Another Monday another round up! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as I did. It was pretty busy, but I am excited to share it all with you. First, I hope you enjoyed my two joint posts last week with Candice from She's Leaning In. We had so much fun putting together our Mother's Day post and starting our link up. I hope you enjoyed them and will be back to link up with us again!

Ok now onto the weekend. Friday night Derek and I went out to watch the Minnesota Wild game. However, it was a later game starting at 8:30 PM. We tried to go to one of our favorite bars that has been closed for several weeks, but unfortunately was still closed. Derek was super bummed because it is literally his favorite place. So instead we went to a local brewpub Dangerous Man Brewing. I really enjoy this place, it is small inside like most but has games to play and in trendy neighborhood. We had couple of beers and then went to our local pizza place to watch the  Wild play with my parents. I am happy to report the Wild  won! We only need one more game to move forward!!

Saturday I went and got my hair did by my fabulous Aunt. She has been doing my hair my entire life. I have never gone to anyone else. She is the reason my hair always looks great. Her salon is located in Woodbury, Hairitage Hous Salon. Getting my hair done is on the list of top favorite things. Afterwards I took advantage of being in Woodbury to visit a boutique I was introduced a month or so ago, Sisu. I was excited to visit because they are moving to a new location next week. I picked up a couple of things and the employee was very friendly and helpful. You'll see some of the new things soon :) Saturday night we got to go the Donny Dirk's Zombie Den, the bar we could not go to Friday night, with some friends. It's a great space and just my speed these days: quirky, quiet and quality cocktails. Unfortunately they changed the menu so the cocktails were not as good. Although our favorite bartender was there and recognized us and give us a fresh vodka sour, which was amazing. Afterwords we went to Betty dangerous country club got some drinks and ate some really good food. We topped off the night at Tony Jaro's and actually ran into an old friend which was fun.

Sunday my nephew had his first communion. My husband is is Godfather so it is fun to watch him interact with him. It is always fun to see the nieces and nephews too. After that I headed up to Duluth for child and adolescent conference with one of my friends. This Sunday started the Duluth Homegrown festival. Think SXSW on a very small scale. Any little place they can throw a band they do. My friend and I went to dinner at Pizza Luce and waited for a band. Honestly, food was amazing but the band was wierd. We did not stay long party because of the band and partly because we are old and tired. 

This weekend was still pretty chilly around here, le sigh. So I have gotten a lot of use out of my Sisu leather jacket. I picked this up on wicked sale about a month ago when a bunch of local boutiques did a pop up in at a local outdoor mall. To be honest I already had a leather jacket that I really like but when I saw this, and the price, I could not pass it up. My favorite things about this jacket is the asymmetrical zipper and the cloth detailing. My belief? Anytime you can go asymmetrical it's a good day. I also love that the bottom and the sleeves are in cloth. It's a little more comfortable and warm. Frankly, I think the boxy cut of this is flattering on any shape. I got to meet the owner and purchase this from her and I can say she is absolutely lovely. I also learned that she is friends with Jennifer of Primrose Park and I thought "no wonder I love this place!" I paired it with my black legging jeans from Gap, because black from head to toe is my jam. I also recently picked up these aviators from Target. My very first pair of aviators. I always made fun of my husband for wearing them, saying he looked like Top Gun. 10 years later I got over it ;)

Jacket: Sisu boutique / similar / similar
Shirt: Target, old / similar /similar
Jeans: Gap Legging Jean
Shoes: Target Susan Heeled Booties
Sunglasses: Target