Happy Monday all! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We have a pretty great one so I cannot complain. I also thought I took more pictures....but I didn't so this will be short today.

Friday was a pretty chill day. We worked all day and then a friend from out of town came and we had dinner at our favorite local pizza place.  Afterward, we ended up renting movie and staying in. It was kind of nice to just hang out. We put the little lady to bed and cuddled with the pups like old times. They were pretty happy about it. We rented Power Rangers because D wanted to. It was all right.... 

Saturday I got up early to do some work and so we could do what we spent the rest of the weekend doing...hanging on our boat!!

Saturday was gorgeous! Warm and super sunny. One of our friends was here from out of town and we took him a nearby lake. We only were able to go out for a couple of hours, which was enough because I got real burned. We intended to go to another friend's going away party but last minute our sitter had to cancel and we could not find anyone else. Instead we took Reese to our friend's house who also has a little baby and hung out with them, which was pretty fun too.

Sunday we planned to take a bunch of our friends on the boat. When we woke up Reese had just a small fever, although her behavior was totally normal. After waiting for a bit and talking with friends we decided to go on the boat. Reese's temperature was dropping too. We spent the later afternoon on the boat. We anchored up and swam and just hung out. It was comfortable warm and so was the water. We had a little sun but it wasn't bearing down on us so it was perfect! Truly perfect Sunday.

So as a new mom I needed a different kind of swimwear. Lat year I bought this one suit and I never wore it. I went out and bought this one from Topshop, thinking I would really love it. I still do, but I think it will look better maybe next year when my body is in a place I feel a little better about. It is flattering in the love cut neckline and has a scoop back, which I love. Right now, it does not hide my stomach in the way I would prefer. If I wear it with these shorts from Target it looks pretty great, just not ready to wear it without yet. On Sunday I tried out the old Target one and for now, it is the better option. A little more support in the bust and the lines are more figure flattering. I did wear it with the shorts but also felt totally comfortable without. I rocked my sunglasses from Gap that I am totally obsessed with and my baseball cap I got when we were in Seaside two Springs ago. This will officially be my beach staple outfits this summer for boating!


Swimsuits by mcainmoss featuring cotton baseball hats

Topshop / Nordstrom / Gap / Target / Target

Any other mommas out there with a favorite post-baby bod swim gear? Would love to know other great options.

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