It's Friday! Cue Rebecca Black! No one likes when I sing that song but it really is a great Friday anthem. This week has been rough. Last week at this time I was in a tank top and flip flops. This week has been cold and it snowed! Snowed!! Ready for some weather turn around. Sometimes when I get real stubborn (and when I some sometimes I mean all the time) I try to force weather via my wardrobe. That is exactly what is happening today. I am dressing like it is summertime in hopes Mother Nature can take a hint. There is also a link up in this post, check out the bottom of this post for details.

I really love this look I just bought this top from Primrose Park when I hosted the girl's night I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. This is like the mullet of shirts, business in front party in the back. I love that this shirt can transition from work to play. I wore a sweater over it when I was at work and then if you go to meet friends for dinner or happy hour and take the sweater off. Underneath I picked up a lace bralette from Victoria's Secret to be a chic way to cover up the undergarments. I am a lady after all. I am also super obsessed with these old Gap Khakis. I always expect them to be less flattering but they are not! I love that. I topped it off with these mule style pumps from Target and one of the best necklaces I have ever bought from Primp boutique. 

Pants: Gap Khakis, old /similar


This week is the first official co-hosted link up with my cousin Candice from She's Leaning In. We are family so we aptly titled Tutto In Famiglia, All in the family in Italian. Couple rules:

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4) ENJOY! 

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