Back to Monday, back to the grind. Is it bad I have a case of the Mondays right away on Monday morning? Maybe? Nevertheless here we are. Good news is I had a great weekend and I hope you did too. We had spring break at my work last week so I took Thursday and Friday off. Thursday I visit both of my grandma's for lunch. I spent the afternoon with them which was great because I rarely get the time to do that outside of holidays or birthdays. Friday I spent the entire day cleaning my house from top to bottom. It was in DESPERATE need of a spring cleaning and I could not take it anymore. It took for-ev-er but when it was done it felt so great. Oh! and I gave the pups baths, they were also in desperate need of it. Next time I give them a bath I will record a video for you all because it is definitely by far one of the funniest things that happen around here. On Saturday we ran a few errands and then had some of our friends over for dinner. I set a nice table, which I rarely do, but it was fun. We had a few drinks, a few laughs and overall a nice evening. I posted a few pictures of my table setting on my instagram account. Check it out here: @mymonochromaticlife

Sunday we spent Easter with my side of the family. We got all dressed up and went out to brunch. I pretty much ate my weight in food and was glad to be in a forgiving dress. Afterwards we went back to my parent's house to celebrate my momma's birthday. Her birthday is April 4th so sometimes it falls on or near Easter and she gets a bit of the shaft for birthday celebrating. Either way it was nice to spend an afternoon with my family. I was planning at first to wear a different outfit but the weather here was colder than I expected so I switched to this dress I recently bought that I am so psyched about. First of all I am loving the color. I love a teal, especially a muted teal. If you check out  my instragram you can see that that is basically the main color of my decor upstairs. Initially when I tried it on I did not have the belt and it looked like a mu mu and I a villian in an 80s comedy a la "Don't tell Mom the Babysitter's dead." The woman helping me at Banana Republic grabbed this belt and it was basically :bing: winner winner. The rest I already had in my closet, which is the benefit of only wearing several colors, everything matches. I LOVE these shoes. They are surprisingly comfortable for being so tall and because they are nude go with everything. I got a lot of compliments on this dress today and am excited to play around with it's versatility. (Pssst. we are going to Fiji in September so this has been added to my list of great tropical wear).

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1) Dress: Banana Republic (p.s. Everything is 40% off through today both online and in-store. Code:BRGOOD)

2) Shoes: LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's, old, (similar, similar)

3) Belt : Banana Republic, Roller Buck Leather Belt

4) Cardigan: Target, Merona Cardigan

5) Necklaces:Primp

6) Rings: Charming Charlie's

P.S. Banana Republic has turned out some AMAZING pieces for this spring. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to their awesomeness.