Happy Monday ladies and gents. (Are there gents reading this blog? If so, welcome!) 

Another Monday, another round up. I will warn you this will be short as my weekend was both boring and short. Friday night we had some friends over. Months and months ago we bought some kits to make our own wine and we both A) procrastinated making it and B) needed to drink enough wine to have some bottles to put it in. We finally had enough and we finally had time. Also, after all the home renovations I wanted to show off my house, I cannot tell a lie. What I did not know is it takes no time at all to make. Literally about an hour. Now it has to ferment and be bottled but still, way faster than beer brewing. Perfect for me. These friends it felt like we have not seen in forever so it was good to catch up.

Saturday I had grand plans. D was going out of town so I try to keep myself really busy when he is gone. I planned gym time, shopping and hanging with a friend. But all did not go as planned. I did get to the gym but later than I hoped. I did get to do some really brief shopping but my parents stopped over for a bit to see the renovations so I did not get to do all that I hoped and I did not get to see my friend. I spent Saturday night by myself on the couch. Super lame. Every time D goes out of town all my friends are busy. Every. time. Ugh. Not my favorite Saturday.

Sunday I had plans to go to dinner at my parents. I got up and went to the gym and then popped over to Victoria's Secret because I had a $10 off coupon. My sister works for them and she told me they had a good special going on that you could get any of their sports bras for $25 if you bought a bra. I wanted to get in and take advantage of that. This put me a little behind time wise but I did get over for dinner. Sunday was in the 60s in temps here, woot woot! I broke out the shorts. I am a Minnesota gal and 60s is shorts weather. I also got to see my little niece, who was hilarious. She was in a great mood and basically laughed all day.  Overall a pretty decent Sunday.

This weekend we definitely experienced some unseasonable chilly weather. I am not totally ready to commit to a serious jacket so I pulled out my jean jacket and this scarf. For a long time I had these Hi-top Moccasin sneakers from Vans on my wishlist. I just so happened to be checking my list the other day to find these were sold out! I briefly panicked but quickly checked Zappos and Amazon thinking they would for sure have them. Sadly, they did not. I scoured the internet for the next 24 hours and they were sold out everywhere.  Finally I stumbled upon End Clothing. They had two sizes left. Now they are a UK retailer dealing in men's sizing. I had to convert from UK sizes to US Mens to US Womens. I checked several times and huzzah! They had my size! They only had two sizes left. I am proud to say I love them. My very first pair of Vans and such a unique shoe. I can see these with shorts for Summer and cropped pants for Spring and Fall. Very happy with this purchase.  

Jean Jacket| JustUsa (similar / similar)
Top| Loft (similar / similar)
Pants| Gap (similar / similar)
Scarf| Primp (similar / similar)
Shoes| Vans (similar / similar)

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