Monday Round Up: National Ice Cream Cake Month

Happy Monday! I had a busy weekend (do I say this every week? But it's true!). We had a gorgeous weather weekend here, all three days. So rare lately, we have gotten a lot of rain and clouds. I really wanted to take advantage of all of it. 

But first, this little lady turned 5 months old on Friday. She is getting bigger all the time. When I look back at all her other pictures I can't believe how much she has changed in such a short time. It's so bizarre. She really is a good baby, we cannot complain. Really strong and curious too, I love that about her.

Friday I had no appointments for work so I spent the day doing work from home, which is good and bad of course. But I at least accomplished one of the major things I needed to be done. Afterwards, I got a long overdue massage and it felt amaze! My back has basically been all screwed up since Reese and the massage was step one in the process.

Saturday was a really busy day. I had a little bit of work in the AM then we took some of our friends on the boat. It was a crazy hot day so being on the water was nice. This is also a friend who, unfortunately, I don't get to spend as much time with as I'd like. It was great to catch up and relax on the water. That night D and some friends brewed some beer. We normally keg but with me being pregnant and just getting so busy. It's nice to get going again. My sister and niece came over too and it was fun for the cousins to interact. 

Sunday we met up with some other friends for a little dinner and motorcycle riding. We rode into Forest Lake to go this place Meet Market. Great sandwiches and burgers. Huge sandwiches I should say, I had to bring half of mine home. Cute little place too. We rode down through Hwy 61 (if you aren't from here it's the highway that existed before the big freeway, basically runs through the cities almost all the way up the border) all the way through Stillwater and headed home. I haven't ridden in a long time so I need to get my riding legs back, but it was fun and a gorgeous day. I didn't even need a sweatshirt while we were riding. All an all a great weekend. 

Oh! And we were home in time for Game of Thrones. Who else is watching?

P.S. Did anyone know it was National Ice Cream Cake month in July? I had no idea, but I ain't gonna fight it. When we had people over on Saturday I figured we had to break out something fun and what better than an ice cream cake? When we were kids you were lucky if maybe, maybe one of your friends had an ice cream cake ate their birthdays. Well, we are adults now and I saw a Saturday evening with friends is celebration enough ;) And it being National Ice Cream Cake month to boot? Who knew there was such a thing? Not me. Will I argue? Nope.

We cut into the Carvel Oreo cake , because I cannot resist and oreo, and it was pretty delicious. Saturday was a hot night so and an ice cream, cake hit the spot. Definitely big enough for a seven or so of us that there were. 

What little celebration are you having that could add a little ice cream cake? Find out where to get yours here

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JORD Watch, A Giveaway +#h54f Link Ups

Happy Friday ladies and gents! I say this periodically, but do gents read this blog? If so, leave me a comment I would love to know. Today of all days would be a good one for gents to pay attention. I am going to skip the normal course of business this week but it's for a good reason I promise! :cough: giveaway :cough:

Lately, I have been trying to update my accessories game. It seems like one of the last things I think about after I get dressed but so critical as well. An accessory can really make or break a look. It can also completely transform a look. The right piece can bring something from day to night or from casual to edgy. Now, I can easily find a good necklace or pair of earrings they are everywhere. But the right watch? It's so hard to choose. 

Now I say all this but I do get caught in my "go-to" pieces. I dress pretty casual most days, especially in the summer and with my job a watch is absolutely essential. A daytime, go-to watch has got to be light and easy, preferably with more neutral tones. That basically means it's a versatile piece that I know goes with the majority of my closet. Enter JORD  (pronounced YODE). It's a chain watch but made of wood. How cool is that? So unique and I really have never seen anything like it. Do I sound like an infomercial? Maybe. But it's true! It is so light I honestly forget I am wearing it most days. 

I am always looking for an accessory that not everyone has. It's never fun to roll into a party or hanging out with your friends and have the same piece. I like to stand out a little bit, guilty of that for sure. 

I, personally, love to wear this to work. I like to keep it casual. I think the brown tones of this wood read a little day time to me. I also find myself wearing more warm colors in the summer and I think this pairs perfectly with that. My favorite way to wear it so far is with an easy summer dress, denim jacket and sandals. Keeping with the warm colors this whole look just feels the epitome of easy summer style.

Watch| c/o Jord

Ready to get in on the action? I am so excited to share this giveaway with you! One person will win $100 towards a JORD watch 


Every other entry will win $25 towards a watch!

Pretty cool, right? Enter the give away here and the giveaway runs until August 20th! 

What's your favorite watch? Take a look at all the options here

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Jailhouse Rock

After I was editing the photos for this post I realized that I look a little Elvis a la Jailhouse Rock. Not really the worst comparison, but I would like to think I modernized it. I have been following this online boutique Alice & Wonder for a while now. I have been oogling their stuff but didn't quite feel ready to commit because I couldn't try on. A few months ago I saw they got a storefront in Chicago, where they are based, and was ecstatic. Over the 4th of July I go there to visit my cousins and I made sure we stopped in. I basically wanted to buy everything but I  limited myself. I found this top. Black and white? Stripes? Hello...mine. Could a shirt be anymore made for me? (#chandlerbing) I am also a big fan of the knotted look. I basically put this on and was like "can I wear this out?" I love it. It can pair with shorts or jeans so super versatile. I love these jeans too I would wear them every day if I could and I think they are the perfect casual pairing with this top. When I got home from Chicago I regretted not buying these shoes. I had been wanting them and when I got to the store I balked.  I got home and knew I had to have them. In the inspo photo they paired them with black jeans and it was like a light bulb went of. They may be pink, but the studs make them edgy. 

