I cannot tell you how excited I am for this post. ::dusts shoulders off:: pretty proud of myself for this look if I do say so myself. Without sounding full of myself I think I am generally pretty fashion forward for the average citizen. Although I try to keep it with reason given I live in Minneapolis and not Milan. I want to stand out in the crowd in a good way and not a "why is she wearing a disco ball on her head?" kind of way. This,, however, I think is the perfect blend of that. Definitely a bit more daring and fashionable than the average look, but not so far forward I am Lady Gaga. I originally trekked out to Gap to buy this pattern pant in a short. I saw it on the website and thought it would work perfectly with the Banana Republic top I bought a few weeks ago. When I got to the store I also saw it came in a jogger pant. Now, I have been on the fence about joggers because it seems like one of those trends that only works on models and petite girls. I have fallen in this mistake before and all it does is remind me that I have a rounded derriere and thighs that touch when I stand up straight. Not a great look for an amorphous pant silhouette.  But when I tried these on I was shocked at how much I liked them, and to boot they are comfortable as heck. So win-win. I did enlist the final advice of my sister and my cousin Candice ( a la She's Leaning In) and they agreed the pants were better than the shorts. I paired it with my new favorite shirt from Banana Republic, but could also see these pants with a tank for summer or a more casual tee. Lastly, topped it with these amaze wedges from Target. Are you dying over them yet? You should be :) Enjoy!

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Shirt| Banana Republic
Pants| Gap
Shoes| Target
Rings & Necklace| Primp
Watch| Marc Jacobs
Earrings| Target