I have been loving that rompers have stayed in style over the last few years. I was unsure when they first cropped up a few years ago how I felt, but true to most trends I warmed up. The hard part in a romper for me is the fit. When something is one piece it often does not sit where it is supposed to. I tend to have a long torso and long legs. I know, I know...my family always makes fun of me when I complain about this but it does make things difficult when things are sized to fit someone three inches shorter than me. When I tried this on it fit perfectly. I was originally looking for an outfit to wear to my friend's bachelorette party in case my jumpsuit did not work out, but it did. I told myself I would return this if I did not need it, but as you can see I clearly needed this ;) . It is hands down the most comfortable piece in my wardrobe right now and it does everything I want it to do. It hides everything I want hidden and highlights only the good parts, it's black (hello, have we met?) and light weight which equals perfect for a hot summer day. I thought this would be the perfect outfit for an afternoon in Chicago and it was. I took these pictures in our old stomping grounds next to a house I always coveted. Sometimes I really miss living there. I paired it with my favorite pair of wedges and my summer trademark delicate necklaces from local favs Primp and Primrose Park boutiques. It was a fantastic afternoon fit for a romper! 

Romper| Loft
Shoes| Target
Necklaces| Primp and Primrose Park
Watch| Marc Jacobs
Purse| Target, old , similar