food was pretty good. I was easily go back for a drink. A welcome addition to downtown. 

Thursday was a super weird day here in the Minneapolis. An icon and music legend Prince died at his home in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Really when I think about it he could not have orchestrated a better day to die. Hear me out, I know it sounds weird. He died in his home, from his home state of Minnesota, on a rainy day ( Purple Rain, anyone?) and one after he did a show on Saturday at Paisley Park. I mean, you could not plan it better. Minnesota and Minneapolis in particular mourned all day. He was from here, lived here and honored his home state. He put First Ave on the map,  and the Minneapolis music scene for that matter. I won't pretend that I was a Prince fanatic but I think every Minnesotan as proud of what he achieved and I honor what he did for music. I respect his authenticity and unabashed genuine expression of self. It was truly  a sad day for music lovers, particularly for Minnesotans who are proud to call him one of us. Everyone has a Prince story if you are from  Minnesota.  It is a strange way to bring others together but also comforting in a time of sorrow. First Ave put together an all night dance party and it stretched into the streets of downtown. It was amazing to see and don't know when I will ever see the like of it again. Sorry to get so heavy, but this death in particular really struck me. #RIPPrince

I-35W Bridge is Purple for Prince

Thursday night D and I met up with my parents and sister for dinner and drinks. We went to local favorite Anchor Fish & Chips. Now I don't like seafood but they have non-seafood on the menu. My rule is "nothing from the sea" so I got a sausage. The food there really is awesome. Then we went to local brewery Dangerous Man for some drinks before they closed at 10:00 PM. Really? 10? C'mon. But it was fun. The older I get the more I appreciate time with my family. We had a great time.

This month they collaborated with Rifle Paper Co and was stupid excited. I did the upgraded box version after  watching the video for it. I LOVE Rifle Paper Co. so I had high hopes for this. Let's get started.

The first time I used this I broke the bottle. I don't know what kind of Hulk-like strength I manifested when I initially used this, but it popped on the side. This was upsetting because it was the perfect travel size for my purse. What I found out after is there was a little tinfoil covering (what?!) which is why it popped. I did get to try it a bit. It will absolutely moisturize your hands. No doubt it my mind. It was a little too moisturizing for me. You know when it gets greasy? Yea it did that a bit. Maybe in the heart of Winter I need that kind of moisture, but not in Spring and cereain not in the summer.
Buy here

I had really high hopes for this. People rave about Dr. Jart products. It took me a minute to figure out what contour cream meant. I was imagining contour powder. Turns out it is more about filling in fine lines and tightening the skin. I used it for about 2 weeks and gotta be honest, I did not see a difference. I have been using an anti-aging moisturizer for a while that I do think works. I know this because when I did not bring it for 10 days to Fiji I saw more lines. It was scary, let me tell you.  This was a big no bueno.
Buy here

This was another no good product. Fellow blogger She's Leaning In, told me that Birchbox and Parlour worked out some kind of deal, which is why we keep getting it in our boxes. I didn't really notice a difference. It's not bad as in not leaving a lot of that 'product' like feeling in your hair (you know what I mean, right??) At the same time it didn't actually do anything, so no dice.
Buy here

My fellow beauty mavens are always on me about getting a make up remover. I am a soap and water gal. I have tried make up removers before and I like them fine, but it is one more thing to buy and frankly soap and water works just fine. It's really more of an issue with the eyeliner and mascara. But I gave this liquid remover a try. I put it on a cotton pad and swiped it across my lid. Then I did it again. And again. At the end of the day it worked but I had to use more solution than I would like to. A long time ago Birchbox sent a sample of the perfect solution where I literally swiped once, ONCE and it worked. I wish I could remember it. This isn't convincing me to stop my soap/water routine, but if you like a remover this will do the trick.
Buy here

This was the hero item for me. When I first saw it I was worried that it was a blush they sent me before. But it wasn't. This has some gold flecks mixed it and it's gorgeous! Just in time for summer. It goes on so perfectly. The color saturation is just right, I don't feel like I needed to apply too much or have to be too delicate with the color either. This perfect for summer. It is a soft pink and the gold makes it just shimmer. I love this. I will buy it when mine runs out.
Buy here 