"Number forty-seven said to number three
'You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see
I sure would be delighted with your company
Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me"

Top| Alice + Wonder
Jeans| Express (similar / similar)
Shoes| Alice + Wonder
Bracelet| Rachel Zoe (similar / similar)

What do you think? Leave me a comment below!

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Monday Round Up: Busy nights + Kimono Days

Happy Monday! I had a crazy busy weekend with plans basically every day. It was a fun weekend but not a lot of breathing room for sure. I did manage to squeeze in a few pictures. Be sure always to follow along on my instastory (@mymonochromaticlife) as I use it a lot on the weekends. I also have some really exciting things coming up on the blog so stay tuned!

So Friday night we were celebrating one of my good friend's birthdays. We got there a little late, D was running late from work and Reese was being a bit of a pill. We got there and I think it was a combo of sleepy/hungry/big group of people and she freaked out something fierce. It took a little bit and a slow introduction but eventually she calmed down and showed the sweet little side of her. At my friend's house they have a projector and  a big screen so we watch movies outside, which is super fun. We screened Moanna, because we are adults. It was awesome and I loved it.

On Saturday we were go, go, go. I had to do a little work in the morning then we had D's family reunion that afternoon. Every summer his dad's side gets together for a day of sun, food and games. It was a smaller crew this year but that's ok. Lots of little kids this year. They do a lot of relay games, of which I am a spectator, and they are all good sports about it. Competitive, but good sports.

That night my dad and I went to see The New Standards, which is a local band made up of three former punk/rock guys who do jazz covers of rock and pop songs. We have seen them a bunch of times and they are good every time. They definitely did not disappoint this time. We saw the later show and they were a little looser so it was super fun.  It was also one of the guy's birthdays so thy were having a bit of fun around that and we all sang him Happy Birthday! Plus, I get to spend time with my dad, which is always fun.

Sunday we had two of my niece's birthday including, one of which was her first birthday. They oldest one turned eight, which blows my mind. We have lots of nieces and nephews now so things get a little crazy. But they are all good kids and it is fun to watch them all play, it is so reminiscent of my childhood with all my cousins so it is cute to watch. Of course the littlest niece ate some cake and got it all over herself. She had a great time and that is the most important.

I wanted to share my birthday party look. I wanted to keep it casual because it was daytime but still chic. I got this kimono from my Rachel Zoe Box of Style and I love it but am having a hard time making it work for me. It is such a statement piece I need some basics underneath. Enter my favorite color: black. These Madewell shorts I bought forever ago and I would love in them if I could. The perfect length and so comfortable. Elastic waistband? Yes please! This tank is also an oldie but a goodie. I bought it forever ago, but it's that mixed media type fabric in the front so super simple but more than the average casual tank. Throw on a pendant necklace and some great sandals and I was good to go!

Kimono| Helen Quinn
Top| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Shorts| Madewell (similar / similar
Sandals| Target

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + #H54F

Happy Friday party people! Guess what day it is? Nordstrom anniversary sale today. Not a whole lot happened this week so I thought I would forgo a boring update about work and baby to bring you my favorite picks from the big sale. 

I have never done this before and I won't lie, I did not go through all 45 pages. About half way through I realized most of it was picked over and/or ugly so I knew I did not need to include that. I broke them down into categories for convenience. Ready, set, go!

For me, jeans and pants were the big winners here. Starting with this wide leg cropped jean. I am desperate for this style and will be picking this up for myself for sure. I was hesitant post-pregnancy, not sure where my body would be. However, now I know and I am in. I also LOVE these spanx leggings. I already own these but am a total convert. I want all women to get on board. These are so comfortable and amazing to keep me in place. Everyone needs these and it's a screaming deal.


I had a harder time finding tops I liked. A lot of plain jane stuff that was not worth the right home about. I am pretty obsessed with this cardigan. I am a sucker for a comfy cardi to pair with all my transitional items. I also love this peplum jacket. I mean? So much good here. Also a jumpsuit for good measure. Super chic.

tops & Dresses

I am in love with sneakers. I really want to add a classic vans to my closet so these might be great. But also this super chic sneaker. I don't need any more sneakers but it isn't really about need, right?

one / two

A  few great accessories to add. Backpacks are still fun, if I did not have one for a diaper bag I might swipe this. I love the ease of a backpack so your hands are free. I also have a BKR water bottle and love it. Down with plastic and get on board.


one  / two


Last but not least beauty. I have a butter nail polish I love so this set is a great mix of easy colors for any occasion. Also, my cousin got me into Charlotte Tillbury. I really love the mix of nudes. I need some good ones for summer and into fall.


one / two
three / four

What are your favorite picks?

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Glam It Up

It's glam day around here. I really feel like I go in stages in exploring different sides of my fashion self. Sometimes I am all about jeans and a tee shirt, other time I want to dress to the nines. I am in a glam mood these days. I bought these pants awhile ago because I was desperate for this style. I just can't stop wearing these pants. They are really comfortable and given my new shape it helps create an hourglass shape that I never had before and certainly don't now. But hey, it's all in the styling right?  This is probably my favorite way to wear these pants now. When I got this top from my most recent Stitch Fix I knew these were a match made in glam heaven. The contrast colors on the top pair perfect with the chicness of these trousers. With this bold print, you don't need much, but a glam gal needs to add. This fan necklace has become a favorite lately, adding that sparkle without taking away from clothes. Mix in my incognito sunnies from RAAN sunglasses and these block heels that just won't quit, I have my new favorite look for work.

Top| Glamorous (similar / similar )
Pants| Express
Necklace| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Shoes| Charming Charlie (similar / similar)
Sunglasses| RAAN 

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