I have been writing this blog for a few months now. At first, when I started I was nervous to tell people I knew about it. I was worried they would read it, maybe make jokes or poke fun. Or maybe worse not read it at all. Then I decided I had to tell people because maybe some of them would be my first readers and supporters. Thankfully, and maybe obviously, my family and friends have been receptive. I did decide to keep it quiet at work. I try to keep good boundaries as it is and I did not need fashion jokes at work. This all changed last month when I invited two co-workers to the girls night I hosted at Primrose Park. I did not initially tell them about the blog but they found out through the grape vine and news travels fast. One of my co-workers introduced me to a local clothing retailer Sota Clothing, sota as in Minnesota. She knew about my blog and thought I would be interested, she mentioned her friend is involved somehow. She was right. I looked around and really liked this paddle tee, it also seems to be popular the website is covered with signage saying "women's paddle tee back in stock!" So I figured it must be good. I got it a few days later and could not be more pleased. I am glad I read the sizing because I bought a size up from what I normally would so read the size chart before purchasing. I love this grey tee for summer. I am a big fan of v-necks, I think it is the most flattering cut for tee shirts. The material is thick and cozy, which  means it retains its shape all day. You know how some shirts get all misshapen? Yea I hate that too. I paired that with these light jeans from the Gap. Truth be told I forgot I had them and my Target boots. It was still a little chilly this day but it's Spring darnit so ankles will be shown. What do you think of my look? What item would you buy from Sota clothing? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Jeans| Gap/ similar
Shoes| Target / similar / similar
Necklace| Primp boutique