There ya have it! I know I say this every month, but this may be the month I cancel again. I just don't get wowed as much as I would like. I was really hopeful with the collab with Rifle Paper Co, but not super impressed. What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Vegas Dreams

I have been itching to go on a trip. Next month we are going on a small trip but I am itching to go on a bigger one and see a lot of sites. I have wanted to go to Vegas for a long time. The city of sin. I am not much of  gambler, but I really want to see the spectacle of Vegas, the strip, pools and shows. It is warming up around these parts and it's got me thinking of summer clothes and warm locations. If I had to plan my dream trip to Vegas I would go all out! In doing some research on's hotels page I think I would pick Aria hotel. It appeals to everything I think about Vegas. Glamor, luxury, gorgeous pools and over the top restaurants. In addition to how stunning it is, the reviews are fantastic. I think I found my place.

The next step is what to wear, of course. You really have to plan to match your surroundings. With such a gorgeous environment you a look to match. I picked three outfits for three parts of an average day in one of the most exciting cities in America!

Photo Credit:


Pool by mcainmoss featuring Victoria's Secret

Bathing suit| Top / Bottoms
Sandals| Target
Sunglasses| Windsor
Hat| Target

Also known as the pool. This gorgeous pool at the Aria is a place for partying. These beds next to the pool are super fun and I have always wanted to sit one one. If I am going to be in Vegas as such a party spot, you need a suit to match. I will have to ditch my trademark neutrals for some brights and fun cuts. These bottoms are a bit skimpier and I love the straps on the sides. With the smaller bottom I would want a little more coverage on top, but the sides give us a little somethin'. With a suit you need the perfect accessories. I love this cover up with the fringe, which is so hot right now. You also need a great hat. I am still into the Panama hat in this almost white color . So clean and crisp. Top it off with some killer shades and you are good to go.

Photo Credit:


Jumpsuit| Lulu's
Sunglasses| Windsor
Bracelet| Gorjana Jewelry 
Shoes| DSW

How gorgeous is this poker room? I didn't even show you the casino room, which is equally awesome. No I am not a big gambler, as I said, but when in Rome! The couple of times I have gambled I really just want to be comfortable. I am hardly a high roller so no need to be dressed to the nines. At the same time, I am in Vegas and want to be stylish morning, noon and night. I love me a jumpsuit, rompers and the like. I was not sure if I wanted to get on the overall trend but I think this cut with a  more culotte pant is a real winner. (Confession: I bought this while writing this post and cannot wait for it to come). I imagine a denim jumpsuit to be super comfortable and totally on trend while winning all the money you are are going to spend that night. You can accessorize it with the same shades you wore at the pool, because c'mon they are amazing. I think this look calls for a delicate gold bracelet, that no one does better than Gorjana, and these mule slip ons. I love these strappy mules. The neutrals get me every time.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Aria


Nightlife by mcainmoss featuring crossbody handbags

Dress| Endless Rose
Bracelet| House of Harlow
Earrings| Bauble Bar
Clutch| Sole Society
Shoes| ASOS

When writing this post I knew I wanted to use this look. I used this dress for my birthday this year. I love it so much and need an excuse to wear it again. Aria has some gorgeous restaurants and bars. It also appears to be opening a nightclub soon. When I think of Vegas aside from gambling I also think of the nightclubs. I want to experience it, just once. An LBD is perfect anywhere and this one is totally backless. Although may be conservative in the front is not in the back. The print and cut of this dress is such that it does not require much else. You could do a completely clean look if you wanted to but I just couldn't help myself. Ear crawlers are my jam right now. I love these and how glam they look. Perfect for Vegas and very few other places. I would not want to mess with the silhouette by adding a dangly earring. In my first Rocksbox I got an rocker bracelet and thought I would want something similar from House of Harlow. I love the antique gold on both of these pieces. Also, let's talk shoes. It's Vegas, it's night time we need a killer shoe. I saw these and LOVE the high cut in the front. So simple, chic and a real statement shoe. OH! The clutch. I believe if you stay in the same color you can mix textures, which is the inspiration for the fringe clutch. Fringe? Check. Clutch? Check. Mine? Check.

