Good morrow! Sorry, GOT (that's Game of Thrones) started last night so I'm in a fancy mood. I hope you all had a great weekend like I did. Actually, I did a couple of cool things so this round up will be a two parter. It was a gorgeous weather weekend around here after some goofy mid-day weather on Friday and I wanted to take advantage of it. I did not have to wear a jacket all weekend so I was pretty pleased.

Today's post will focus on my Friday night. On Friday I hosted a girl night shopping event at Primrose Park in Minneapolis. I discovered this boutique a few months ago when I was walking around with a friend. I have been there multiple times since. I would describe their style as, feminine, trendy and comfortable. Everything in there has a girly flair and every knit piece is more soft and comfortable than the last. It has quickly become one of my favorite new boutiques around town. After some incessant shopping and instagramming of Primrose I got to know the owner Jennifer (read her bio on the website, she's pretty impressive.) She is incredibly lovely and friendly when you are in the store and happy to talk about the pieces. A few weeks ago she approached me about doing a girls night at the shop. It did not take long for me to say "yes!" She offered a discount to me and my friends as well as bringing in another local boutique owner to talk about spring trends. The store is always immaculate and inviting. With plush seating and soft hues I could hang out there all day! Although I'm sure she'd prefer if I didn't 😉. Liz from Juniper in Maple Grove spoke to us at the beginning and did a mini fashion preview for the latest in spring trends. She was articulate and informative about new trends including pastels, maxi dresses and soft knits. I also got a chance to meet Allyson who works with Tastefully Simple, who was sporting an amazing necklace I found out was from Forever 21 (I love me a statement necklace). We chatted a bit about the blog and fashion. I was incredibly pleased to meet them and they were warm and friendly. It is always great to meet new, smart women and I am finding that since writing this blog facilitates a reason to connect with them. I love to see what entrepreneurial women are doing around town. Definitely check out their businesses! Oh! I forgot she also provided champagne, I mean who doesn't love champagne? ;) Overall, Primrose and Jennifer put on a spectacular evening. She was an amazing host and most of my friends walked out with new pieces and definitely all happy. Big thank you to Jennifer from Primrose Park for hosting and Liz from Juniper Stores for sharing trends with us!

IMG_1965 IMG_1966 

Now onto my outfit for the night. I definitely had to rock some of my Primrose gear, but it was a bit on the chilly side so I wore one of my new favorite blazers. Lastly, flares are back in style so I picked up a great pair to mix it up! Wearing flares made me feel like I was 15 again, because that's probably the last time I wore true flares and not bootcut. I think they looked pretty great! Side note: my photographer, aka my husband, was out of town this weekend so I had to makeshift a way to take these pictures so I apologize for the poor quality.

   IMG_3027b IMG_3035bIMG_3031b  IMG_3040bIMG_3043b

1) Blazer: Primp Boutique (similar, similar)

2) Top: Primrose Park (they have these still in store and in a couple other colors!)

3) Jeans: Express Flares

4) Necklaces: St. Paul and Minnesota, Primp Boutique/ Three circles, Primrose Park

5) Rings: Charming Charlie's (one, Two, three)

6) Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

7) Shoes: Sam & Libby, Target (similar, similar)

What do you think of the look? Stay tuned for Part Two of the round up on Wednesday!