This week I am participating in the High Five for Friday (H54F) link up from Katie's Cup of Tea blog.  I used to participate in this every week when it was hosted by the Lauren Elizabeth blog and made sure to follow as best I could when it switched over. One requirenment she has is to post five things that were awesome this week so here we go!

1. Over the weekend I finally got to go to Sisu boutique. I learned about this place when I went to a pop up shop a few weeks ago with several local boutiques and I bought the pretty fantastic leather jacket I featured on Monday there. I was pleased for two reasons 1) I picked up two pretty amazing tops and 2) They are moving this week so I was happy to see their original location. The woman working was very polite and helpful and even talked me into a 70s style top, which typically is not my style. It was pretty cute, can't wait for you all to see it.

2. On Monday I went to a training in Duluth on children and adolescents. I went with one of my closest friends and we spent the day learning some good information. I always enjoy going to training, even if they aren't the best, because they revitalize me. It reminds me why I got into the profession in the first place and I always leave with some fresh perspective. Being up there in the Spring when the weather is great makes me miss Duluth. Almost makes me forget how freakin' cold it gets in the winter. Definitely will have to make a day trip up there soon. 

3. I bought my first pair of aviators this week. I know, I know I am a bit late to the party on it. I made fun of Derek years ago for trying to be Top Gun (he for real had the most comical looking aviators I have ever seen). Over the years I have been tempted to swallow my pride and just get a pair but have not. Partly because I did did not want to deal with the repercussions of swallowing my pride and party because I could not find a pair I truly liked. I came across this pair when I was doing my typical perusing at Target. I bit the bullet and picked up these little things. Now all I want to do is wear them, even inside. But that makes me a jag so I won't. 

4. On Thursday I did a little happy hour with my friend Jackie. We went up to the Libertine in Minneapolis because they just recently opened their rooftop. It is the same place I went to for my birthday this year so I was pumped to check it out. The rooftop was freakin' awesome! We had a couple of drinks and appetizers. We split the bone marrow appetizer and it comes with a feee bourbon luge on the bone when you finish it:) It was awesome and I will definitely be back. 

Bone marrow, yum!

5. Our Minnesota Wild made it through the first round o the playoffs and start the second round tonight!! Go Wild!! That ks all.

What are some of tour top 5 favorites for the week?