What do you think? How would you style your Vegas trip? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Monday Round Up: Motorcylces + Lace

Happy Monday! Some Mondays are ok to go back to work, but this one is not. This weekend was so relaxing and gorgeous the last thing I want to do is sit inside of an office. Blerg. Oh well, I am looking forward to more gorgeous days now that Spring has officially sprung around here.

Friday was a pretty chill day. After work I hit up the gym and my friendly neighborhood Ulta. My cousin Candice, She's Leaning In, has been raving about Too Faced's Peanut Butter and Jelly palette. After some looks she created this week I was sold. I was rewarding myself for not spending much this week by spending. Makes sense, right? Well, here's the deal: I love it. I literally got the last one in the store. Whew! I won't do any tutorials because I couldn't hold a candle to Candice. If and when she does one (I am trying to get her to, help me beg) I will point you to it. That night we drove up to a motorcycle store to get me a real helmet.  Saturday we planned to go riding with some friends. Last year I used a friend's old one that D spray painted to have a bull breathing fire through his nostrils.

Let that image sink in.

Needless to say I needed a new one. The store we went to was pretty far cause D needed something for the bike too. We headed back to the cities for a drink at our favorite bar, Donny Dirk's, and then headed home and crashed early. This will become a theme.

Saturday we went for a ride. We met up with our friends's and his parents for a bit of a trek in Stillwater. Saturday was super gorgeous here. Sunny and 70s all day. We drove down through Red Wing, into Wabasha and across the river into Wisconsin at Pepin. Our official destination was The Pickle Factory aptly named for their deep friend pickles. Unlike most places that cut them into chips they deep fry a whole spear. They were kind of hard to eat but totally delicious. It was also right on Lake Pepin and given it was such a beautiful day it was perfect for pictures :) All in all we were probably riding for about 5-6 hours. It was long and I was a little sore but it was fun.

By the time we got home we were pretty tired. I debated maybe having a fire but after about an hour I completely lost all my energy. We spent the evening cuddling with our pups and watching Friday Night Lights. We also turned in early. See? Theme.

Sunday I managed to convince D to go to brunch. After dinner at The Copper Hen a couple of weeks ago I was dying to go back for brunch. The site said to make reservations but when we got there about 9:30 there did not appear to be a need for one. Oh well, we sat down right away. Sunday was another sunny and warm day so I got use out of my new lace, cold shoulder dress (details below).  I learned they have bottomless mimosas so I was hooked. D ordered a bloody mary and it came with a small cupcake, so cute. I settled on the omelette and although a little dry , I added some hot sauce and we were good. And the mimosas, don't forget the mimosas. Up the street was a Spyhouse Coffee, which I love so we went there too. 

We headed home and then promptly got in our truck because D wanted to run a couple of errands. I was just happy to be outside. I figure if I have to be in an office all week I will soak up as much sun as possible. When we got home D worked on the yard and I cleaned up the house a bit before settling in to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I am almost done and I love it so hard.

That was my weekend. Pretty chill overall right? Perfect weekend basically. This look today I am pretty excited about. If you follow me you know I really love off the shoulder and cold shoulder look. I saw this dress at Primp a few weeks ago. I tried it on and it was magic.  It is one of those fantastic pieces that needs very little. I added my favorite marble pendant necklace from local shop Sisu. These flats from Target are amaze. They are from the Dolce Vita collection at Target. Their stuff is on point. Add some small studs and a great crossbody and you have the perfect brunch look. I wore this dress all day and it was so comfortable. It was lined so I did not have to worry too much about how shear it might be. I would wear this dress every day all summer if I could. You could easily dress this up or even pair it with a great pair of lace up sandals for either a night out or day shopping. I plan to live in this. What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Dress| Primp (similar / similar)
Necklace| Sisu (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target
Bag| Target (similar / similar)

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