I will start this post with one of my trademark confessions: My name is Meg and I am a shopaholic. Whew there, I said it. Don't we all feel more relieved? Well...I do. Half the reason I started this blog was so I had an excuse to shop more. My closet is waaay bigger now and I can thank a bunch of my favorite local boutiques. For this Friday post I decided I would highlight my five favorite local boutiques. Seriously, in order to shop and have as many unique items as I do I need my local shops. As much I love a Gap, J.Crew Factory and Banana Republic their items do not change often enough in the store. Boutiques are changing constantly as they buy a few of each item and when they are gone they're gone. It also forces me to be more decisive in my shopping because if I don't buy it then it will probably be gone later. I also love boutique shopping because you almost never run into one of those situations where someone is wearing the same shirt as you, very few things are more awkward than that. Lastly, it makes me feel fancy :) What can I say? Let's begin!

Located in: St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, Excelsior, White Bear and Woodbury

I put Primp first because it was really my first foray into boutique shopping. I honestly do not even remember how I discovered them, but there is so much I love about them. For one, they are everywhere. The St. Louis Park location is about 10 minutes from my work so I impulse buy more than I should. They have pieces for almost every occasion and always at a great price. I think I maybe saw one item there once that was $100. Everything is very reasonable. I tend to go there a lot and I am surprised they do not know me by name now. They also have great jewelry. If I need a necklace it is my go-to place. I own multiple pieces from there it's probably 1/4 of my closet. I may have a problem about shopping here, but I don't care. Here are a few pieces I have featured on the blog:

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Located in Northeast Minneapolis and Nisswa

This boutique has quickly become one of my go-to places for more girly-wear. Again, I literally do not remember how I found this place. It might have been a referral from a friend. She is a newish boutique just opened up in the Fall. I have gotten to know the owner, Jennifer, a bit and she is darling and crazy smart. Do yourself a favor and read her bio on her website, it's the quickest way to feel inadequate about your life's accomplishments. I would mostly describe this boutique as ladylike everyday. Most items I have from them would be perfect if I worked at a business casual office or for a night on the town. She also does a lot of fun girls nights so follow her instagram for updates!! 

Located in Uptown Minneapolis and Fargo

I discovered this place while searching instagram one day. They are a small shop in Uptown but super cute. They are probably more on the trendy side of the boutiques, but what is also great about them is they are shockingly low priced. Don't be mistaken though the quality of the items are good. One of my favorite tee shirts is from there. The items change regularly as well so each time I go there it's a whole new store. They are one of those stores that really utilize their instagram and it gets me every time. Be sure to follow them! P.S. I will be wearing a dress of theirs to a wedding next weekend that is fantastic so stay tuned!

Located in Woodbury

I learned about Sisu when I attended a pop-up shop  a few months ago in Maple Grove. For those of you not local, Woodbury and Maple Grove are on other sides of the world. Turns out the owner of Sisu and Primrose Park know each other. She was incredibly sweet and had a really fun energy. This energy definitely translates into her store. Her clothes are a bit more casual and relaxed. One of the clerks talked me into a 70s top, which I am obsessed with. They were also recently voted the best boutique in Woodbury so that ain't bad.

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Located in Northeast Minneapolis and Edina

Last but certainly not leas, Parc boutique. This is the resident more fashion forward shop. They love a great angle and monochromatic colors. They had my heart on the spot. I only have a few items from there because they tend to the pricier end but I always covet their pieces. They are also located around the corner from Primrose Park, so it's great to hit both in one sitting and then stop and get a drink because I am exhausted from shopping. 

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