So against my better judgement sometimes in the summer you will see my in pastels. I know, I know it seems against my nature and I can't disagree. But sometimes something just catches your eye and you have to go with it. This happened to me twice at a recent shopping trip to Proper & Prim. The first and moment prominent is the shirt pictured below. It has several things I love. First, it is a light weight fabric. It is mostly polyester and spandex so there is a bit of a stretch. What's great about this is that it breathes well in this painfully hot and humid summer. Second, this embroidery. I  mean, c'mon! How beautiful is this? There was no way I was leaving the store without it. I have seen few things like it and it had to be mine. I knew it would look great with these light wash jeans and my sandals. I love when I can buy something that fits right into my pre-existing wardrobe. Derek loves that too ;)

Shoes| Target
Watch| Marc Jacobs

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