It's Friyay folks! I am ready for the freakin' weekend. I had kind of a strange week, but also want to talk about my newest Birchbox so I will do a quick week in review and then we'll get to it.

On Tuesday I took a half day from work. The school I work at had some standardized testing all day so I couldn't meet with kids anyway. It just so happens the Minnesota Twins had a noon game that day. I begged and pleaded for D to take the half day with me. I finally convinced him and we had a good time. Unfortunately it was not that warm or sunny, nor did we win. Somehow we had an amazing time anyway. We had pretty good seats and honestly who wouldn't want to watch a baseball game in the middle of week? Go Twins!

Target field is the most gorgeous stadium!

Great afternoon

Mr. Mauer (and birthday boy) if you please

Afterwards we decided to grab an early dinner, cause we are 100 years old and we eat dinner at 4:00. What is my life?! Downtown Minneapolis is a goofy place sometimes. Either it is really nice, or college bars. Very few in between places. We started walking towards one place and stumbled upon a new place called City Works. We thought we would give it a shot, cause why not? The inside is very modern, lots of copper and wood. Tons of beers on tap, all along the bar back. Basically a bar and grill but the food was pretty good. I was easily go back for a drink. A welcome addition to downtown. 

Thursday was a super weird day here in the Minneapolis. An icon and music legend Prince died at his home in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Really when I think about it he could not have orchestrated a better day to die. Hear me out, I know it sounds weird. He died in his home, from his home state of Minnesota, on a rainy day ( Purple Rain, anyone?) and one after he did a show on Saturday at Paisley Park. I mean, you could not plan it better. Minnesota and Minneapolis in particular mourned all day. He was from here, lived here and honored his home state. He put First Ave on the map,  and the Minneapolis music scene for that matter. I won't pretend that I was a Prince fanatic but I think every Minnesotan as proud of what he achieved and I honor what he did for music. I respect his authenticity and unabashed genuine expression of self. It was truly  a sad day for music lovers, particularly for Minnesotans who are proud to call him one of us. Everyone has a Prince story if you are from  Minnesota.  It is a strange way to bring others together but also comforting in a time of sorrow. First Ave put together an all night dance party and it stretched into the streets of downtown. It was amazing to see and don't know when I will ever see the like of it again. Sorry to get so heavy, but this death in particular really struck me. #RIPPrince

I-35W Bridge is Purple for Prince

Thursday night D and I met up with my parents and sister for dinner and drinks. We went to local favorite Anchor Fish & Chips. Now I don't like seafood but they have non-seafood on the menu. My rule is "nothing from the sea" so I got a sausage. The food there really is awesome. Then we went to local brewery Dangerous Man for some drinks before they closed at 10:00 PM. Really? 10? C'mon. But it was fun. The older I get the more I appreciate time with my family. We had a great time.

This month they collaborated with Rifle Paper Co and was stupid excited. I did the upgraded box version after  watching the video for it. I LOVE Rifle Paper Co. so I had high hopes for this. Let's get started.

The first time I used this I broke the bottle. I don't know what kind of Hulk-like strength I manifested when I initially used this, but it popped on the side. This was upsetting because it was the perfect travel size for my purse. What I found out after is there was a little tinfoil covering (what?!) which is why it popped. I did get to try it a bit. It will absolutely moisturize your hands. No doubt it my mind. It was a little too moisturizing for me. You know when it gets greasy? Yea it did that a bit. Maybe in the heart of Winter I need that kind of moisture, but not in Spring and cereain not in the summer.
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I had really high hopes for this. People rave about Dr. Jart products. It took me a minute to figure out what contour cream meant. I was imagining contour powder. Turns out it is more about filling in fine lines and tightening the skin. I used it for about 2 weeks and gotta be honest, I did not see a difference. I have been using an anti-aging moisturizer for a while that I do think works. I know this because when I did not bring it for 10 days to Fiji I saw more lines. It was scary, let me tell you.  This was a big no bueno.
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This was another no good product. Fellow blogger She's Leaning In, told me that Birchbox and Parlour worked out some kind of deal, which is why we keep getting it in our boxes. I didn't really notice a difference. It's not bad as in not leaving a lot of that 'product' like feeling in your hair (you know what I mean, right??) At the same time it didn't actually do anything, so no dice.
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My fellow beauty mavens are always on me about getting a make up remover. I am a soap and water gal. I have tried make up removers before and I like them fine, but it is one more thing to buy and frankly soap and water works just fine. It's really more of an issue with the eyeliner and mascara. But I gave this liquid remover a try. I put it on a cotton pad and swiped it across my lid. Then I did it again. And again. At the end of the day it worked but I had to use more solution than I would like to. A long time ago Birchbox sent a sample of the perfect solution where I literally swiped once, ONCE and it worked. I wish I could remember it. This isn't convincing me to stop my soap/water routine, but if you like a remover this will do the trick.
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This was the hero item for me. When I first saw it I was worried that it was a blush they sent me before. But it wasn't. This has some gold flecks mixed it and it's gorgeous! Just in time for summer. It goes on so perfectly. The color saturation is just right, I don't feel like I needed to apply too much or have to be too delicate with the color either. This perfect for summer. It is a soft pink and the gold makes it just shimmer. I love this. I will buy it when mine runs out.
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There ya have it! I know I say this every month, but this may be the month I cancel again. I just don't get wowed as much as I would like. I was really hopeful with the collab with Rifle Paper Co, but not super impressed. What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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