Monday Round Up: Fashion Week to Infinity

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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather around here was basically gorgeous the whole time and I took full advantage of it. We were out and about all weekend, mostly Saturday. I tried to take lots of pictures so this is going to be a picture heavy post, so get ready! 

Spring with Shein + #H54F

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Hallelujah, it's Friday! Who is ready for this weekend? This girl! It's been a long week at the same time the weather has finally turned around and it's been glorious. I have definitely enjoyed the change got to open the windows and air out the house! Fresh air is well needed at this point!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I have a bunch of fun plans from seeing the new Avengers: Infinity War movie to some more Fashion Week events with my main fashion gal! Sunday the weather is supposed to be beautiful. We are talking like 70s! I am  planning on getting myself outdoors to enjoy it! Be sure to follow along on instagram too! It will be fun, I promise ;) 

I debated doing a H54F style post but, honestly, this week was so boring I will not bore you. Instead, what I will do is show you some great items in celebration of the warming temps. It's also almost May so it's about time, right?

Recently I have seen more and more ads for Shein, and the clothes looked really cute. I hesitated because I prefer to try on items before I buy online. Then I saw this shirt with the little cactus on it and just about died it's so cute. Plus, it was $8 so the investment to risk ratio seemed low. When it arrived I was legitamately impressed by the quality. Everything on the site is totally reasionable, basically guilt free shopping. 

I super loved this top with the little cactus detail and the tie front is still very on trend. This shirt also comes in pink for those of you who may prefer a brighter color. I would size up if you are on the taller size, as it is a bit short on me. I really into embroidery on tees right now, like a litte insignia. With a high waisted pant or short it works beautifully though. I also recently picked up these shorts and I really loved the contrast with the light top and darker bottoms. Super comfy shorts too that I think make this look stand out. I easily could see layering over a long cardigan for a cooler spring/summer day or even a block heel to dress it up. I will probably be living in this look all summer long.

Top| Shein
Shorts| Just Black (similar/ similar )
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)

In lieu of a H54F I wanted to pull a few super adorable pieces from Shein for you guys. For someone who loves neutral colors I really loved the pop of red in thsi ruffle top. Palm prints are everything right now and this dress is a sublte way to rock it! 


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Coffee Date

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Two weekends ago Minnesota suffered from a literal April blizzard. Whiteout conditions and at least around us we got 18 inches of snow. Why do we live here? Ugh. The biggest bummer was that I had plans to meet up with a new friend that I had to cancel. We rescheduled for last Sunday and I was so pumped!

Monday Round Up: Fashion Week MN

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Happy Monday loves! I had a great and busy weekend! So much so I wanted to break it up into a couple of parts. The weather actually started to take a turn around here (hallelujah!) and we definitely started to take advantage of it. I am feeling a bit more invigorated with the warmer temps. I think we had some serious cabin fever and statewide irritability because Spring had not sprung. However, I think we are finally ready to rock n'roll here so let's get to it!

Monday Round Up: Hunter Boots X Target

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Happy Monday! I wish I was as happy on a Spring Monday as I should be, but here's the thing. We had a literal blizzard all weekend. All. Weekend. I am talking whiteout conditions, ice on the roads, and cars in ditches. We mostly camped out at home but did have to venture out briefly so today's post will be short and sweet.

Friday I left work a little early because I worked really late on Wednesday. Thank goodness I did too. I had to run quickly to Target before picking up Reese from daycare. It was cold and I was expecting rain or snow at some point so I went quickly. I did notice, I almost forgot, that the HunterxTarget collaboration was dropping the next day and I saw them setting it up. By the time I left the store, it was starting to apparently sleet and by the time I got into my car it was straight hail. On the way it home it started more to rain and soon after snow. And it never stopped. It is April, right? I am not involved in some Truman Show style prank, right? We definitely camped in on Friday and rented the new Star Wars movie before hitting the hay.

Saturday I woke up with a crazy migraine. I was supposed to meet up with an Instagram friend, but with my migraine and the terrible weather, I had to cancel. We also had my mom's birthday that night so I wanted to rest up for that. It snowed Have I told you that it was a blizzard? A serious January style blizzard. Honestly, if it was not for our truck and four-wheel drive we never would have gone. You could hardly see in front of you and it was a little freaky. We did make it safely, but we had to stop at the store because I thought we were going to run out of diapers. That was interesting as the exit ramp had not been plowed at all. We did make it to my parents to celebrate my mother and my brother-in-law's birthdays. Thankfully we did plan to do it at the house anyway so our plans did not have to change. We had dinner and cake, sang happy birthday and talked. Sometimes it is just nice to be at your parent's house catching up with family. 

Sunday, shocker, it snowed again. It slowed up that morning so D was able to plow but then it got right back at it. There are no words here. We decided to spend the snowy weekend working on transition Reese to one nap per day. She really struggled Sunday with some unfortunate incidents culminating in her getting sick. We suspect this was what was happening all day. Fingers crossed she is better today.

With the snow this weekend we did not get many places, nor was I able to take pictures outside. Le sigh. In our brief excursion to Target, I took a look at their collaboration with Hunter collaboration. I was really excited about this. I had a couple items I wanted for me and I wanted to snag some boots for Reese, if Spring ever shows up. I got there and items that they said were going to be there were not and some items were sold out online. However, if you are able to find some definitely worth it. I found the one sweatshirt I really wanted. I know a white sweatshirt is a risk with a baby and two dogs but I could not help myself. I love the cropped silhouette and the chain detail down the arm. The material is almost like a scuba fabric but more flexible and thin. If Spring shows up this will be perfect for the cooler temps without overheating. I decided to show two ways I would style this.

First a more casual, athleisure styling. These pants are also from Target so the whole look is inexpensive. I like the mimicking stripes on the pants as well for some symmetry, definitely gives more of the athletic vibe. At the time time, I paired with these sneakers with the metallic back to keep it from being too much of a gym look. I added some small details with the necklace and watch for just a hint of bling without going overboard.

Sweatshirt| Target
Joggers| Target
Shoes| JustFab (similar / similar)
Necklace| Anthropologie

If you wanted to dress up the look they would easily pair with high waisted jeans like these.  I like the darker jean to add some contrast to the bright white top. When the temps warm up you could do a lighter wash too for Summer. I would cuff my jeans, I am really into that right now, and pair with some funky booties like these ones. I added a little more dramatic earring and my sparkly watch to make it more night time appropriate.

Sweatshirt| Target
Jeans| Express (similar / similar)
Shoes| Quipid (similar / similar)
Watch | Fossil (similar / similar)

What do you think? How would you wear this? Leave me a comment below!

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Chichen Itza, Florals + #H54F

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Happy Friday! Finally, the weekend, am I right? Gosh, coming back to work after a great vacation and that the weather here is just awful has made for a rough week. Plus I had to work late some days so I am pretty spent. With that in mind, I plan to keep this post short and to the point today. Sound ok?

Experience Playa Shopping

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Typically on vacation I just cannot sit still for seven straight days. We knew we had one plan ( I will talk more about that on Friday) but were waiting to see what else was available when we got down there. Turns out, when we got there we really just wanted to lay around. I had heard about some great shopping in downtown Playa del Carmen and when we decided we needed a little break from the sun we ventured out there.

Monday Round Up: Playa Adventures

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Annnnnnnd I'm back! Thanks all for your patience and following along on instagram while I was away. I really debated with myself about prepping posts while I was gone, but as a working mom there just was not the time for that. I thought that better wait until I come back and can share it all with you. I am going to spend the week detailing my trip and sharing the details of the fashion I showed on my Instagram! Today is going to be about the hotel and beach/pool days!