I am still obsessing with the jumpsuit I wore over the weekend. I loved it so much and got lots of compliments on it. I was a little nervous at first to wear it, as it is a bit of a statement, but after a few reassuring words it is easily one of the most comfortable and fashionable pieces in my closet. Also, still looking for suggestions at other places to wear this.

I was a bit behind the game on this show but now, it's on! I did not watch the first season in real time so Derek and I binge watched a few weeks ago. The first season was pretty epic and the second season is building up to some pretty dark stuff. And episode 2? What the what?!! I do not want to spoil but if you do not have HBO it is time to get on board.

On Wednesday my friend and I headed to Primrose Park for a little shopping fun. She was hosting tonight with the people of Live & Love MN and Senn & Sons. I got to me Kim from Senn & Sons and she was lovely. Primrose had 20% off plus meeting them and wine? We were there! Another fantastic Minneapolis evening and I came away with some great stuff!

I am in my old stomping grounds of Chi-town today. I have family in the area and it is where I went to Grad school. Derek and I have solid plans of hitting up our old favorite hotspots before partying with the fam for the 4th. My cousins throw a big party each 4th of July and it is always a lot of fun. My Chicago family is 100% Italian so imagine Goodfellas without the killing and crime. It's pretty fun and they are always a good time.

Everyone celebrates the fourth a different way. Some people BBQ, some people spend the day on the water, some spend it with Goodfellas ;) I put together a couple selections for each occasion ranging from a day on the lake to a classier picnic. I have to say Target appears to be the go-to place. They have a ton of American related items for low cost. No sense in spending a lot of money for one day. J. Crew Factory also came up good in my search due to the patriotic color selection of the summer styles. I speckled in a few accessories such as star spangled jewelry, shoes and a fun turban but a local artisan. Enjoy! How are you spending your holiday? Leave me a comment below!

Fourth of July

Fourth of July by mcainmoss featuring pendants & necklaces

Left                                                             Center                                           Right
Turban| Rayna Jaye                                       Hat| J. Crew Factory                      Earrings| Nasty Gal
Sunglasses| Target                                         Tank| Target                                  Necklace| J. Crew Factory
Swimsuit| Target                                            Shorts| Target                                Shirt| Target
Cover Up| Everything but Water                    Shoes| Nordstrom                          Shorts|J. Crew Factory
Sandals| Zappos                                                                                                  Shoes| Gap

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