I keep meaning to do a post about my Maybelline Blush Palette however, my face has decided to attack me so I don't think it is a great idea to do a beauty shot. So stay tuned, it will be coming. In the meantime it's mask time. I did some reading that elements of Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil. Witch Hazel is meant to I address the redness and Tea Tree Oil to reduce the swelling. I headed out to my friendly neighborhood Target to try to find Witch Hazel and anything else to dry up the impending doom crater on my face. I found a clay mask (another recommendation) from Que Bella. I used a Que Bella mask a few months ago and was pretty satisfied. It was a pretty quick mask,only 15 minutes. Although when the clay dried I looked like I had grayscale from Game of Thrones. I laughed to myself when I thought about that....I am probably a nerd.

The mask went on easily, actually I was worried I had too much but at this point the more to help the better. Afterwards my skin felt pretty smooth. I noticed a  mild decrease in the swelling but the redness was still there. To assist in this I used my favorite acne treatment ever, Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot treatment. This is my favorite treatment to use when my skin is under attack. It works quickly to treat acne. I always looks for something with salicylcic acid. It's the best for treatment of acne. So by using the same rating scale I used when I reviewed the Dr.Jart mask , I give the Que Bella mask a 7 out of 10,mostly because it made me make a GOT reference, and that's the best, because I'm a nerd and that show is awesome. Jon Snow is totally alive, right? Right?