What can I say? I love an open back. I figure it is the most conservative way to show a little skin. Especially in early Spring with the temp are totally on my side yet. It makes this pretty conservative girl feel scandalous. "oh my god, look at her back..." yea check it out, that's my spine ;)  Anyway, when I saw this shirt from Banana Republic, naturally I was like "mine." However, it was a bit pricey for my wallet these days so I waited for sale. Sure enough a 40% off online items came and I snatched it. This is basically an extension of  my love affair for BR these days as detailed in my post about their new design aesthetic.  Words cannot appropriate express the 180 I have done on this store. I went from essentially being bored and disappointed with the fit to practically wanting to move in. I stopped only because I did not want to seem totally insane. This shirt is probably my favorite so far. The fit is super flattering and the material is thin so perfect for Spring or for eventually Summer. I wore it out to a bar with Derek and he went to put his hand on my back and was startled when he felt skin, but then was very happy. What do you think? Have you checked out BR lately? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you. 

Jeans: Express 
Shoes: Target / similar / similar